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    PART 2

    By Dr. Stephen C. L'Hommedieu
    August 17, 2011

    CDC Creating a “Zombie Horror” Consciousness

    “How do I prepare for a zombie apocalypse?” Supposedly, this was the question raised by the general public that motivated the CDC into action with the release of “Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse.” [1] It’s a ridiculous question by most standards, but apparently not for the CDC. That’s because the CDC’s “Zombie Apocalypse” is targeting a younger audience to accomplish a number of important objectives. This includes planting the seeds of “zombie horror” consciousness.

    An important feature of this state of consciousness is how negative psychological elements of zombie horror imagery and its fictional life-threatening situations can be recalled within the context of an actual emergency to impact your perceptions. The objective would be to exploit the fear factor in hope that many of you adopt a similar model of zombie-terrorized behavior. This facilitates the impact of media hype to influence your judgment under emergency circumstances, reminiscent of the H1N1 swine flu “pandemic.”

    Ultimately, the silent persuasion of zombie horror is intended to induce similar perceptions of hopelessness and despair. In other words, false perceptions could move you to accept that you’re without any good choice. In your mind, to survive a zombie apocalypse, you would feel compelled to do things that may oppose your moral and ethical standards and beliefs, violate your personal and constitutional rights, or possibly cause undue harm to you and your family.

    The Meaning of CDC Technical Assistance and Investigation Goals

    Following Dr. Kahn’s list of good emergency recommendations we find the CDC “technical assistance” provisions. This is presented in a non-threatening form of standard medical emergency procedures. But if it were applied with unprincipled intent, which has become a standard practice with vaccine initiatives, it could easily serve as a license for abuse. Think of it as a future medical version of the “Patriot” Act. Consider how there is room for some elaboration to the meaning of these terms. This should serve as a warning to prepare you for the magnitude of government intervention that could be unleashed during the next emergency.

    Patient Management and Care: Under emergency circumstances you will most likely have little authority, if any, to utilize the health care of your choice. You may find yourself having to accept the “choice” of being vaccinated against your will to protect public health. Supposing a vaccine mandate was forced upon the public, and you were to refuse, you could expect some form of forceful intimidation, confinement, restrictions and/or significant penalties.

    Tracking Contacts: This could also mean S.W.A.T. or other armed law enforcement may be given authority to seek you out and illegally enter your home or facility without your permission or a warrant. You could then be seized and subject to “infection control” should you display any suspicious signs or symptoms associated with an infectious agent, such as nausea, tremors, sweating, shortness of breath, or contentious behavior, although similar symptoms could be provoked when held at gunpoint.

    The meaning of “Tracking contacts” can also encompass other applications when coupled with unprincipled intent. This system of surveillance could just as well be used to track down vaccine oppositionists for violating vaccine mandates in the future. If the thought of being held at gunpoint to be vaccinated is difficult to conceive, consider the 131 children in Nsanje who fled to Mozambique to escape the measles vaccine. They were eventually tracked down by medics under a police escort and forcibly vaccinated at gunpoint. [2] You may think this couldn’t happen here in the U.S., but think again. If the CDC, HHS (U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services) and others have their way, this practice could be on its way to a neighborhood near you. Remember that even the Department of Education now employs aggressive and violent S.W.A.T. teams to arrest those suspected of student loan offenses. Infection Control/Isolation and Quarantine: Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, provided the details in his article: “’Infection Control’ means [arresting] infected people at gunpoint and moving them into ‘infection zones’ where everybody and anyone who tries to flee is shot. That’s how a quarantine actually works, in case you didn’t know. Ask the CDC yourself if you don’t believe me.” [3] Isolation and quarantine are where the “zombies” (those who refuse vaccinations) will be confined.

    Then there’s a brief description of the CDC “investigation goals.” Of particular interest is where it describes how such an investigation would seek to, “determine the cause of the illness, the source of the infection/virus/toxin…prevent further cases, and how patients can best be treated.”

    This would be impressive if only CDC “investigation goals” weren’t selectively compromised. For example, there’s the CDC’s extraordinary failure to effectively investigate a primary cause behind the sky-rocketing autism emergency – an excessive and toxic vaccine schedule! [4] Unfortunately, this problem is inherent with its design. CDC goals must always align with the financial interests of the pharmaceutical industry and government and global objectives.

    Dr. Julie Gerberding, the past CDC Director and, not by coincidence, now President of Merck’s global vaccine division, was interviewed by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, chief medical correspondent for CNN. The program was to “clarify” the issue of whether vaccines could cause autism, and more specifically to address the Hannah Poling vaccine injury case. Watch here to hear the evasive responses to pertinent, autism-defining questions.[5] As the CDC director at that time, Dr. Gerberding clearly illustrates how seriously the CDC would address any emergency that threatens the lifeblood of the vaccine industry.

