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    Save the SOILS to save civilization – or we all starve and die

    Thursday, May 04, 2023 by: Mike Adams
    Tags: crop yields, crops, famine, farming, fertilizer, food production, food scarcity, food science, gardening, grocery, harvest, herbicides, Microbiology, organics, permaculture, pesticides, regenerative agriculture, soils, starvation

    (Natural News) We are all living through a multi-vector collapse of the very same human civilization we once thought was robust. Now, we’re learning it’s fragile, highly leveraged and lacks redundancy. And among the multiple threats that pose high risks to the sustainability of civilization we find that soils are being decimated by modern agricultural practices (which are rooted in the mass poisoning of the soils).
    It turns out that if we don’t change the way we interact with the “soil food web” and soil health, we will have no viable soils remaining and we will starve.
    This is the critical message from Dr. Elaine Ingham, my first guest in today’s episode of Brighteon Broadcast News (see below). In a jaw-dropping interview, Dr. Ingham from reveals why food farms don’t need external inputs such as pesticides, herbicides and even synthetic fertilizers. Instead, they need friendly microorganisms that, by themselves, free up nutrients for plants while making those plants far more resistant to droughts, disease and pests.
    That interview (and much more) is found in today’s episode of Brighteon Broadcast News. Here are the highlights:
    – JP Morgan, now sucking up all the smaller banks, routinely deplatforms Christians and conservatives
    – US Navy goes full “Bud Light” with new drag queen recruitment ambassador
    – China and Russia must be terrified of the Pentagon’s queer troops and battery-powered tanks
    – FBI and DoD run nuclear strike drills in Houston, Texas
    – RSV vaccine approved for 60 years and older, how convenient to kill off the elderly
    – Fed raises interest rates by 25 basis points
    – Fed literally plans to collapse the US economy and bring down inflation through POVERTY
    – Emergency bank collapse update as 3 banks plunge in after-hours trading
    – Interview with Dr. Elaine Ingham, soil food web expert, about REGENERATIVE farming
    – NY Gov. Hochul BANS gas appliances in all new buildings
    – When the NY power grid fails, you have ZERO options for cooking food or boiling water
    – Hochul also trying to ban ALL tobacco products while keeping weed legal
    – Interview with Warrior Mom, who helped her autistic son navigate life with vaccine damage

    iTunes podcast:

    Discover more interviews and podcasts each day at:
    Follow me on: (my breaking news gets posted here first)

    Truth Social:
    Twitter: @MikeAdamsHR
    Join the free email newsletter to stay alerted about breaking news each day.
    Download my current audio books — including Ghost World, Survival Nutrition, The Global Reset Survival Guide and The Contagious Mind — at:

    Save the SOILS to save civilization – or we all starve and die –
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    3:06:37NOW PLAYING

    Father & Son Build their Dream Log Cabin in the Canadian Wilderness (FULL BUILD)

    1 year ago

    you might want to learn these Skills and Acquire the tools Needed.

    (11 Boulder Footings for the Cabin Foundation- Ep13- Outsider Log Cabin - YouTube

    (11 Walls, Windows & Door-frames- Ep31- Outsider Log Cabin - YouTube


    Walls, Windows & Door-frames- Ep31- Outsider Log Cabin[/COLOR]

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    Heated Sawmill Bunk house built for $160- Ep25- Outsider Log Cabin

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    Celebrating Sr Outsider's Legacy

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    Gable Cladding & Snowcat Recovery / Ep78 / Outsider Log Cabin

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    Deep Snow Logging in the Canadian Wilderness / Ep79 / Outsider Log Cabin

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    Insulating the Floor (Sr Outsider's Final Episode) / Ep94 / Outsider Cabin Build

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    Finishing the First Cabin Dormer! / Ep70 / Outsider Log Cabin

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    Life After Brain Cancer. Let's Talk- Ep47- Outsider Log Cabin

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    Roofing a Steep 12/12 Pitch! / Ep68 / Outsider Log Cabin

    The Outsider

    (1419) 'One Last Build, Son.' - Log Cabin Build Off Grid - YouTube
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    Survival 101: How to protect your family during civil war

    Friday, May 05, 2023 by: Zoey Sky
    Tags: bug out, chaos, civil unrest, civil war, Collapse, Gear, homesteading, off grid, panic, preparedness, prepper, prepping, prepping tips, self-defense, SHTF, survival, survival gear, Survival Tips, survivalist

