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Sign Calling for Marines to “Defend Our Bill of Rights” Goes Viral [PICTURE]

Do you agree with the Oath Keepers sign?

Sign Calling for Marines to “Defend Our Bill of Rights” Goes Viral...
A billboard outside a California Marine Base reminds us all that the freedoms...

Sign Calling for Marines to “Defend Our Bill of Rights” Goes Viral [PICTURE]

The rights of individual Americans are under attack by big-government liberals who seem completely willing either to amend or ignore the Constitution of the United States despite having taken oaths to uphold it.
We have seen this administration assail Americans’ rights to bear arms while it mocks those who “cling” to their guns and religion. We no longer enjoy security against unreasonable search and seizure in an age of unwarranted domestic NSA surveillance. Moreover, we have a president who does not seem to acknowledge the 10th Amendment at all; his consistent overreach indicates that he may not be aware that there are powers that the executive branch cannot constitutionally exercise.
Now a photograph of a billboard outside of 29 Palms Marine Base in California is going viral online, reminding the Marines stationed there–and all of us–that the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution and the Bill of Rights are worth fighting for.

Here’s the sign from the Oath Keepers Facebook page:

Major General Butler had it right. No right-thinking individual wishes for violence, but when a legally elected government chooses to ignore the law and the citizens it represents, the matter must be addressed.
The representatives elected in the 2014 midterms must acknowledge the erosion of personal liberty that has occurred since Obama took office and work not only to stop it, but to reverse it. Failure to do so will not only put these representatives, with Obama, on the wrong side of history.
It will put them on the wrong side of a second American Revolution.
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