    Fear-Based Measles Incrimination Reinforces CDC Misinformation

    Within the article’s fear-based zombie background information, it conspicuously categorizes the measles virus within the context of gruesome and extremely deadly “mutations of existing conditions.” Included among such life threatening conditions as mad-cow disease and rabies (or zombies chomping on your head), its only relevance is through fictional applications used in horror movies to produce zombies. Incriminated through its “celebrity” status, it’s a subtle method for presenting measles as viciously deadly.

    There was a period in our history when the measles virus was a cause for concern. In “Mortality in the United States, 1900-1950,” Tavia Gordon explains: “Mortality for the communicable diseases of childhood fell sharply between 1900 and 1950 [largely due to improved hygiene, nutrition and medical care],” and, “In 1900, this group of diseases [diphtheria, pertussis, measles and scarlet fever] was responsible for 242.6 deaths per 100,000 children under 15. In 1950, these diseases together caused fewer than 5 deaths for every 100,000 children.”[6] Although Gordon attributes these decreases to a number of factors, including inoculations, the measles vaccine was not licensed until 1963. Thus, the dramatic decrease in childhood measles fatalities was unrelated to measles vaccination.

    After decades of measles vaccine intervention, this once common childhood disease is now on the rise again. The CDC claims the reason for measles resurgence is because, “90% of those infected had not been vaccinated, or their vaccination status was unknown.” Many have been deceived into believing this to be fact. However, there’s no shortage of opposing evidence to expose this underhanded claim as yet another CDC tale from the crypts.

    One important issue the CDC conveniently overlooks is that the MMR vaccine, as with most other vaccines, can only provide some varying degree of temporary “immunity” at best, and it’s without any guarantee it will work at all. There have been documented failures of the monovalent [8] and the MMR [9] measles vaccines of up to 90%. In addition, reported outbreaks of mumps (MMR vaccine) [10] and whooping cough (DTaP vaccine) [11] have also included high percentages of individuals who were previously vaccinated.

    Then there’s the failure of vaccinated mothers to pass down sufficient measles antibodies to protect their children. William Atkinson, MD, MPH, a medical epidemiologist for the CDC responsible for measles surveillance and outbreak investigations until 1995, briefly commented in an article by Daniel Q. Haney of the Associated Press. Published in the December 27, 1992 issue of the “Los Angeles Times,” Dr. Atkinson acknowledged the consequence of decreased measles antibody production in mothers previously vaccinated, which he claimed to be, “An extremely interesting phenomenon, and one of great concern.” [12] Mr. Haney concluded his article with this statement: “Like a natural measles infection, the vaccine triggers production of measles antibodies. However, the amounts are lower. So vaccinated mothers have fewer antibodies to pass to their babies than do those who actually caught the measles and suffered through the disease.”

    Ten years later, Sandy Mintz (now Sandy Gottstein), publisher and editor of “Vaccination News,” revealed an interesting fact that in 2002, “the U.S. measles death rate used to be far lower prior to vaccination.” [13] Mintz presented additional statistics: In “1976 three percent of measles cases occurred in children less than one, today [September 2002] more than 25% do.” What does this point to? It points to the same conclusion made by Dr. Atkinson of the CDC – vaccinated mothers pass less immunity on to their babies.

    The resurgence of measles should be of no surprise to the CDC. This is another tragic vaccine-induced epidemic in the making that was apparent 20 years ago! Even worse, the CDC continues to justify injuring children with the MMR vaccine.[14], [15]

    There are other serious problems connected with the MMR vaccine. F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP, presents an account of the history and statistics behind this vaccine in “Regressive Autism and MMR Vaccination.”[7] Dr. Yazbak explains the initial efficacy of the first monovalent measles vaccine, the “short and inadequate” testing of the MMR vaccine, the methods used to force pediatricians to endorse the MMR vaccine, the facts behind Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s research and the politically motivated dismantling of his research and career, the increase in the U.S. vaccine schedule, the immune system overload to children receiving vaccinations for multiple diseases simultaneously, and the tragic vaccine-induced epidemic that followed – an explosion of autism.

    Shades of the H1N1 Swine Flu “Pandemic”

    There are other troubling elements to this scenario of emergency preparedness coming out of the CDC. The inclusion of bizarre zombie graphics is all too reminiscent of similar scare tactics used for the H1N1 swine flu pandemic scam. For over a year before the H1N1 swine flu virus was officially declared, mainstream media inundated the public with the photograph of a make-shift hospital scene from the 1918 flu epidemic. Apparently, it wasn’t convincing enough to motivate the public into vaccine compliance. To turn up the fear factor the CDC has called out the zombies, but also with a backup of other entertaining methods of sci-fi persuasion soon to come.