    (Natural News) Unlike natural disasters, which can happen without warning, a civil war won’t occur without advance notice.
    If you know the signs to watch out for, you can observe a build-up of tensions and hostilities before SHTF in your neighborhood. Be observant so you have enough time to get your preps and emergency plans in order. (h/t to
    But even the most experienced prepper who is vigilant can still be taken by surprise once a civil war starts. To help you prepare for a civil war, here are some tips to follow:
    Make sure your family is safe

    When chaos starts and bullets start flying, your priority will be your security and safety. Once you are safe, you can then make sure that your family is safe and secure.
    Before SHTF, finalize a contingency plan so that when disaster strikes, your family knows what to do even if everyone is separated and you have no way to communicate with each other.
    Run drills and make sure all family members know what to do and where to go. Your plan will be foolproof if everyone follows it and no one deviates from it unless absolutely necessary.
    For your plan to work, you should get constant updates on the whereabouts of each family member. While you don’t have to monitor them 24/7, you should at least inform each other about your whereabouts every hour or so.
    To avoid disturbing each other with constant calls, set up a family group chat where you can let everyone know where you are. When SHTF, you can quickly check your messages to confirm the whereabouts of your family members.
    Once you confirm their locations, you can easily estimate how long it will take them to get home based on the situation in your area.
    Once your family is safe together, start securing other aspects of your situation, like your survival supplies, comms plan and bug-out or evacuation plan. (Related: Prepping tips: Scavenging in the city when SHTF.)
    Secure and hide your food supply

    When civil war breaks out, all factions fighting against each other will need more food, water, medical supplies and ammo. If they find out you are a prepper, they might target your home to steal your supplies.
    Before things go south, plan ahead and secure food, water and other essential supplies. Keep them well hidden but still accessible. Don’t tell anyone about your stockpile or armed groups will want to take them for their cause.
    Keep your preps a secret by building or preparing a hidden room to bury caches. If this isn’t possible, hide your supplies somewhere else, like your basement or a spare room at home.
    Another option is to leave a decoy cache that is easy to find so anyone who decides to steal your stockpiles will have something to take. Hopefully, this should be enough and they don’t look elsewhere.
    At the start of a civil war, many items will be restricted or banned by governments or factions that have seized control over your area. Some examples are:

    • Alcohol
    • Fuel
    • Radios and other communications gear
    • Tactical gear
    • Various items used as ingredients for explosive or incendiary devices
    • Weapons and ammunition

    Once you notice signs of impending chaos and civil war, conceal these items if you have them in your stockpile. Should you encounter soldiers going door to door, having these items in your possession could result in you being jailed, having your possessions taken or being executed on the spot.
    Protect yourself by getting rid of these items or hiding them well to avoid any danger.
    Comms security

    During a civil war or armed conflict, radio communications, including amateur radio, are one of the first things that will become illegal.
    In some cases, even possessing a shortwave receiver could be illegal. However, effective communication will be essential during a civil war so you need to learn how to use an amateur radio covertly.
    Do your research and learn how to set up and use covert antennas. You also need to have a plan for how you will communicate with family and other prepping groups during the conflict.
    Ask experienced preppers for tips on how to deal with direction-finding and jamming equipment. When SHTF, it won’t take much for others to triangulate your position and find your location. Make sure your comms plan allows you to stay updated on the changing situation as civil war intensifies.
    Your comms plan should also allow you to maintain effective two-way communication with other preppers. If the front lines of battle start moving too close, you can monitor your comms and bug out before the chaos reaches your location.
    Listen to shortwave radio broadcasts to get a good overall picture of where the fighting is. Good comms will also help you find out where the safe zones are and monitor news from outside the country.
    Fortify your home

    When SHTF, you must be able to protect your family and property from those who wish to do you harm. This means getting firearms, learning how to use them and securing your property to keep out trespassers.
    While setting up a seven-foot wall fence around your property may seem like a good idea, this can make your home a target for potential looters. Having a giant fence makes it harder for someone to trespass on your property, but it is also one of the most obvious signs that you have things worth stealing.
    If you want to build a fence to protect your home and property, try to make it look as innocent as possible. Settle for a sturdy chain link or a tall wooden fence.
    When SHTF, you can add barbed wire or spikes on the top to prevent trespassers from scaling the fence.
    Alternatively, you can use your lawn to your advantage by landscaping defensively. This means planting shrubs and trees strategically to provide shade and give you more privacy.
    Take note that people might use your plants to conceal themselves so you need to be smart with your landscaping. When planting hedges and trees, make sure they won’t block your view of potential intruders.
    Choose defensive plants with a lot of protective thorns and prickles. These can help deal damage to anyone attempting to break into your home.
    Here are some of the best defensive plants to grow around your property:

