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Biden Snaps At Reporter Who Asks About Coming Recession

Joe Biden is now lashing out at the media.
Joe Biden snapped at a reporter who asked about economists forecasting a recession.

From Fox News:
President Biden took a shot at a reporter on Monday after being asked about economists who are forecasting a recession, saying “don’t make things up.”
“Economists are saying that a recession is more likely than ever,” the reporter can be heard saying to Biden on a beach in Delaware.
Biden said “not the majority,” and said “come on, don’t make things up.”
“Now you sound like a Republican politician, I’m joking, that was a joke, that was a joke,” Biden said. “But all kidding aside, no I don’t think it is. I was talking to Larry Summers this morning, there’s nothing inevitable about a recession.”

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WATCH: Biden snaps at a reporter for asking about economists warning of a recession.“C’mon, don’t make things up"

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12:39 PM · Jun 20, 2022

Economists agree with the reporter and disagree with Biden.
According to economists surveyed by the Wall Street Journal, there is a 44% chance of a recession over the next 12 months.
The Journal points out that this number is usually only seen when a recession is around the corner.
From The Wall Street Journal:
Economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal have dramatically raised the probability of recession, now putting it at 44% in the next 12 months, a level usually seen only on the brink of or during actual recessions.
The likelihood of a recession has increased rapidly this year as inflationary pressures remained strong and the Federal Reserve took increasingly aggressive action to tame them. Economists on average put the probability of the economy being in recession sometime in the next 12 months at 28% in the Journal’s last survey in April and at 18% in January.
Biden is failing.

Biden Snaps At Reporter Who Asks About Coming Recession (