    As if zombies coming directly out of the CDC weren’t bad enough, keep in mind the CDC also operates under the guise of film “entertainment.” In a continuing effort to saturate your mind with images of viral pandemic horrors, a few of Hollywood’s finest were called to portray an updated bird flu version. The future release of “Contagion[16] comes just in time to wreak psychological pandemonium on audiences before the next flu season strikes. The film offers this line by accomplished actor Laurence Fishburne from the trailer of terror that the CDC is hoping you will ingrain in your brain: “Someone doesn’t have to weaponize the bird flu, the birds are doing that.” Sure. And someone doesn’t have to terrorize you to vaccinate for the flu, the CDC is doing that!

    Without a doubt, the plague of propaganda will be the only real “contagion” in this movie.

    What Will Be Next?

    Given all of the CDC fanfare of zombie horror, sci-fi flu pandemics and measles resurgence, it should be obvious the CDC has a preference for fear-based propaganda to motivate you toward complete vaccine compliance. But propaganda often indicates some event will soon follow. Considering the CDC and related government entities are directed by pharmaceutical and global interests, we can only speculate about future “emergency” events to come in effort to provoke vaccine mandates. This raises a serious concern: To what extent will these entities immorally and subversively operate to accomplish their vaccine compliance objectives?

    Could an epidemic be initiated through the “accidental” contamination of vaccine materials containing live viruses, such as the alleged “mistake” by the major global pharmaceutical company Baxter International Inc.?[17] Could a covert operation equivalent to the ATF’s “Operation Fast and Furious” be employed to demonize the unvaccinated as the cause of disease resurgence to effectively mandate vaccines once and for all?[18] Tragically, these and many other unconscionable scenarios are not products of an active or wild imagination. Aside from the zombie apocalypse emergencies included in the CDC’s presentation, there’s an interesting timing of the article to support reason to suspect it’s also serving to “prepare” you for a different scenario.

    For starters, it’s interesting to point out that Dr. Kahn is experienced in “bioterrorism, global health and emerging infectious diseases.” Dr. Kahn’s expertise sends a disturbing message in light of the CDC “showcasing” his article.

    Curiously absent among the zombie apocalypse-style emergencies, truly worthy of this title, was any reference to a biological threat. This could include an accidental release of some biological contaminant or an act of bioterrorism. One could only speculate for the reason, but it’s possible the exclusion may not have been accidental. There’s the probability that if the article included a reference to preparing for bioterrorism, and the upcoming zombie apocalypse involves an act of bioterrorism, it could create an uncomfortable link to government involvement. The omission may have been to avoid any parallel to the highly organized, government-backed global effort that began with media hype to brace for a possible flu pandemic and eventually led to the engineering of the H1N1 swine flu pandemic scheme.

    Approximately two weeks prior to the release of “Zombie Apocalypse” we experienced an interesting manipulation of political events in the so-called “War on Terror.” Osama bin Laden was allegedly terminated. Interestingly, rather than resounding bells of freedom, we heard alarms warning of new acts of terrorism in retaliation with talk of possible biological weapons. Was this a totally unexpected outcome or is this a part of another fear-based equation with an element of bioterrorism?

    One week after Osama’s official death, Marti Oakley’s article, Anthrax Vaccine: Children Targeted for Testing,”[19] reported more news on the biological front that immediately followed the Osama assault: “On May 2, 2011, Department of Health and Human Services announced it will buy 3.42 million doses of Bio-thrax a vaccine developed by the military to counter its weaponized anthrax that it also developed.”[20] Even worse, the HHS is planning to test this stock pile of useless and deadly anthrax vaccine on children. My question is the same as Oakley’s: is there more to this than just unethical financial motives?

    Simulated training exercises have already been under way for some time to prepare for this possible bioterrorist event. A recent article by Shepard Ambellas and Alex Thomas made mention of such activities that occurred in the Chicago area last year. “What Do the Sears Tower, WTC, and Terror Drills Have In Common?” reports previous news relating to the full scale terror drill event that included, “a simulated airplane crash, terror attack, and the release of a bio weapon."[21]

    The CDC’s Take Home Message

    What’s the CDC hoping you will get out of “Zombie Apocalypse?” Putting aside the pretense of clever marketing slogans such as, “Never Fear – CDC is Ready,” the principle objective is exactly the opposite: to instill as much fear in you as ethically possible. If it wasn’t, they wouldn’t have published this nonsense in the first place. For the public to choose boldness over fear is exactly what the CDC doesn’t want because it diminishes the power and control of government intervention.

    “Zombie Apocalypse” isn’t simply about preparing you for the next emergency. It’s preparing your mind to access perceptions of fear and despair to encourage a submissive response. With the next national or global emergency, the real meaning of the CDC’s “Zombie Apocalypse” will become apparent as new efforts will be made to force us to accept further government interventions, more loss of freedom, and more dangerous vaccines.

    “If people let the government decide what foods and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” -Thomas Jefferson

    Click here for part -----> 1, 2,


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    © 2011 Stephen L'Hommedieu - All Rights Reserved Stephen C. L’Hommedieu, DC resides in Wichita, Kansas. His practice, Advanced Alternatives for Health, specializes in many difficult to treat health conditions. His clinical expertise is in developing safe and effective methods for treatment of toxic metals and chemicals. These he considers being the most insidious substances to human health, and a component of all chronic health issues, such as allergies, asthma, autism, etc. He has the ability for uncovering and explaining the unexplainable underlying reasons behind complex health disorders.