    • Bougainvillea
    • Century plant
    • Firethorn
    • Spanish bayonet
    • Tomato porcupine

    Don’t forget to improve your door security by installing sturdy deadbolt locks and using longer set screws for door hinges and strike plates. If possible, install door jammers so you can buy more time in case of an attempted break-in.
    As for windows, you can secure them with security film. Plant cacti or thorny bushes beneath first-floor windows to keep out trespassers.
    Finalize your bug-out plan

    If it’s too dangerous to stay at home, you may have no choice but to bug out during a civil war.
    This may be your last resort if your home is located in the middle of two warring factions that show no sign of giving up their attacks.
    Bugging out after a natural disaster is difficult, but during a war, it will be more complex. Before things go south, you may need several unique and independent routes and methods to escape the conflict as you bug out.
    When drafting your plan, consider that you will probably not be able to use your preferred mode of transportation. This means if you plan to drive out of the danger zone, you should also have a plan B to get to your bug-out location.
    The chances of civil war are exceptionally low and they don’t happen suddenly. This means you will have plenty of time to get your preps and plans ready before you find yourself in the middle of a warzone.
    Before SHTF, take immediate action to increase your chance of surviving conflict.
    Watch the video below for tips on how to prep your survival backpack.

    This video is from the Cahlen channel on
    More related stories:

    Will there be a 2nd civil war in America? Growing calls for ‘civil war’ after FBI search.
    Are we looking at another civil war?
    Deep state plan revealed: Frame a civil war to justify UN troops to OCCUPY and DISARM America.
    Sources include:

    Survival 101: How to protect your family during civil war –
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    This Is How Soldiers Cooked Bread Without An Oven During The War | Survival Tools/Skills


    Scream It From the Mountain Top
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    The Best Dry Fire Training Tools in 2023

    by TRAVIS PIKE on MAY 6, 2023
    Related Tags: Buzz, Dry Fire, DryfireMag, Feature Articles, Guns, Mantis, training

    It wasn’t until I started shooting competitively that I really began to appreciate dry fire. I always did a little here and there, but not regularly until I started shooting competitively. You realize its perks quite quickly, and you’ll shoot faster, straighter, become quicker at reloading, and even be able to fix malfunctions. I also began to look at alternative ways to improve my dry fire. I found tons of apps, gadgets, and gizmos that I’ve made a part of my dry fire journey, and I want to share those with you.

    Mantis X10

    Do you like being judged by an unseen force that’s constantly criticizing you as you do everything? Well, if so, the Mantis X10 is the premier judge of your performance. The Mantis X10 mounts to your rail or to your magazine via a rail that attaches to the baseplate of the magazine. It can be used on rifles, handguns, and shotguns. It measures your trigger pull, muzzle movement, and more and gives you constant advice on how to improve.

    The X10 is a multi-use system, and it’s quite handy. The downside is that it’s expensive. The upside is if you don’t need live fire use or multi-platform use, then the X2 can do nearly the same at a lower price point. The X3 can be used for live fire and is still a little cheaper. The X10 is the king of the castle and a great option for those who train with multiple platforms.

    Mantis Blackbeard

    Listen, we are going to talk about Mantis a few times. The Mantis Blackbeard is a device designed for AR-15-style rifles. It replaces your bolt and magazine. The Blackbeard uses an integrated laser and trigger reset device to allow for simulated semi-auto fire. It fits any standard AR15, and the battery fits into your AR’s magwell. This device allows for thousands of trigger pulls per battery charge.[

    The Blackbeard is a fantastic dryfire training system (Steve Gaspar)

    There is a laser and laser-free option. The laser allows it to integrate with the Laser Academy system or any other laser target. You can also see where the laser hits and adjust it to your optic or sights. The Blackbeard system is a ton of fun and allows you to shoot real drills without having the manually reset your trigger.

    Mantis Laser Academy

    Yep, Mantis again, but they are the dry fire experts. The Mantis Laser Academy is a combination of an iOS or Android application and a set of particular targets that your phone can read. This allows you to use a multitude of turrets, including hostage targets, bull’s eye targets, FBI targets, and more. Since the app can read the targets, it can record where your shots hit each specific target.

