No more food to New York City? Truckers commence BOYCOTT on truck loads to the Big Apple in protest of judicial weaponization targeting Trump

02/19/2024 // Ethan Huff // 4.9K Views

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The great trucker boycott of New York City has commenced as "Boycott New York" fast becomes one of the top trending topics on X.
All across the nation, Google searches for "trucker boycott" are surging as the nation eagerly looks for information about what is happening – or rather no longer happening – in the Big Apple.
So-called "MAGA truck drivers" are showing support for former President Donald Trump by refusing to deliver food and other goods to New York City following a court ruling to hold him liable for what the New York Daily News describes as "a history of fraud and sexual abuse."
One truck driver by the name of "Chicago Ray" posted an angry rant on X about how he and at least 10 other truck drivers are really upset about the verdict.
"You f*** around and find out," Ray said in a vulgarity-filled monologue. "We're tired of you mother***ing leftists f***ing with Trump."
By depriving New York City of necessities, Chicago Ray and other likeminded truckers aim to punish the city's residents and teach them a lesson so they will leave Trump alone.
[M}y advice for New Yorkers is start stocking up," Chicago Ray wrote in a separate X post. "there's [sic] millions of Truckers for Trump millions of us ... leave Trump TF alone."
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Boycotting "blue" cities

The verdict that prompted all this unrest is a Manhattan judge's order that Trump pay $355 million for shady business practices that include inflating and deflating the value of his properties to suit his desires.
A jury agreed that Trump now owes writer E. Jean Carroll $83.3 million for defamation after he spoke ill of the woman, whom he was found to have sexually assaulted 30 years ago.
Not only is New York City a target of the trucker boycott, but so are other Democrat-run cities across the nation. Most medium- and large-sized American cities, it turns out, lean left, so there could be a whole lot of shortages there in the coming days.
Apparently, the leftist-controlled cities in so-called "red" states are not necessarily a target, though, at least not for one driver who calls himself "The Real Trucker Jake" on X. This trucker, a Hazmat driver, says he will "only deliver to red states" from now on.
"Liberals laugh at the thought of a trucker boycott of NYC," wrote another supportive trucker on X. "A few years ago, a trucker boycott brought the state of Colorado to its knees. MAGA patriots make this country run. Liberals make our coffee."
Without truck deliveries, New York City and other targeted cities will no longer receive medical supplies, fuel, food, package deliveries, new automobiles and cash for ATMs. Trash collection and removal could also be affected.
The shortages that could ensue from the boycott will likely drive inflation even higher, reports indicate, though this could be a smokescreen for a fast-failing economy that is already in freefall due to the ongoing money-dilution and other corrupt financial endeavors of the private Federal Reserve central banking cartel.
Some shipping companies are said to be joining the trucker boycott as well, which if this turns out to be true means even more problems for interstate commerce in the coming days.
Between 70 and 73 percent of all freight in the United States is delivered via trucks. This means the entire U.S. economy is at risk of coming to a screeching halt should the trucker protest manifest at the scale some predict.
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No more food to New York City? Truckers commence BOYCOTT on truck loads to the Big Apple in protest of judicial weaponization targeting Trump –