    Dr. L’Hommedieu graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and an emphasis in physiology. He went on to complete a second Bachelor of Science in Human Anatomy, and in 1996 received a Doctor of Chiropractic from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas. His postgraduate and personal studies emphasize areas of kinesiology, therapeutic nutrition, acupuncture, chiropractic, biochemistry and organic chemistry.

    As a Christian, Dr. L’Hommedieu stands on the whole truth of scripture, and believes God’s hand in our healing works through both His physical and Spiritual laws. Dr. L’Hommedieu is a purveyor of education in health care, and readily defends the truth of real science, alternatives in health care and our freedom of choice. He presents lectures and articles on various nutritional and health topics.

    For comments or questions you may contact Dr. L’Hommedieu at his website:'Hommedieu/stephen103.htm
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    Look Who's Profiting From The $20b Vaccine Industry

    Adventures in Autism

    News and commentary on the autism epidemic and my beautiful boy who is living with autism.

    Revisiting James Murdoch, Brian Deer, The Sunday Times, GlaxoSmithKline and the Attack on Andrew Wakefield

    July 19, 2011

    So I started writing a long piece on the James Murdoch/Sunday Times/GSK/Wakefield development, but Dan Olmsted and John Stone did it faster and better than I, so I will just point you there and add my .02. Which is...

    How long does this ridiculous charade have to go on?!

    I mean how many of those who have quite obviously be put to task defending an indefensible vaccine program have to be revealed as... well... less than earnest, by main stream sources, before those earnest people in the medical profession, who really care about health outcomes and the public trust, throw up their hands and say... "Well... yes... this has become quite absurd. Let's stop all the nonsense and sit down at the table with our critics and deal with the real problems."

    Let's make a short list of the industry protectionist standard bearers at the various levels and their credibility... well let's call them "weaknesses."

    Julie Gerberding: Claims that she never bothered to read the Poling case, that vaccines can and cannot cause autism, that children with mitochondrial disorders can develop "autism like syndrome" from their vaccines, then upon leaving her post at CDC became the head of vaccines for Merck, who makes the MMR vaccine that damaged Hannah Poling.

    Paul Offit: Reprimanded by Congress for his conflicts of interest, successfully sued by the head of Jenny McCarthy's charity for lying about him in a book, had the OC Register retract an article where he made false accusations against CBS News, makes stupid and irresponsible claims that a baby can safely receive 100,000 vaccines at once, gets caught misleading the public and failing to disclose conflicts of interest on a regular basis.

    David Gorski: Forgot to mention that he was developing a cancer/autism drug for vaccine maker Sanofi for like five years or something while attacking vaccine safety activists and autism treatment advocates.

    Paul Thorsen: Middle aged club kid under indictment for conspiracy and fraud.

    Brian Deer: Lied to families about his name to get them to agree to interviews, feels qualified to diagnose GI disorders on the street despite having no medical background, does not even know the basics of the vaccine causation arguments or who is on what side, routinely says things that are at best, embarrassing, at worst, suggest some ... issues.

    Seth Mnookin: An admitted criminal.

    GlaxoSmithKline: Who has the time. Just google "Glaxo Fraud."

    And now James Murdoch and the Sunday Times.

    Lets take a step into the way back machine and revisit my little chart on the obnoxious level of conflict of interest in those who were... *ahem* protecting the British people's interest by examining the conflicts of interest of Dr. Wakefield and his co-authors in a paper that pointed out that 8 kids started having serious GI problems after MMR and also had developmental disabilities. I have faded out the later comers to the game to focus on the players who started all this bother:

    We have of course been pointing out Murdoch's little credibility problem with being placed on the board of GlaxoSmithKline after his Sunday Times began the whole Wakefield attack, but of course, we were just conspiracy theorists for pointing out that little conflict of interest. How dare we impugne the integrity of blah, blah, blah...

    So now we learn that Murdoch the Younger is not above doing horrid, and bottom feeder like things to make a buck. Possibly not even illegally obtaining the private medical information of the child of the leader of his country. If Mr. Brown's son's cystic fibrosis is not something to be handled sacredly, earnestly and above board, what's next, having reporters lie about who they are to autism parents to get info for a hit piece on their doctor? Oh... never mind.

    But no fear for Murdoch that GSK will turn on him... despite his failing morality, he still far exceeds the standards of respectability required to be a board member of GSK, who is standing behind their man for all he has done for their company:

    James Murdoch to remain on GSK's board

    * Drugmaker says Murdoch has made strong contribution

    * Investigations need to run their course

    * News Corp executive also sits on Sotheby's board

    By Ben Hirschler

    LONDON, July 15 (Reuters) - GlaxoSmithKline , Britain's biggest drugmaker, said James Murdoch continued to serve as a non-executive director, and it would watch investigations into the phone-hacking scandal engulfing his family's newspaper business.

