Now MEATS may carry warning label, but NEVER vaccines, fluoridated water, hydrogenated oils, dioxins or glyphosate-ridden produce

Friday, February 24, 2023 by: S.D. Wells
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(Natural News) Meat eaters around the world are freaking out about the possibility of warning labels being placed on meat packages that warn them about cruelty to animals, environmental impact, and personal health consequences of consuming it. Shame-inducing stickers have already been tested out on meat in the Netherlands, and researchers from Delft University of Technology there say the carnivores are seething with discontent, fangs out.
Will warning stickers influence human behavior all around the world, decreasing their meat consumption? How many meat eaters are aware of CAFOs, hormones, antibiotics, nitrates, parasites, pathogens, bleach and ammonia in most conventional meat now? They will be, if warning labels get slapped on the bloody packaging.
Imagine meat carrying a warning label that reads “The surgeon general has determined that meat is dangerous for your health and the environment,” or “meat is murder.” Everyone knows cigarettes contain heavy metal toxins, ammonia, and deadly pesticides that cause cancer, so nobody complained much when the warning labels appeared on the cancer stick packs.
Is MEAT now as DANGEROUS for your health as cigarettes, tap water, and vaccines? New warning labels seem to make it so

Did you know fluoride in municipal tap water also causes cancer, by calcifying bones and polluting the cleansing organs with a chemical byproduct of the phosphate industry? Where’s that warning on sink faucets in every home in America? Care to calcify your pineal gland? Want brittle bones as you age? Drink fluoridated water (actually, don’t).
Did you know that the Covid mRNA “vaccines” aren’t really vaccines at all, but gene-mutating injections that are the most dangerous injections ever created, yet carry no warning label at all? Even the “emergency use only” authorization from the FDA was faked, the horror stories from the clinical trials covered up, and sudden adult death syndrome and turbo cancer from vascular clotting is now blamed on anything else but the real cause – the Fauci Flu jabs (dirty vaccines).
Did you know that glyphosate, the world’s most popular, most used weed killer, shows up in most conventional produce, even grains, because the corporate farms use it to dry out the crops before harvesting them to store in silos (deters mold and mildew). This dangerous carcinogen gives animals tumors and can cause kidney failure. The EPA doesn’t care, and there are NO warning labels about it on any food anywhere. And where are the warning labels in Ohio right now for all produce and drinking water containing deadly dioxins from the train wreck chemical burn? The EPA won’t even test for it.
Did you know seed oils often contain chemicals, including hexane (a vapor constituent of gasoline), GMOs, and other health-decimating ingredients that cause obesity, heart disease, and cancer? Where are those warning labels?
Sure, the globalists want everyone eating lab-concocted fake meat instead of the filet mignon and tuna steaks they’re sucking down regularly, and will continue to do so (check the menu at the Davos convention). Maybe they’re behind the push for meat warning labels, and if so, you can be sure they won’t slap any warning labels on lab-concocted Franken-food stuff.
It’s time to put warning labels on things that REALLY need them badly, like vaccines and tap water. The sooner humans realize what’s happening to them under the guise of “food” and “medicine” the better off they will be. Eat clean (organic and local), read the ingredients label on everything, and get a reliable water filtration system (like Berkey).
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Now MEATS may carry warning label, but NEVER vaccines, fluoridated water, hydrogenated oils, dioxins or glyphosate-ridden produce –