    This complete kit is ready to take you to school (Steve Gaspar)

    Mantis Laser Academy includes a laser cartridge of varying calibers, and you can train to shoot fast, reload, draw, and more. It integrates perfectly with the Mantis X10 and Blackbeard. The Laser Academy system is quite nice and comes in varying packages. It’s super handy and a ton of fun. You can save a lot of money on ammo with the Laser Academy and learn a thing or two along the way.

    Rogers Shooting School TRT Devices

    Most of the devices we’ve covered are pretty expensive, so I’ll give you a break. The Roger’s Shooting School TRT devices are super cheap and excellent training tools. The TRT Devices fit into your handgun or AR-style rifle magazine and depress the follower just enough to prevent the bolt from locking to the rear or the slide from locking open. The little devices make reload training and malfunction training a lot easier and more efficient.

    The TRT is quite nice for reload drills

    You don’t have to deal with ejecting dummy rounds and reloading magazines. Drop the TRT devices into the magazines, and boom, you are ready to go. The simple design makes them perfect for some reloading training, and the low price makes them a must-have.
    Dummy Rounds

    Speaking of dummy rounds, anybody who is dry firing needs some dummy ammo. Sure, the TRT devices are great for reloads, but they can’t set up fictional malfunctions. Automatic handguns and rifle dummy rounds make it easy to practice those malfunction drills and how to clear your weapon and get back into the fight.

    With shotguns, revolvers, and lever actions, you can practice your reloads and learn how to get up and loaded. Shotguns and revolvers especially rely on your ability to reload to be effective and efficient. A handful of dummy rounds makes training realistic and reliable.
    Dry Fire Mag

    The Dry Fire Mag replaces your handgun’s magazine with a unique device that allows you to dry fire without having to constantly recock the striker of the firearm. The device can be tuned to increase or decrease the weight required for the trigger ‘break,’ and it’s a great way to increase the efficiency of your dry fire practice. The Dry Fire Mag isn’t a universal tool and is one you have to match to your weapon.

    Dry Fire Mag currently produces magazines for the SIG P320, Glock standard, and large caliber pistols, several Glock clones, the Springfield XD series, and the S&W M&P series. I really need a P365 variant to come out. My Dry Fire Mag and I get along well in my P320. Hopefully, we will see this line of Dry Fire Mags expand into other roles.
    The Right Airgun

    Does an airgun count as dry fire practice? It’s a bit different than dry fire but isn’t certainly not live fire. A C02-powered air gun that mimics your weapon’s handling and design makes it easy to train on the cheap. Unlike other dry fire options, you can learn to track your sights, reload with actual feedback, and actually hit a target.

    Available on GunsAmerica Now

    Umarex makes some very nice airguns that mimic your firearm brilliantly.
    Airguns are quite cheap compared to ammo prices, and most popular firearms have an airgun equivalent. Look for a C02-powered air gun with a reciprocating slide from companies like SIG and Umarex. These will make your training not only fun but delivers awesome feedback to your training.

    Boom, Bang, and Click

    [COLOR=#333333 !important]Dry fire doesn’t have to be boring. I understand the click, rack, click action can get boring quickly. Mixing up various skills and including various gadgets and gizmos is a great way to get some realistic practice in. It will make you a better shooter, even if it’s just 15 minutes a day. Get on it, get after it, and embrace the click.

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    The Best Dry Fire Training Tools in 2023 (

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    Gadsden Dynamics Minimalist Assault Chest Rig

    by CLAY MARTIN on MAY 6, 2023
    Related Tags: Buzz, Cases, Feature Articles, Gadsden Dynamics, Gear, gear review, gun gear, Tactical

    Gadsden holds a wide variety of mag styles

    This week we got our hands on one of the simplest and most elegant pieces of gear I have ever seen. So simple, in fact, that this review will probably be short on words. Which in this case is a feature, not a bug. It’s right there in the name, the Minimalist. Sewn together in Ohio by Gadsden Dynamics, they mean it.

    One of the problems that come from getting a Molle Vest or chest rig is the immediate desire to cover it in every whiz-bang pouch you can lay hands to. And I get it, we’ve all been there. Gadsden short circuits that immediately by having zero ability to add to the chest rig. What you see is what you get. And that package has value all in itself.

    Front view

    The Minimalist Chest Rig wasn’t meant to drop from a dark sky into Kandahar and run a 9-day recce mission. It was meant for the armed citizen, more and more the modern-day minute man, to have some easily accessible “stuff”. The magazine in your gun might be fine for immediate home defense, but more and more we can see a grey area of citizen need. If your city is on fire, you might want some extra go bang. But still do not need the full Seal Team Ranger load out.