    The 38-year-old heir apparent to his father Rupert Mordoch's News Corp joined GSK's board in 2009, since when he has made "a strong contribution", a GSK spokesman said on Friday.

    In recent days, James Murdoch's reputation has taken a pummelling, with critics saying he was too slow to realise the enormity of the scandal at News International, the British newspaper unit he chairs.

    GSK -- a group with plenty of experience of corporate controversy, ranging from rows over executive pay to safety alarms about some of its medicines -- will watch developments closely and is not rushing to any judgments.

    "With regard to the activities that are alleged to have taken place at News International, we believe that the full facts must be established and the ongoing investigations be allowed to take place and come to a considered conclusion," the spokesman said.

    James Murdoch was paid 98,000 pounds ($158,000) in shares for serving on GSK's board in 2010. He is member of both the drugmaker's corporate responsibility and remuneration committees.

    He is also a non-executive director of U.S.-listed auction house Sotheby's .

    The News International chairman said on Friday his company would take out adverts in rival British newspapers this weekend to apologise to the nation for wrongdoing at the News of the World, the Sunday paper at the centre of the scandal. ($1 = 0.620 pound) (Editing by Dan Lalor)
    (Note that the story is published by Reuters, whose CEO is also on the board of Merck. That other MMR maker. Conspirators Corporate Synergists must stick together, you know)

    He has made one hell of a contribution! He made the salvation of MMR possible. GSK can't very well abandon their hit man. If he falls completely, then might more people wake up to the idea that what was done to Wakefield was a scapegoating? Best to see if you can get away with keeping him on to assure your "corporate responsibility", and hope no one notices that you are trying to keep him propped up to keep your skeletons in the closet.

    Can anyone name ONE person who has been out in front in the vaccine defense that actually has a good reputation, is an earnest person and is free of serious conflicts of interest? I can't think of any at the moment.

    So... when the next one pops up, I am going to start the clock running and see how long it takes for their questionable history to start to come to light.

    It is just stupid at this point.

    Posted by Ginger Taylor at Tuesday, July 19, 2011

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    Proof Feds Cannot Force Smart Meters On Americans

    there is No Federal Mandate

    SMART METERS: No Federal Mandate

    August 15, 2011 by ppjg

    Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved

    This Standard would also allow utilities to recover from ratepayers any capital, operating expenditures, or other costs of the smart grid investment, including a reasonable rate-of-return. ”
    THERE IS NO FEDERAL SECURITY MANDATE FOR SMART METERS, according to George W. Arnold the national coordinator for smart-grid interoperability at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. This agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce is said not to be involved in regulations but is only tasked with promoting standards among industries.

    While both the 2005 and 2007 faux energy bills were codified into public laws, NO part of them creates a federal law pertaining to individual consumers or dictating that the public must be forced to comply with provisions of SMART Grid.

    Contrary to the bleating of manufacturers and utility talking heads, who claim there is no “opt out”, the fact is you, the consumer must be offered the meter, or request a meter and “OPT IN”. No one can be forced to comply with an unrevealed contract between private corporations, and to which you were never a party and had no knowledge of.

    Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 :

    An Energy Tax Package was under development in Congress for several years prior to 2008. In September 2008, the package was finally enacted into law via its inclusion in the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. This tax package shifted tax liabilities from corporations who were already posting massive record profits, onto the public.

    Section 1307 State Consideration of Smart Grid

    Energy 2007, Page 6 : This Section amends PURPA to create two additional PURPA Standards. (Note: Two new PURPA Standards are also created in Section 532.)

    These standards are in the form of requirements on parties such as utilities to undertake certain actions. The standards are not directly prescriptive on these parties, however; it is up to state utility regulatory commissions, or the bodies that govern other types of utilities, to decide that the standards should be actually adopted by utilities subject to their jurisdiction.

    The only direct mandate with PURPA standards is for the state or other jurisdictional body TO CONSIDER whether the new Standard should be implemented and to demonstrate that it has undertaken such consideration.

    The first new Standard would require utilities—prior to undertaking investments in non-advanced grid technologies— to demonstrate that they have considered investments in “qualified smart grid systems” based on a list of factors (on page 301) in the section that include total costs, cost-effectiveness, etc.

    This Standard would also allow utilities to recover from ratepayers any capital, operating expenditures, or other costs of the smart grid investment, including a reasonable rate-of-return.

    Furthermore, this Standard would allow utilities to recover remaining book value of any equipment rendered obsolete by the deployment of such smart grid systems. There is no description or list relative to what “qualified smart grid systems” would be. ( end Page 6 ) (all emphasis, mine)

    This is a tax bill. “Ratepayers” are actually taxpayers. This is a new TAX forcing the public to finance SMART METERS/GRID at the rate of 100% of costs plus a profit margin written into it. We are being forced to finance a system sold as energy conservation, efficiency, carbon reduction, and at the same time being subjected to unwarranted surveillance, data mining, and extreme health hazards not to mention the invasion of our homes and businesses. Taxes for this system are applied to your energy bill under several categories and not one part of this bill or the SMART GRID system will reduce consumption or make energy sources more secure or efficient.

