Socialist healthcare: Rotting corpse found in Cuban hospital water tank

April 24, 2019 by Alberto de la Cruz

While Democrats continue extolling the virtues of socialist Cuba’s healthcare system, the reality on the island tells a completely different story. This is the healthcare system Democrat candidates for president like Bernie Sanders want for the U.S.
Via CiberCuba (my translation):
A decomposing cadaver was found in the water tank of the Ivan Portuondo Hospital in San Antonio de los Baños Artemisa. He was floating in the water that is used as drinking water for patients and medical personnel of the facility.
A wheelchair and trash was also found in the cistern, according to statements given to Radio Martí by Rolando Yuset Perez, who witnessed the discovery.
Medical center workers inspected the tank after smelling a strange odor in the water they were drinking.
According to Barbara Fernandez, the neighbor of the deceased man, he was identified as Vilo Mantilla, a former employee and patient of the hospital. He had been in the water tank some 15 days.
Perez said she had no idea how his body ended up there. “I don’t know if he was thrown in, he threw himself in, or he fell in,” she said.
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