ALIPAC: Adios, Mr. Flake

An immigration reform activist is pleased that Senator Jeff Flake, who has been an advocate for open borders, has decided not to run for reelection next year.
Dr. Kelli Ward, who was to oppose Flake in the GOP primaries, accused the senator of being very weak when it comes to the border. Flake was a member of the "Gang of Eight," which led the effort to pass a massive Senate amnesty bill in 2013. William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, says Flake is part of the DC "swamp" that favors open borders.
"We want to kick out as many Democrats as possible," he tells OneNewsNow, "because almost every single Democrat supports amnesty for illegal immigrants, open borders, voting rights for illegals, that sort of thing.
"But we're also focusing in on the GOP primaries" he continues. "From what happened with Donald Trump's election, there's a clear power to the political wave going across America that wants to remove the status quo, to drain the swamp to change out these pro-amnesty Republicans."
ALIPAC endorsed Ward when she decided to take on Flake. Gheen explains the rationale behind that move.
"Dr. Kelli Ward supports America's existing border and immigration laws and opposes any form of amnesty that would further compromise our laws," he states. "So she is providing a direct contrast between Republicans like [Sen. John] McCain and Flake. She is promising Arizona and American voters in all states that she will represent our existing laws and help try to stop this open borders amnesty push coming out of Washington."
According to Gheen, other pro-amnesty GOP senators need to be primary challenged next year as well.