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Thread: VOTERS BEWARE: Are you basing your vote on propaganda a lies?

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    VOTERS BEWARE: Are you basing your vote on propaganda a lies?


    There is a relentless and concerted effort taking place among political partisan journalists, and Democrats running for office, to win this coming election based upon outright lies and deceptions about our President, while avoiding a discussion about the Democrat Party Leadership’s specific plans for “transforming” the United States.

    For example, not only is Joe Biden avoiding laying out the specifics about his plans to “transform” America, but he actually lies about President Trump’s plans. His most recent lie is an assertion about Trump’s Social Security Plan . . . that under Trump’s Social Security plan, “Social Security would become permanently depleted by the year 2023”.

    The truth is, President Trump has no Social Security plan.

    Another example of our mainstream media’s relentless attempt attacking President Trump is when he took decisive action dealing with the Coronavirus threat by restricting travel from China. Our Fifth Column Media immediately accused President Trump of "Xenophobia and Hysteria”, just as they did when he referred to the virus as the Chinese Virus.

    Another lie endlessly perpetuated is, that President Trump said the coronavirus is a “hoax”. The truth is, President Trump, during a rally in South Carolina, made a couple of comments accusing democrats of “politicizing” the virus outbreak, and this was the democrats latest “hoax”.

    It’s a sad shame there is so much lying taking place, especially by our Fifth Column Media [MSNBC, NEW YORK TIMES, CNN, WASHINGTON POST, ATLANTIC MAGAZINE, New York Daily News, Time, ETC.], and their countless Yellow Journalists, when the future of our country is at stake.

    How is the public at large to make thoughtful decisions during our elections when our mainstream media is in bed with a communist/socialist controlled Democrat Party Leadership?


    “Until you realize how easy it is for your mind to be manipulated, you remain the puppet of someone else’s game.”― Evita Ochel
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    Joe Biden visits the family of a criminal thug Jacob Blake who has a rap sheet, committed crimes and violence against innocent human beings.

    Did Kamala Harris go visit Jacob Blake's VICTIM, or her family? Did Kamala Harris reach out to his rape victim who Jacob Blake assaulted?

    Did Kamala Harris go visit the law enforcement officer who had to respond to the call of violence? Had to subdue this violent criminal, who resisted and ran off, and fought off our law enforcement? Did Kamala know Jacob Blake was jacked up on drugs?

    I will never accept the criminal creepy Joe Biden as our President, who he and his family got rich off back room deals and destroyed this country for 47 years of his so called "career". Joe Biden NEVER mentioned the female victim at the hands of Jacob Blake. But instead, Joe Biden, put this vermin on a pedestal. It is no wonder, considering creepy Joe's own behavior towards little girls and women is repugnant and is clearly on video what he does.

    And I will never accept a woman as our V.P. who has NO regard for our females who are subject to rape, violence, and assault by matter their color. Crime has no color, there are nasty, raping, violent people from all walks of life.

    Shame on you Kamala Harris and Joe Biden.

    Shame on YOU for not stopping the looting, violence, and destruction of our cities and businesses while you hide behind your walls, in your basement, get your hair done and eat your gourmet meals.

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