Photos: American Presidents Packing Heat

Mac Slavo
January 25th, 2013
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Not everyone in the Oval Office is anti-second Amendment. In fact, until recently, most American Presidents embraced our historically pro-gun culture.

Here’s a collection of images that include U.S. Presidents enjoying some of our country’s most treasured past times – shooting, hunting and sharing an appreciation for really kick-ass guns.

George Washington once said guns “deserve a place of honor with all that’s good.” He probably felt the same way about this cannon:

President Theodore Roosevelt
loved the outdoors and was an avid hunter, and very much enjoyed going on Safari to Africa. Here he is posing with a favorite rifle in 1885. Notice the ammo belt – because you just never know when you’re going to need more ammunition:

President Franklin Roosevelt
enjoyed popping off some rounds every so often. Here he is (2nd in prone position) in 1919, when he was the Assistant Secretary of the Navy, taking in some target practice at a Marine Corp range:

Before he was President, the man who dropped two nukes on Japan was a Senator. Here is President Harry Truman showing off a pair of his revolvers in 1938. The guns once belonged to infamous outlaw Jesse James:

President Dwight Eisenhower
was no stranger to firearms. Here he is (3rd from the right) along with Winston Churchill and General Omar Bradley having some good old fashioned fun at a British shootin’ range in 1945 (back then you could still have guns in the UK!). The trio was reportedly firing at targets 200 yards down range. Out of 45 targets, they recorded 29 hits:

Incidentally, President Eisenhower was such a fan of firearms that he built a skeet shooting range at Camp David while serving as President. Here’s President John F. Kennedy having some fun at that very range in 1963:

Somebody better tell President Kennedy that there are no assault rifles allowed in the Oval Office! Then again, it was 1961, so it was still legal for JFK to be in possession of an M15 militarized weapon of war:

Stop the presses. Is that President Jimmy Carter in 1978, at the height of his Presidency, shooting rifles with CHILDREN watching? Wait, hold on a second. Are some of those kids armed?

Who does this cowboy think he is, some actor in an action movie? Didn’t somebody tell President Ronald Reagan that he’s holding a deadly AR-15 assault weapon? Someone needs to put this rifle on a ban list one of these days:

President Bill Clinton
loves styling like the Arkansas militia when he goes duck hunting. These days clothes like that might get you red listed as a domestic terrorist on a DHS watchlist:

Here are President George Herbert Walker Bush and his son President George Walker Bush doing a bit of quail hunting:

And, while he may not have been President, Vice President Dick Cheney often hunted with the Bushes. He even shot a friend of his in the face once with a shotgun by accident. But it’s all good – it was only bird shot. But, if you ever going hunting with the former VP, be sure to wear one of those orange vests, just in case:

Oh, and last but not least, who says President Barack Obama doesn’t know how to have fun with guns, and be safe while doing it? (Is that a high-capacity water magazine? Mr. President, let’s hope Dianne Feinstein doesn’t see this picture!)

The above photo of President Barack Obama reportedly struck fear deep into the marrow of the bones of Russian President Vladimir Putin:

Via Images made available via various sources including the Library of Congress, Mother Jones, and Google Images

Photos: American Presidents Packing Heat