    And that niche is perfectly fit by the Minimalist, as well as its little brother the Underground Partisan Chest rig. The Minimalist holds 4 rifle magazines in very secure individual elastic webbing pouches, with pistol mag pouches sewn on the front of them. The Partisan is even more streamlined, holding just the 4 rifle magazines.

    Rear view

    The chest rig is held up by a wide cut of flat nylon webbing, in an H harness style. It is fully adjustable for user preference, so you can carry it high or low on your torso. A lower fastex strap keeps the rig secure to your body, and from flopping around during high cardio events. The rear back strap doubles as a drag handle, should the worst case happen.

    Minimal side profile

    All in all, the Minimalist Chest Rig is very akin to the old school SKS or AK style Chicom rigs, though updated with modern materials and design. And that is in no way an insult. It has one purpose and does that purpose exceedingly well. It is easily concealable under a light jacket and comes in a color scheme to fit that. It is also at home in the woods in its Copperhead or Multicam variants.
    Either as a supplement to a belt kit or a stand-alone security item, this chest rig is absolutely dynamite. And at a price of $104-$112 USD, very hard to argue with. This is not only one of the best things I have ever bought, but I am also thinking of buying another one in a different color. It’s that good. This is one I strongly recommend while the lead time is still only 1 to 3 days because that will change as people catch on. Tell’em Clay sent you, and he needs the shotgun version for….. reasons.

    Available on GunsAmerica Now

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    Gadsden Dynamics Minimalist Assault Chest Rig (

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    G9 Woodsman 10mm Ammo Was Made to Shoot Polar Bears! Review

    by JAMES NASH on MAY 1, 2023
    Related Tags: 10mm, ammunition, G9 Woodsman, Hunt365, hunt365top2, hunting gear

    A worn game trail weaved between the rock outcroppings on the edge of the plateau and the flat where juniper and fir trees grew from the thicker soil. It had snowed enough two days earlier to wet the dust from summer and fall. I tried to find a distinguishable track and did– a splay-footed bull whose hooves had been worn down in the front more than most. I walked along a few feet to the side of the trail until I saw the track again, this time headed in the opposite direction. I continued into the timber until the trail I followed intersected another worn into the earth. Being careful not to walk on either of these I looked for and found a thick red fir tree and backed into it, hung my pack from a broken limb, and checked the wind for the 63rd time that evening. I drew my P320 XTEN 10 mm from my Eberlestock bino harness, did a quick brass check, and then quietly pushed the slide back into the battery.

    I waited for half an hour, listening and letting the woods settle down. When I started calling it was mellow, just a single cow call every five minutes or so, nothing too pleading or emotional. After the third set, a bull responded with an aggressive bugle from a couple hundred yards away. I drew my pistol and rested it on top of the bino harness. I could feel my heart hammering through the grip of the gun. The bull walked in slowly, a great mature 6×6, and not at all what I was looking for.[/COLOR]
    This may sound strange, but I get to hunt lots of mature bulls with my clients during archery season, so when I get the chance to hunt for myself I target bulls with a higher meat quality, which means younger animals. Very few honest hunters ever say they prefer the meat of old bulls to young ones.

    Three younger bulls followed the 6-point, including a big-bodied and small antlered five by five. The mature 6×6 had come in at around 30 yards for a few minutes then walked out to the 60-yard range, looking around for the cow he had heard. When the raghorn 5 point got too close to him he dropped his antlers and slammed into the younger bull broadside, hitting him in the neck and ribs with his fourth tines. The raghorn wheeled away and stopped at around 30-35 yards from me. I pushed the 10mm forward, tucked my chin, settled the sight, and pressed the trigger.
    The ammunition I used is made by a family-owned business in the Pacific Northwest called G9 Defense, and if not for the distinctive capabilities of this stuff, I wouldn’t consider trying to kill a 600lb animal with a 10mm. But this ammo doesn’t behave the way other pistol ammo does.

    The solid copper 145-grain bullet exited the muzzle of my pistol at 1,380 feet per second. The bullet impacted 1/3 of the way up from the bull’s chest, cut a 10mm sized hole through the hide, broke a rib, went through his right lung, the blood vessels above his heart, the left lung, another rib, and piled up against the skin on the far side. He ran 20 yards, abruptly laid down, and was dead in less than a minute’s time from the firing pin striking the primer. My heart beat so hard I wouldn’t be surprised if it caused a seismic event on the far side of the world.

