Nobel Prize Is Oscar For Best Actor

By Douglas Herman

"All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players;" -William Shakespeare

If all the world's a stage, and we are but actors upon it, we quickly realize that all of our US Presidents are actors too. Especially the modern, media-savvy creations of the past one hundred years. They were all cast for the part of president. They met behind the scenes well beforehand; they auditioned and signed an incentive laden contract; they memorized lines that others had written, and they willingly accept prizes and awards for their performances.

So why the sudden outrage that another actor won another prize? The actor currently playing the president, Barack Obama, won the equivalent of an Oscar for his dramatic role in a VERY BIG budget production. Like the annual Oscar ceremony held in Hollywood, the recent Nobel Peace Prize award seems to have caused a great deal of bitterness and vindictiveness. Did he, or did he not, deserve the award?

Certainly the actor playing the president delivered the goods. He spoke his lines well and if he used a teleprompter, so what? All actors study a script. They may embellish the lines but the words are someone else's. The director tells the actor how to act, or react, and what mood to assume, whether diplomacy or ferocity or flirtatiousness. No actor, or president, goes onstage without rehearsal. Think of the members of the Council on Foreign Relations, for example, as the director, producer and scriptwriter for our presidential actors.

If you study the list of past Nobel Prize winners, and compare them to past Oscar winners, you see that some winners are more deserving than others. Was Haley Joel Osment a better actor than Bruce Willis in the Sixth Sense? Sure he was; but he didn't win. But that's the same as saying Mother Teresa was more deserving of an Oscar, excuse me, a Nobel Prize, than Al Gore. Certainly Mother Teresa was more convincing in her role. She really "got into the role" as the movie critics would say, while Mr. Gore simply sped around the world spewing hot gases about global warming to win both the Nobel AND the Oscar as a pair of consolation prizes for not winning the presidency.

Past undeserving American winners of the Nobel include such warmongers as Teddy Roosevelt, Woody Wilson and Henry Kissinger. Imagine the size of the auditorium you would need to include all the dead victims of that trio of "Peace" prize winners!

They were ALL actors!

ALL Presidents everywhere are trained actors. People standing behind them help guide their careers and then launch them on stage. Teddy Roosevelt portrayed a near-sighted bully, a pint-sized Custer with the bluster of PT Barnum. Woody Wilson portrayed a martyr in an epic tragedy about an elite WASP who loses his soul, while bestowing on America the Great War AND the Federal Reserve AND the League of Nations, soon to become the UN. By this criterion, shouldn't Harry Truman also have won a Nobel Peace prize, for bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki and bequeathing to the world the CIA?

Before you slag off this newcomer as undeserving, after only nine months of saber-rattling, you might want to slag off the great whites dopes that gave him the prize. Perhaps they saw some potential greatness in stage actor Obama. The potential, empire- building greatness of Roosevelt or Wilson. I predict they are correct.

Obama, the Harvard-trained actor who won the recent Nobel, certainly captivates his core audience, much like Mel Gibson or Sylvester Stallone. Much like the former occupant of the White House, George W. Bush; you either love him or hate him.

Bush portrayed a bumbling inept tragedian, a comedian miscast as a "war president," His entirely convincing performance as the man who slew the US Constitution while cracking jokes certainly deserved some sort of prize, perhaps a belated Nobel for his body of work. After all, the inventor of dynamite, Mr. Alfred Nobel, might not approve of a man who left so many dead bodies lying around but the Nobel Committee doesn't seem to mind. Must be a blast to award a prize to a bloodstained man of peace.