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    12 Hour Countdown: The stakes are high

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    Only 12 hours remain until tonight's Midnight funds deadline, and at the time of this e-mail, $2,400 of matching funds go unclaimed! We must have an immediate and substantial response in these final hours from you!

    Should we fail in our mission, the impact on America, you, and your descendants will be very dire (SEE BELOW). Hillary Clinton and George Soros will make sure nobody ever stands up to their faction again!

    "My help for ALIPAC's fight against illegal immigration & amnesty is on the way now with a donation to be doubled of $25, $50, $100, $250, or more...."

    Donate by cell phone

    Donate by Desktop

    If we fail in our mission to raise enough funds by Midnight to fuel this national organization that has played such an influential role in the 2016 elections, it could make the difference in the outcome on Nov 8. We want to direct everything we have into defeating Hillary Clinton and her plan to pass amnesty, with full voting rights, for 20 million illegals in her first 100 days.

    Now that Donald Trump owns the illegal immigration issue (whether any of us like that or not), his success or failure will decide the fate of the nation. If he wins, we have a chance at securing our borders, stopping amnesty, deporting illegal aliens, and securing our elections from future exploitation by illegal aliens and their supporters!

    If Trump loses, no matter what the cause may be, our George Soros backed enemies will proclaim it was because of his embrace of border security issues. This will deter any future candidates from taking up the cause of immigration law enforcement! This will end our peaceful and political efforts to restore our Republic!

    The resulting surge in illegal aliens and Muslim refugees brought in by Soros groups and Hillary Clinton will be enough to take US elections out of our hands forever leaving no political resolution to the increased displacement and slaughter of US citizens. The death toll of Americans will never be counted and those responsible will never be held accountable.

    We hope that all of you realize that this issue is so much more important than what Donald Trump said on a bus 11 years ago and so much more important than the biased polls and media telling you "you can't win" ... "Trump is losing" ... "resistance is futile" !

    These propaganda broadcasts have neutralized many Americans already which is their intended purpose! Are you among the casualties already?

    ALIPAC has already missed many major battles and opportunities to influence the race in your favor because we have been paralyzed by fund-raising and a lack of funds!

    If you decide to sit there motionless and not join with the thousands of other American patriots that have donated to ALIPAC in 2016 to try to save America and you, then remember this message. Remember this warning.

    Every major media and Internet company in America is trying to stop this message from reaching you! These mega wealth corporations are trying to influence your positions and perceptions to get you to NOT DONATE and NOT TAKE ACTION WITH ALIPAC! They don't want you to support Donald Trump, ALIPAC, or anyone who would stand up to their plan to submerge the current American population with unending waves of "refugees" or legal and illegal immigration!

    Have you surrendered already? Are you already beaten and defeated?

    Or will you Stand With ALIPAC Against the costly and deadly illegal alien invasion and overthrow of America?

    Stand with us now by donating...

    Donate by cell phone

    Donate by Desktop

    If there is anyone reading this who does not believe or understand this warning, please email me at or call me toll-free at (866) 703-0864 so I may provide you with the documentation you need before it is too late for you to act to save ALIPAC, save America, and save yourself!

    William Gheen
    President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

    PS: Please donate to by Midnight tonight. The vote, job, or life you save from illegal immigrants could be your own.

    Donate by cell phone

    Donate by Desktop
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