    The Energy bills of 2005 and 2007 were Energy TAX bills and had nothing to do with conservation, security or efficiency.Reading through the 2005-2007 tax provisions is a laundry list of non-related tax breaks, subsidies, tax credits and other loopholes for gas and oil cartels and other so-called energy producing corporations. All taxes for financing this loss of revenue will be applied to and paid by ….you, the general public.

    Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978 (PURPA) Through PURPA, two standards were established: “The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA 2007) contains two sections (secs. 532 and 1307), that also add additional “States-must-consider” standards to the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978 (PURPA).”

    The “states must consider” does not mean the states must comply as there is no law to force compliance of the states.

    DOE itself is NOT involved in the implementation of PURPA–States (or local governing boards) are–and so DOE is not in a position to offer guidance or advice on these new PURPA provisions.”

    **This is where the Department of Energy excused itself because it has no lawful authority.

    How they got in YOUR state

    Demand Response and SMART METERING Policy Actions since the Energy Policy Act of 2005. A summary for State Officials.

    This summary is the guide document instructing state officials on how to implement this business plan in their respective states.

    Follow the Money!

    In late October 2009, the Department of Energy (DOE) announced the recipients of the $3.4 billion in stimulus grants under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Award selections were announced for 100 smart grid projects that are intended to lead to the rollout of approximately 18 million smart meters, 1 million in-home energy management displays, and 170,000 smart thermostats, as well as numerous advanced transformers and load management devices. The award selections were organized by category: 1) Advanced Metering Infrastructure; 2) Customer Systems; 3) Electric Distribution Systems; 4) Electric Transmission Systems; 5) Equipment Manufacturing; and 6) Integrated and/or Crosscutting Systems. In its announcement, the DOE said the $3.4 billion represented the largest amount of ARRA funding ever made in a single day.

    But smart-grid projects that are competing for the $800 million in federal grants under the stimulus program would have to meet strict cybersecurity guidelines. The standards institute and other groups are working on a set of recommendations for state utility boards and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. (this is in addition to the 3.4 Billion the DoE handed out under the stimulus package and does not include the staggering number of other quickly devised “grant” programs which were nothing more than federal subsidizing of private corporations identified as “stakeholders” in this assault on the public, amounting to billions more.)

    ABSOLUTEY no testing was ever done on the SMART METERS to substantiate the claims by government and manufacturers that the meters are safe.

    Independent testing however, exposes the danger of these meters to the overall public health. ‘Smart’ meter radiation is a Class 2B carcinogen according to the World Health Organization (pdf) (from ) And this is just the tip of the SMART METER iceberg. No one knows what the affects of meshed systems will have on communities and neighborhoods as they are bombarded with massive amounts of radio frequency radiation thousands of times a day.

    So how did they do it?

    It is an assault on the senses that as the country foundered on the edge of near total economic collapse due to the corruption on Wall Street and in banking, that our congresses and presidents for the last ten years used this crisis to finance a massive assault on the public meant to further cement a police state while pandering to corporations to enrich them and by extension and as a repayment of favors owed, enriched themselves.

    Congress flooded the Department of Energy and the Commerce Department with billions of dollars loaded into the Economic Stabilization Act 2008 and the Stimulus 2009 package to buy access to individual states. Considering the abhorrent state of our economy, you might be wondering where these billions came from.

    First came the “economic stabilization act of 2008, then the “stimulus” package of 2009 where billions and billions were funneled to federal corporate agencies. Then came a meeting with the ”council of governors” to determine how to access the states, flood them with cash during severe economic distress that they allowed to happen, and gain access inside the geographical boundaries of the states.

    Of course, the “council of governors” jumped right on the wagon and every governor in every state followed them with their hands out for the free cash…..that came from borrowing against the full faith and credit of the United States (Inc) which turns out to be ….you, the taxpayer.

    This allowed the DoE and various other unlawfully created corporate federal agencies to disperse massive wads of cash to those “stakeholders” they cherish so much.

    In short, the public is being forced to subsidize the capital investment and expansion of privately owned utilities in addition to being forced to pay a second time as these same parasitic corporations recoup these same investments that were funded by the stimulus package to begin with.

    Reading through the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and the subsequent EISA 2007 energy bill, it is absolutely clear that what did pass pertaining to SMART Metering pertained only to Federal buildings and [federal] housing. This is in adherence to the Constitution which gives the federal government power only over needful buildings, insular possessions and territories. In every other instance the word “voluntary” precedes any item.