    Available on GunsAmerica Now

    This bull weighed 600 lbs live, 347 lbs hanging, and was 4.5 years old (I sent his teeth into a lab to get him aged.)
    The origins of this projectile are interesting. Some years ago Joshua Mahnke, the owner of G9, received a phone call at 3 am from someone with a stiff accent asking for a pistol bullet to use against polar bears. That’s got all the makings of a prank call, and was regarded as such. But they called again during business hours and it seemed there was a legitimate need. The person calling was from a Scandinavian military unit that was required to operate in polar bear country, and during some of their missions, they were only able to bring pistols. They needed a 10mm bullet that could penetrate a polar bear’s skull. Mahnke went to work, starting with a glass-breaker design and ending up with the patented G9 Woodsman. Bear skulls have a geometry that makes penetration difficult for many pistol bullets. They tend to go under the skin, and then glide around the bone rather than penetrate.

    The geometry of the bullet promotes solid metal fluid transfer, while the hardness of the hard copper ensures the shape will be maintained while impacting bones and other hard tissues.
    The Woodsman is an outlier. When we think about 10mm bullets our brains tend to start at 180 grains and head North from there. I was skeptical, to put it mildly, about a 145gr bullet. The ballistic gel tests showed me something interesting. The Woodsman penetrates the same distance as a 200gr hard cast lead bullet, around 46 inches. There are a couple of significant differences though. The first is on the shooter’s end because there is 30% less felt recoil due to the projectile being significantly lighter and requiring lower pressure. If we are talking hunting or defense, follow-up shots need to be part of the conversation, and recoil slows that conversation down. Next, we have the trajectory, which is flat for all the distances I can shoot effectively. That means my hold at 20 yards and 50 yards is the same. I tend to start missing past 50 so that’s my limit for hunting, but it’s pretty fun to shoot steel at 100 and beyond with this ammo. Finally, we and the bullet arrive at the target, and this is where things get really interesting.

    Conventional hollow points cause damage by crushing or tearing the tissue which comes into contact with the bullet. When you start adding hair, hide, and bone these hollow points start to experience rates of failure above 40%. Hard cast lead and semi-wad cutters do the same thing except for an effect called “Solid Metal Fluid Transfer” or SMFT. These projectiles “cast off” fluids in the area around the bullet and cause damage in a radius around the path of the projectile that is related to the speed of the bullet and therefore the speed of the fluid it displaces. Picture water moving away from a boat as it travels through an area with lily pads– at low speeds the lilies brush along the hull of the boat, at high speeds the lilies are cast off to the side in the wake, and at extreme speeds, the lilies are torn from their stems.
    Fluids traveling at 140 feet per second destroy tissue. The G9 solid metal bullets “cast off” fluid at 30% greater than projectile velocity. This is sufficient to turn the liquid in organs and blood vessels into a compressive jet, destroying tissue in a large radius around the path of the projectile. All this to say that since the 145gr Woodsman is going fast, it creates a large wound channel and penetrates deeply. It is able to do this because copper is harder than hard-cast lead, because of the shape of the Woodsman, and because it’s going a hell of a lot faster than its 200gr cousin.

    Penetration is good with all these projectiles, but there is a serious difference in the wound channel. Why not have it all?
    A hard cast solid tends to create a wound channel about 25% larger than the bullet’s diameter, the Woodsman creates a wound channel as large as 2.5 inches. Additionally, it continues driving straight after hitting bone, and doesn’t require a change in shape in order to function like a hollow point. A decrease in velocity once it hits a target tends to be linear.

    Velocity reduction after hitting this beef bone decreased the radius of the “fluid cast off” but the bullet kept on trucking straight, which I appreciate because all of the animals I hunt have bones.
    When non-toxic ammo hit the streets my observations were that a better name for it would be “Less Lethal” because it just didn’t kill as well as what I was used to. I said then that I wouldn’t shoot the stuff until it became “More Lethal” and that’s exactly what has happened in the case of the G9 Woodsman 10mm. Is it the ideal elk cartridge? Hard no. Is it the most lethal option against large animals from a 10mm? Yes.
    As you shed winter, many hunters, nature walkers, turkey hunters, and other springtime enthusiasts hit the woods where bears are coming out of hibernation and cougars are feeling sassy. You might consider carrying ammunition that shoots flatter, hits harder, and kills quicker than anything else. This is the stuff.

    A box of G9 Woodsman will set you back $44 (quite a bit less than getting mauled by a polar bear) and G9 does a good job of keeping ammo available on their website HERE.

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