Yale study exposes common chronic symptoms people experience after receiving COVID-19 vaccines

11/20/2023 // Cassie B. // 3.2K Views

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With all the focus on serious COVID-19 vaccine injuries and deaths, it is easy for less dramatic side effects to fly under the radar. However, many people who received these jabs are now contending with a host of chronic symptoms that affect their everyday lives in various ways. Now, a new study carried out by researchers from Yale University shows the most common chronic symptoms people are experiencing after getting the shots.
The study, which was partly funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health, looked at those “who report a severe, debilitating chronic condition following COVID-19 vaccination” that started shortly after they got the jab and continued for a year or longer. According to the study, patients reported experiencing a median of 22 symptoms; the highest number of symptoms experienced by an individual was 35.
The most common symptoms among those studied were brain fog, neuropathy, excessive fatigue, numbness and exercise intolerance. At least half of those studied reported experiencing symptoms such as burning sensations, insomnia, tinnitus, myalgia, headaches and palpitations.
When asked how bad their symptoms felt during their worst days, the study’s participants reported a median of 80 on a scale of 100. It also affected their mental health; more than 80 percent were fearful, 81 percent said they were overwhelmed by their worries, and 93 percent felt unease on at least one occasion in the week before they filled out the survey.
In addition, 91 percent of participants reported sleep problems, while almost everyone experienced feeling rundown. Half of the participants said that despite the symptoms, they were in good, very good or excellent condition; the rest were poor, fair or unknown. Many people involved in the study reported receiving a new diagnosis after getting the jab, such as gastrointestinal problems, neurological conditions and anxiety.

When it comes to how long it took for these effects to be felt, the median time of onset was just three days.
Alleviating negative vaccine effects

According to the study, many people tried a variety of treatments to address their symptoms. Some of the most frequently reported treatments were probiotics, vitamins and supplements. Vitamins B12, D and C were often mentioned.
Most patients also turned to anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen to deal with their symptoms, while around half of them took oral steroids such as dexamethasone.
Many people suffering side effects also tried to get relief from lifestyle changes. For example, 51 percent tried to limit their exertion or exercise, while 44 percent reduced their salt intake and 44 percent eliminated caffeine or alcohol. Roughly 40 percent overall changed their diet in some way.
Researchers say it's important to recognize some people were harmed by vaccines

The study used data from Yale’s Listen to Immune, Symptom and Treatment Experiences Now (LISTEN), which is research that looked at both long COVID and vaccine side effects. It began in May 2022, and patients had a median age of 46. Roughly 88 percent of them reside in the U.S.
The researchers acknowledged that they did not determine a direct cause-and-effect relationship and that the symptoms could have occurred by chance. However, they conceded that the clustering of symptoms following vaccines does suggest there is a potential relationship between them.
One of the study’s authors, Dr. Harlan Krumholz, said: "These people were not political and not anti-vaccination – they had all been vaccinated – but seemed to have symptoms that were persistent and debilitating."
He noted that many of them felt like their symptoms were dismissed by doctors because conventional tests did not find a cause. He said that while he believes vaccines have saved millions of lives, it is important to recognize that some people were harmed.
“What is absolutely clear is that people are suffering. These are people whose lives have unraveled. These people deserve our sympathy, and our help.”
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