    The SMART GRID system is nothing more than a system of accelerated energy costs with accompanying tax increases. The system cannot and does not deliver more efficient use of energy and isn’t meant to. The intent of the GRID and the meters is to pin energy rates to the ever fluctuating markets enabling the energy provider to charge the highest rate possible in any given period of time. Higher rates mean higher taxes. This isn’t about energy conservation or any of the other nonsense put out as propaganda to foist these deadly meters upon an unsuspecting public: This is simply a business plan meant to unlawfully spy on private citizens while extorting the public for corporate profits.

    And if you get sick from these meters blasting you 24 hours a day with radio frequency radiation………tough crunchies. There’s money to be made.

    **Print this article including links and references and present it to your Utility company, legislators and friends. Also, print off the notice of refusal and send it along with this article as documented proof that there is NO MANDATE for SMART meters and that it was YOUR choice to opt in, not their choice to claim you could not “opt-out”.

    Notice of refusal of SMART Meter ‘Smart’ meter radiation is a Class 2B carcinogen according to the World Health Organization (pdf), at least 100x the exposure from a cell phone, say UC Nuclear experts. Equivalent to living within 500 feet of a major cell tower, according to independent EMF expert Cindy Sage. Thousands are reporting adverse health effects to the PUC, and yet installations continue as if nothing is wrong.

    USC Title 15 Commerce and Trade.

    Not revised, codified and enacted into positive law.

    Regardless, Title 15 Commerce and Trade is non-positive Code & Title, simply meaning that there is no underlying Constitutional authority for the federal government to enter into these areas and therefore, these “codes” cannot be codified into public law and carry no force of law except as it applies to theDistrict of Columbia, insular possessions and territories. These are the ONLY places the federal government has absolute authority.

    Commerce and trade cannot be codified into public law as there is no underlying Constitutional authority for the federal government to enter into commerce or trade other than as a contracting party or, in the treaty process. The government may enter into trade disputes between the states as an arbitrator when there is a state-to-state dispute although, depending upon the political leanings of SCOTUS at any given time, the twisting and contorting of this provision can change dramatically.

    The federal government has no authority to unlawfully cede to or, empower any federal agency with powers and authority the federal government does not possess and never did.

    Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)

    Federal metering requirements (Applies ONLY to federal buildings and [federal] housing) and include NO specific guidance of what to measure (i.e., kW, KVA, PF, Voltage, etc.)

    PURPA Section 532

    Estimated Budget Effects Of The Revenue Provisions Contained In Titles I. And XV. Of H.R. 6, The “Clean Renewable Energy And Conservation Tax Act Of 2007,” As Passed By The House Of Representatives On December 6, 2007

    Tax provisions written into both the 2005 and 2007 bills.

    Economic Stabilization Act of 2008

    Department of Energy funding from Stimulus package

    Federal funding for metering federal buildings and federal housing

    An Energy Tax Package

    Federal Meeting Requirements

    Demand Response and SMART METERING Policy Actions since the Energy Policy Act of 2005. A summary for State Officials

    What are “advanced meters?

    National Institutes of Standards and Technology

    US-S Smart Meters Regulations Policy Makers Guide ... l-mandate/

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    Devvy - My Fight Against The Smart Meter

    The Smart Grid's Next Step ... ?ShowAll=1

    Dirty Electricity And Smart Meters - Vid

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    Zombies Hate Preppers (Video) ... _embedded#!

    Aug 13, 2011

    Sensible Survival Presents: "Zombies Hate Preppers". In a world gone mad, putting together a few preparations keeps one level and the Zombies in a rage. Be part of the solution and not the problem.

    Big Berkey Water Filters:

    Tactical Defender :

    HPR Ammo:

    Going Gear:


    AMP-3 Professional 1st Aid Kits:
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    Are You Prepared? Take the Preparedness Test

    Gaye Levy, Contributing Writer
    Wednesday, August 17, 2011

    Back in January I did a walk-around-the-house inventory to assess the state of my preparedness. On that day, I officially became a prepper.

    A lot has happened since then, all of it mostly good. Today, as I walk around my little cottage homestead, I find a 55-gallon water barrel, I find Berkey filters and I find 4 cases of bottled water. I have 25 pounds each of various types of legumes, twice that in rice, and multiple cases of canned goods. I have a robust first aid kit, a bug out bag, and a go bag. And I have a shotgun to defend myself. The pièce de résistance? A 10KW whole house generator.

    Yes, it has been a good year so far. But I am not done. Nope, not even close. During today’s walk I envisioned my day in the worst of all circumstances: a disaster has occurred, the fuel line to my generator has failed, and there is no running water or sewer service. Holy moly. That would be bad.

    And so I plan to keep prepping and to continue to expand my knowledge of all things preparedness. To help get to this next stage, I found this great Preparedness Test buried in an LDS Preparedness Manual which is a 100% free download thanks to the site Want to give the test it a try? Let’s get started.

