Sebelius Drops New Bombshell: Employer Plans Will Also Drop Workers From Coverage

By Joseph R. Carducci on November 6, 2013 Subscribe to Joseph R. Carducci's Feed

I don’t care if you’ve been under a rock or had your head in the sand for the past few weeks, you have still most likely heard about the millions of people who have lost their health insurance recently. This was not due to some type of ‘glitch’ in this system, this IS the system. This is exactly as Obama has designed ObamaCare to function.

Yes, we all know Obama promised everyone that they could keep their plans. He promised us that if we liked our healthcare plans no one would take them away. He even emphasized this by looking right into the camera and appearing to push back a single little tear from cheek and said “period.” In my mind this meant that there would need to be no more explaining and no more equivocating, nothing.

This Wednesday, the HHS ObamaCare Queen herself, Kathleen Sebelius was to be found on Capitol Hill. This time her royal duty was to protect Obama’s hide once again as she testified in front of the Senate Finance Committee. As expected, she was grilled about Obama and his broken promises. Specifically about how people were losing their health plans left and right. Presumably, many of them would have liked to remain insured given the fact that before ObamaCare passed something like 90 percent of insured Americans were happy with their plans.

Obama had also repeatedly stated that plans which were held before ObamaCare passed and went into effect would be ‘grandfathered’ in. Of course, this week we have Obama doing some fancy talking trying to explain and equivocate, adding new wrinkles to his so-called promise.

Apparently, there were to be some caveats with these prior-held plans like they had to meet the new ObamaCare standards. If not, they will be canceled. This is why we have already seen several million Americans receive cancellation notices from their insurers.

During her testimony today, the HHS Queen informed us that the same caveat applies to employer based insurance plans as well. In other words, if you are currently covered under a plan provided by your employer, watch out! Chances are quite good that it will not meet these new ObamaCare ‘standards.’ But, if we listen to the explanations and equivocations from Obama this should not matter, because all of these plans were ‘sub-standard’ anyway, right? No matter that we obviously picked the best options from our choices, no matter if we like the plan or not, it was just another lousy option according to our perfect community organizer in chief.

I love how now Obama is trying to talk his way out of this way. Everyone with even half a brain understands that he is now a liar…and a liar in the worst way. He did not even lie to make us feel better. He lied to get a lousy, sub-standard healthcare plan passed that he KNEW was going to force millions into options that will end up costing them a lot more money and offer care that we either don’t need or will not use. He knew all this ahead of time and deliberately shoved this down our throats.

The estimates are now running quite high. As the employer mandate takes effect later, we will eventually see something like 93 million Americans losing their healthcare plans. This is a combination of those who have lost their plans through the individual market and the employer market. Sad. That is indeed some caveat…and Queen Kathleen continues to protect this guy and say that he kept his word!

What do YOU think?

Are you worried about losing an employer based plan?

Do you think Obama has kept his promise?

Should we have expected a ‘caveat?’

Is 93 million people just no big deal, or do the Democrats now have a big problem?