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    What is the latest on Ron Paul? The more I hear about Mitt Romney's illegal alien amnesty plans, the more I wish someone else had won the GOP Primary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeezil View Post
    Below is an excerpt from a very recent interview by the World News Daily posted on July 10. The full interview can be found at: ... E_ID=56526

    WND: Describe your perspective on the status of the U.S. border, security and the position of those who are in the United States illegally. What should the government's next step be?

    Ron Paul: There they have a responsibility. We shouldn't be sending our border guards to Iraq to train border guards in Iraq. I mean that's pretty hard to understand. The people don't understand it. Of course, I'd be bringing troops home so we'd have personnel and we'd have funds to use to beef up our borders, and that's one way you can pay for it. Today you have no way of paying for anything because we're in horrendous debt. So, we should stop the inflow, but I emphasize in a strong manner the idea of removing the benefits, no amnesty and changing the law so it's very clear there's no birthright citizenship and making sure there are no federal mandates on the states for free services, no free medicine, no free education, no bilingualism where we have to pay more money to teach kids in Spanish to illegal aliens to having food stamps and getting on our Social Security. You've got to get rid of the incentives and I think the whole process would change. Right now, there's a much greater move on for the New World Order which incorporates the North American Union. I don't think our current leaders in either the Republican Party or the Democrat Party care about borders any more, and I would be emphatic. Although the law was not changed in 2005, our president agreed with Mexico and Canada that they would work in that direction, that they would have a North American Union and I would make it very clear that that's not my intent, and yet I would still want to be friends with our neighbors and trade with our neighbors and be peaceful and not get involved in their internal affairs. I certainly would change this whole attitude about the obliteration of our borders and working toward a North American Union.

    Get back to giving the citizens and states actual rights rather than being controlled and forced by the guberment or we are doomed as a country regardless! This is not going to happen until we get some honest, ethical men in power.
    As Aristotle said, “Tolerance and apathy are the first virtue of a dying civilization.â€

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    Quote Originally Posted by ALIPAC View Post
    What is the latest on Ron Paul? The more I hear about Mitt Romney's illegal alien amnesty plans, the more I wish someone else had won the GOP Primary.


    Kind of late to worry about that now.

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