    1. Has your family rehearsed fire escape routes from your home?
    2. Does your family know what to do before, during, and after an earthquake or other emergency situation?
    3. Do you have heavy objects hanging over beds that can fall during an earthquake?
    4. Do you have access to an operational flashlight in every occupied bedroom? (use of candles is not recommended unless you are sure there is no leaking gas)
    5. Do you keep shoes near your bed to protect your feet against broken glass?
    6. If a water line was ruptured during an earthquake, do you know how to shut off the main water line to your house?
    7. Can this water valve be turned off by hand without the use of a tool? Do you have a tool if one is needed?
    8. Do you know where the main gas shut-off valve to your house is located?
    9. If you smell gas, do you know how and would you be able to shut off this valve?
    10. Gas valves usually cannot be turned off by hand. Is there a tool near your valve?
    11. Would you be able to safely restart your furnace when gas is safely available?
    12. Do you have working smoke alarms in the proper places to warn you of fire?
    13. In case of a minor fire, do you have a fire extinguisher that you know how to use?
    14. Do you have duplicate keys and copies of important insurance and other papers stored outside your home?
    15. Do you have a functional emergency radio to receive emergency information?
    16. If your family had to evacuate your home, have you identified a meeting place?
    17. Would you have sufficient food?
    18. Would you have the means to cook food without gas and electricity?
    19. Would you have sufficient water for drinking, cooking, and sanitary needs?
    20. Do you have access to a 72-hour evacuation kit?
    21. Would you be able to carry or transport these kits?
    22. Have you established an out-of-state contact?
    23. Do you have a first aid kit in your home and in each car?
    24. Do you have work gloves and some tools for minor rescue and clean up?
    25. Do you have emergency cash on hand? (During emergencies banks and ATMs are closed)
    26. Without electricity and gas do you have a way to heat at least part of your house?
    27. If you need medications, do you have a month’s supply on hand?
    28. Do you have a plan for toilet facilities if there is an extended water shortage?
    29. Do you have a supply of food, clothing, and fuel where appropriate: For 6 months? For a year?
    So how did you do? If you are like me, you have a new checklist of things to do to continue your preps, for this is a work in process and will undoubtedly never end. Our fragile planet, the global financial mess and the threat of man-made, terrorist activities are here to stay for a long, long time.

    I hope that the worst will not happen. But just in case it does, I am going to be darn sure that I am prepared!

    Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

    Gaye Levy, the SurvivalWoman, grew up and attended school in the Greater Seattle area. After spending many years as an executive in the software industry, she started a specialized accounting practice offering contract CFO work to emerging high tech and service industries. She has now abandoned city life and moved to a serenely beautiful rural area on an island in NW Washington State. She lives and teaches the principles of a sustainable, self-reliant and stylish lifestyle through emergency preparation and disaster planning through her website at SurvivalWoman speaks her mind and delivers her message with optimism and grace, regardless of mayhem swirling around us.

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    The articles by Dr. L’Hommedieu are disturbing, yet certainly informative with much "good to know" information.

    The hope lies in that "truthful" information such as this gets out and gets spread widely. It takes guts for any scientist, medical provider, etc. to go against big pharmaceutical interests in the interest of people first.

    Kudos to Dr. L'Hommedieu and the many others who have the courage to do so. May their numbers mulitply exponentially!

    And may we always keep searching for the truth of matters. Life is not a spectator sport.

    Thanks Airborne
    As Aristotle said, “Tolerance and apathy are the first virtue of a dying civilization.â€

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    Fluoride To Be Removed From Pottstown Water

    Removal of the compound -- which in Pottstown's case comes from China -- could take up to nine months.
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    A glass of orange juice a day could be the key to managing Alzheimers disease

    Friday August 19,2011
    By Daily Express reporter

    A glass of orange juice a day could be the key to managing Alzheimer’s disease

    Scientists have found that vitamin C can help reverse the build-up of toxic proteins which form into harmful plaques in the brains of sufferers.

    Researchers at Lund University in Sweden hope their discovery can be used to slow the progress of the disease in those who already have it.

    Katrin Mani, reader in molecular medicine at the university, said: “When we treated brain tissue from mice that had Alzheimer’s disease with vitamin C, the toxic protein aggregates were dissolved. The notion that vitamin C can have a positive effect on Alzheimer’s disease is controversial but our results open up new opportunities for research and the possibilities offered by vitamin C.”

    Ms Mani added that while vitamin C is in fresh fruit it can be absorbed in larger quantities from fruit juice.

    She said: “Vitamin C is not a drug and having an extra daily glass of orange juice would do no harm.”

    A glass of orange juice a day could be the key to managing Alzheimer’s disease

    At least 750,000 people in the UK have Alzheimer’s, a number which is expected to double by 2050. There is no cure or effective treatment and the cost to the NHS is predicted to rise to £50billion in the next 30 years.
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    Thousands Taking Statins Needlessly ... essly.html

    Resveratrol Based Drugs Next Big Wave ... ancer.html
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