Trump indictment shows that power-crazed Democrats are INCOMPATIBLE with human society

Friday, March 31, 2023 by: Mike Adams
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(Natural News) I believe that Trump’s indictment by power-crazed Democrats is yet another necessary step for the trial by fire that will see America rise up against tyranny, censorship, election rigging and the demonic infestation of the Left that has produced child grooming, transgenderism, trans terrorism and widespread psychological trauma.
The world needed to see the insanity of the Democrats as they not only rigged the election against Trump (and America) but are even now trying to put him behind bars… just as Democrats themselves are never prosecuted for serious crimes, including bribery, human trafficking and treason.
As you’ll hear today in my Brighteon Broadcast News episode (below), I also believe that Trump himself needs to make it through this trial by fire to achieve a personal transformation.
Trump has been tone deaf to the systematic oppression and targeting of his own supporters

In my opinion, Trump has been too self-centered and tone deaf to the systematic oppression of his own supporters. For years into his first administration, Trump seemed to be wholly unaware that his own supporters were being censored, deplatformed and de-monetized across nearly all tech platforms. Even today, Trump still does not understand that his Operation Warp Speed has resulted in the killing and maiming of millions of innocent Americans. Some of those victims followed Trump’s vaccine advice to their own demise.
For Trump to be the leader that America needs, he must be willing to be nailed to the cross (so to speak) and show that he is willing to put his own neck on the line to take a stand for America. Trump must also learn to reject the establishment traitors and deep state goons that characterized his first administration. Perhaps now, with this indictment, Donald J. Trump will finally come to experience what the rest of us have been going through for the last 7-8 years, and Trump himself will suffer just enough to realize that this is about much more than Trump himself: It’s about whether America can throw off the shackles of authoritarianism and restore its constitutional republic glory.
To restore America, Trump must wholly reject the establishment and must call for the complete dismantling of the deep state and all its institutions, including the FBI, DOJ, FDA, CDC, DHS and more. They are all corrupt beyond repair and weaponized against the American people.
I think Trump’s arrest and prosecution may actually be the wake up call that Trump needs to finally get serious about draining the swamp and using executive power to arrest and imprison the traitors, operatives and treasonous actors who have declared war on this nation.
This may be God’s plan, yet only Trump himself can decide if he will undergo the “Hero’s Journey” transformation necessary to become the revolutionary leader that America needs.
In effect, Trump must transcend Trump if he is to be a true leader for America’s restoration. (George Washington transcended Washington, by the way, and became a servant of God to achieve God’s plan for America as a Christian-founded nation).
Personally, I will not vote for Donald Trump the man. I will vote only for Donald Trump as a servant of God’s plan for America. It is up to Trump himself to decide which Trump he wants to be.
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Trump indictment shows that power-crazed Democrats are INCOMPATIBLE with human society –