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    14 Democrat Senators up for Reelection in 2022 who support Amnesty dirty tricks!

    The American electorate overwhelmingly opposes Amnesty for illegal aliens according to numerous scientific and certified polls (View) and as seen from the public backlash that has shut down Amnesty legislation in DC repeatedly since 2004!

    Now the Democrats in Congress have been caught trying to break the Senate rules to overcome the filibuster and pass Amnesty for millions of illegal aliens via dirty tricks!

    ALIPAC plans to encourage activists nationwide to warn these Democrat Senators up for reelection in 2022 against continued efforts to "cheat Amnesty for illegals into law" and then to take steps to raise public awareness of problems with the Democrat incumbents in the states of...

    Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Hassan

    Below is a list of the 14 Democrat Senators up for reelection in 2022, and the top 4 are the ones most likely to have their reelection chances scuttled by this unpopular Amnesty being pushed using even more disgusting and unpopular dirty procedural tricks in the Senate!

    • Raphael Warnock (Georgia)* (202) 224-3643
    • Mark Kelly (Arizona)* (202) 224-2235
    • Catherine Cortez Masto (Nevada)* (202) 224-3542
    • Maggie Hassan (New Hampshire)* (202) 224-3324
    • Michael Bennet (Colorado)
    • Richard Blumenthal (Connecticut)
    • Tammy Duckworth (Illinois)
    • Patrick Leahy (Vermont)
    • Patty Murray (Washington)
    • Alex Padilla (California)
    • Brian Schatz (Hawaii)
    • Chuck Schumer (New York)
    • Chris Van Hollen (Maryland)
    • Ron Wyden (Oregon)

    *4 Incumbent Democrat Senators Vulnerable to GOP challengers in 2022

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