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These extraordinary complex and controversial tactics to receive more air time might just work.
Have you read the 9/11 Commission report?

Jeff Freeland's article seemingly sides with Rudy and John.

Yup. These two guys would make great leaders. (chuckle)

1) Ron Paul rarely gets the air time to speak to issues that need more than a few seconds to explain--which is approximately the time that the two mentioned above have seemingly spent critically thinking.

2) A majority of the American people are so consumed with "putting food on their family....ah, I mean table" (a bush funny), and voting for the next American Idol that they don't know what in the hell is going on. Do you think most Americans sit down and READ?? No, they have the tube to lie to them, and it's the opiate for the masses. Point? People need to grow some attention spans and learn a little and perhaps they would understand where Ron Paul is coming from. Sadly, the minds of Americans are so distorted from media and government that the truth actually sounds ridiculous!

'Let's not sit down and research and think critically. Let's just blow em up! We couldn't point out where "they" are on this map, but we know they're somewhere's!'

They don't give any of them fair air time ,except their pets . Hunter is my favorite so far, never see him . Although he is getting to be a bore about his son, his son is not running Hunter is .

I have a map from website of where they are here in USA and thats pretty much eveywhere . This map is 15 yeas old , and it has thousands of mosques,schools, paramilitary camps all over America .

Seems they are keeping us so busy with illegals we are ignoring the worse danger of all building it's forces right inside us.