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Our President has become completely power mad and has lost all concept of reality.

When in Rome
Here's the strange part; as time passed, they were ruled by ever increasing power mad, insane, immoral and corrupt emperors and politicians.

When in Rome, Sack it – That Goes Double for DC

Posted by Irish Joe Harrison on Aug 1, 2014 in Email, Government intrusion, Politics, Uncategorized

Once again I’m going to delve back in history to compare it to what’s going on now, after all, that’s what I do.
This time I’m going all the way back to the Roman Empire. Rome used its powerful military to conquer most of the known world at that time, I’m pretty sure we all know that.

Here’s the strange part; as time passed, they were ruled by ever increasing power mad, insane, immoral and corrupt emperors and politicians. So just how did they make it so long? How were they so profitable?
When the army would conquer an area, they allowed the local people to continue to govern themselves, this was done under the watchful eye of a Roman appointed Governor along with a garrison of soldiers.
Of course there was a catch, each subject had to pay taxes to the empire, taxes on every transaction, taxes on every crop, pretty much taxes on everything. The only way to get out of paying was to join the Roman army.
Of course there was some return, to make it easier for goods and money to travel back to Rome, they built roads in every corner of the empire, hence the term “All roads lead to Rome”. They also brought many forms of modern civilization to areas previously considered primitive and barbaric.
That’s how Rome continued to prosper. In the city of Rome itself, things were a little different. The people became more wealthy, the politicians more corrupt and immoral, Rome was getting fat and happy on the backs of the rest of the empire, but still it continued to survive.
They continued to survive that is until the conquered provinces were pretty much drained dry, they had nothing left to give. The provincial armies were largely made up of soldiers from the local areas under the command of Roman officers. Eventually the people just had enough. Area by area they began to fight back. Roman soldiers left the army and began making their way to Rome, their ranks swelling along the way. They eventually surrounded the city, held it under siege until it was all but starved out, then sacked it.
That was the beginning of the fall of Rome. OK, so that’s the very short version, but I would literally have to write a book to cover all the details.

Now look at us today, Washington has become the new Rome. We’re literally being taxed to death.
Our businesses are leaving the Country in droves for lower tax rates.
Our President has become completely power mad and has lost all concept of reality. We’re a laughing stock across the globe when it comes to foreign policy and as a result, we’ve never faced as many threats as we do now.
Our Congress is completely useless. They’re more interested in serving the interest of those who donate the most money to them than those who voted for them. Every single government agency is rife with corruption and incompetence. For some reason, our government is under the misconception that it’s their job to rule over us, rather than to serve us.
If I remember correctly, our ancestors once sacrificed everything and fought a revolution so that we wouldn’t suffer another government rule, so that we could have a government by the people. I would remind those holding office, that when you were elected, you were given the privilege of serving us, not the right to rule over us. Get over your power madness. The guy who rides the back of the garbage truck and votes, holds more power than you. The veteran who can’t find a job or get their benefits and votes, holds more power than you. The couple who’s house just got foreclosed on because the company they worked for just moved overseas and votes…holds more power than you.
It’s time to start serving the people again before things go too far. Every population has its breaking point and I can assure you that we’re closer to ours than you care to admit. Dismissing it, or ignoring it won’t make it go away.
We see you growing wealthier and wealthier as we whither away. We see you sitting in Washington accomplishing nothing. We see Obama abusing the very Constitution that gives us the right to govern ourselves and nothing being done about it.
We all know about the fall of Rome, how long until we will know about the fall of Washington?