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Thread: Why I Want Ann Coulter to Run For President in 2020

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    Why I Want Ann Coulter to Run For President in 2020

    Why I Want Ann Coulter to Run For President in 2020

    ‘I believe Ann should announce a Presidential campaign because she would be our best bet to pressure Trump to stop breaking his campaign promises’

    William Gheen | - January 29, 2019
    Image Credits: Gage Skidmore / Flick

    William Gheen will be appearing live on the Alex Jones Show to discuss this article momentarily.

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    While there will be lots of angry Republicans who scan the title of this request and immediately bash my message and me as a messenger, I hope Americans who truly care about issues and the future of our nation will take pause and consider what I’m saying and why I am saying it.

    After listening to Ann Coulter’s latest statements on the Lars Larson Show, I believe Ann should announce a Presidential campaign because she would be our best bet to pressure Trump to stop breaking his campaign promises in the remainder of his term while at the same time giving a strong national voice to the millions of Trump voters like me who are dismayed at his reversals on key issues like immigration, border security, and Amnesty for illegals. If Coulter truly believes Trump’s failure to deliver on his Make America Great Again promises means the end of America, shouldn’t she run in a last-ditch effort to save our nation from the perils she perceives and describes?

    Unlike Trump, Coulter has a track record of many years worth of interviews, columns, and books about these issues. We have much more reason to believe she actually believes in these causes than Trump who merely plagerized his campaign stump speeches from real conservatives and then revealed himself as a turncoat once elected.

    Ann Coulter is widely known in America as a syndicated columnist, political pundit, frequent Fox News guest, and best selling book author, but today she is politically heartbroken and doing interviews about how she no longer trusts or has any confidence in President Donald Trump.

    Not only did Coulter support Trump, but Trump used her amazing book about illegal immigration Adios America to win the Presidency! It was Coulter’s book that shaped the top issues of the 2016 Presidential race and her grassroots common sense conservatism, alongside her sarcastic humor and wit, that made a Trump presidency possible!

    Her latest book, In Trump We Trust, was designed to support the Make America Great Again (MAGA) agenda that Trump promised during his campaign. But now due to numerous betrayals, lies, deceptions, and capitulations, the author of In Trump We Trust no longer trusts Trump. Coulter should ask her publisher to withdraw this latest book from circulation.

    Coulter no longer trusts Trump because he has broken most of his major promises to oppose illegal immigration and Amnesty for illegals. Trump eagerly caters to DACA Amnesty recipients and wants to cut deals with Democrats that hand the keys of America’s future elections over to the socialists permanently!

    It is better to hear Ann Coulter’s disappointment and concerns in her own words in this radio talk show interview with Lars Larson which aired on March 23, 2018. (LISTEN NOW)

    Coulter is right, millions of Trump voters are so disappointed they are unlikely to mobilize to the polls in the 2018 mid-term elections after being betrayed by Trump and their own party (Ryan, McConnell, McCain, Graham, Heller, etc.) on issues such as immigration, border security, Amnesty, spending, and debt levels.

    While many Trump supporters will initially react negatively to Ann Coulter entering the Presidential race, I believe their ire would settle and more would join her over time if she ran on a MAGA campaign platform. Simply put, she should take everything important Trump promised American voters, tell everyone that’s her campaign platform with one major difference–she really means it and will really do it!

    Ann Coulter is saying many important things already, but I want people to pay close attention to what she is saying about America becoming like South Africa soon. Coulter’s prediction is not just conjecture. Power groups and grassroots activists on the left have been saying in print for years now that America is their next South Africa. They are using immigration and illegal immigration to make Americans of European ancestry into a minority, and then they will tear down and transform the entire economic, political, and cultural system into a socialist/communist state just like what we currently see in South Africa under the control of the ANC (African National Congress). This means their objective is to eventually abolish the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, so keep that in mind as the leftists groups march for their goal of full gun confiscation in America similar to what has happened in Australia and England.

    If anyone has any doubts about how important this is, go to your favorite search engine and type in “South African Farm Murders” (WARNING VERY GRAHPIC) and click on images. You should also search out information about how the ANC just voted to seize all the privately owned lands from white South African farmers to be redistributed, while terror squads equipped with military grade weapons, night-vision goggles, and cell phone jammers raid farms at night to rape, torture, and murder entire white families. So please pay close attention to the warnings coming from American patriots like Ann Coulter.

    And that makes Ann Coulter the exact kind of American citizen and voter I want to support. That makes Coulter the true voice of American sovereignty and patriotism.

    America needs voices and leadership that are based on the issues and principles, not cults of personality, media and financial popularity contests, nor blind faith in a leader.

    Everyone knows that America is due to elect its first female President, and in 2016, Americans made it clear we do not want a socialist like Hillary Clinton to lay claim to that historical landmark in our Republic. Ann Coulter would make an excellent candidate who is willing to tell the truth as she sees it to the point of being abrasive.

    If that sounds scary or problematic for you, it is exactly what Trump did to win the GOP primary and general election against astronomical odds!

    The difference with Ann Coulter is that she has a history and record on these issues in her columns and books, whereas Trump had no history on these issues.

    Trump went around the country gathering campaign positions on immigration issues from groups, pundits, and leaders who have been fighting to stop illegal immigration for many years, but once elected he dropped those issues and quickly joined the DC swamp as if he had lived there all his life! Trump betrayed the conservative base, and most Republican voters who voted for Trump knew that was a big possibility because Bush betrayed the base too!

    Ann Coulter is pushing the name of Kris Kobach as a Presidential candidate, and we all owe Mr. Kobach our unending thanks, appreciation, and support for his decades-long fight against illegal immigration.

    However, Mr. Kobach does not have the name recognition Ann Coulter has. He is also another white male candidate at a time when a female President is due in America. I believe Kris Kobach would make an excellent running mate and Vice President for Ann Coulter.

    We need Ann Coulter to announce she is running for President in 2020, although I know she is a very reluctant candidate who does not want to take on this responsibility, pressure, and abuse, because the only hope America has for survival now is someone who is as informed, articulate, and brutally honest as Ann Coulter.

    Most importantly, if Coulter announces she will challenge Trump or anyone else in the GOP primary for President in 2020, she immediately becomes a focal point, lightning rod, and national spokesperson for all of us who are not Democrat socialists who are very disappointed with Trump!

    Ann Coulter is in a position where one press conference announcing her run for President would suddenly give form, structure, and tangible punch to the millions of Trump voters who are getting majorly screwed right now!

    President Trump might even improve his behavior and actions as President; he might even drop his support for DACA, Dream Act, and Immigration Reform Amnesty for illegal aliens knowing that people will be checking boxes on ballots between Trump and Coulter in about 22 months!

    Ann Coulter would be a much superior choice for the first female President in American history instead of Hillary, Feinstein, Janet Napolitano, Elizabeth Warren, or Kamala Harris!

    If the GOP allows the Democrats to be the ones to elect both the first black and the first female Presidents of the United States, they’re doomed anyway.

    Ann Coulter as a Presidential candidate would give voice to millions of disaffected Trump voters on a national platform who currently feel trapped between socialist Democrats and RINO Republicans like Ryan, McConnell, McCain, and Graham who act like socialist Democrats.

    Ann Coulter could run on Trump’s MAGA platform and make the main campaign issue that she is the candidate running on Trump’s issues who really means what she says and can be counted on to work towards these goals if elected. She could take the reigns of the MAGA movement and, instead of letting it fall into the dust in dismay of Trump’s betrayals, the movement to save America could be reinvigorated and take a new shape and form behind a new candidate!

    Ann Coulter’s Presidential campaign could pressure Trump to return to his campaign promises by providing America with a steady contrast between what Trump promised and what he is actually doing in the White House.

    Ann Coulter, as an active candidate for President, would give GOP primary challengers another option to turn to for endorsement and support, instead of Trump who keeps stepping in to endorse the RINO DC establishment picks like Luther Strange in Alabama, Speaker Paul Ryan, and Gang of Eight Amnesty backers like Senators John McCain and Dean Heller!

    And finally, Ann Coulter running for President would have an almost archetypal American justice story appeal. She fervently and wholeheartedly supported Trump because of the issues he promised to deliver on, and after being heartbroken and betrayed on issues of national survival, Coulter launches a last-ditch effort to save the country by running for President to bring Trump home from public office!

    America elected Trump because we wanted something different happening in DC. We wanted someone the media hated who would go to DC and shake up the politicians in the DC Swamp. And while the media hates Trump, he jumped into the DC Swamp like it was a hot tub at Mar-a-Lago!

    Ann Coulter is one of the few people in America that Americans could trust on conservative issues, that has the name recognition and demographic appeal to be a serious challenger candidate, who could reign in or counterbalance Trump’s abuses of his campaign promises and base, and who could shake up the DC and media establishment even more than Trump did!

    Sure, Ann Coulter would have to endure more scrutiny, attacks, and abuse than ever before but she has shown America time and time again that her conservative principles and the truth are more important to her, and she can turn the withering fire aimed at her into grassroots support just as Trump did.
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