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    ALIPAC Calls for Resignation of DHS Chief John Kelly For Unlawful Amnesty of illegals

    ALIPAC Calls for Resignation of DHS Chief John Kelly For Unlawful Amnesty of illegals

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    June 8, 2017

    Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC | | (919) 787-6009

    Responding to the news that Department of Homeland Security Chief John Kelly is flagrantly refusing to enforce America's existing immigration laws against illegal aliens who were granted unconstitutional Executive Amnesty under Obama, ALIPAC is calling for Kelly's resignation or firing.

    Yesterday, John Kelly stated in the Washington Times that his agency was granting amnesty to specific categories of illegal aliens covered by Obama and Trump's DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) Amnesty orders although Congress nor the American public have authorized any such protections and amnesty.

    "Meet the new boss! Same as the old boss!" exclaimed ALIPAC President William Gheen. "John Kelly is telling Congress and the American people what our laws and policies will be instead of the other way around! The American public was promised change and a voice by Donald Trump but now we see that the United States continues to operate under some form of law not originating from Congress, elections, or we the people! As Americans, we are not to be subjected to policies that are the personal political goals of Presidents nor bureaucrats like John Kelly! Therefore, we call on John Kelly to resign his post and for Americans to call on Congress to reject Kelly's calls for them to pass Amnesty for illegal aliens and instead terminate his employment and all funding for DHS because all that agency has done since its formation is promote illegal immigration into the United States."

    President Trump's decision to continue giving amnesty to most illegal aliens as his predecessor Obama had done in violation of numerous existing US immigration laws and the most basic tenants of the US Constitution is creating great dismay and disappointment among those who donated to, volunteered for, and voted for President Trump.

    Trump promised to end Obama's unlawful immigration orders on his first day in office. After 106 days of continuing the DACA program, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC was forced to withdraw the organization's endorsement of Trump on May 2, 2017.

    While Donald Trump promised American citizens strong changes on the issues of illegal immigration, closer inspection of his current policies indicates he has the same plans as Obama.

    ALIPAC is preparing activists across the nation to fight legislative Amnesty in Washington, DC, once again since several new Amnesty bills have already been filed by bill sponsors claiming they are working with the White House on the legislation.

    President Trump is also facing criticism from ALIPAC for hiring large numbers of pro illegal alien amnesty backers to his administration while leaving border hawks, who endorsed him and gave his tough talk on illegal immigration credibility, out in the cold like Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

    ALIPAC played a decisive role in defeating legislative Amnesty in 2006, 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2014 and the group's activists have successfully fought and defeated state level legislation designed to give illegal aliens sanctuary, in-state tuition, and driver licenses in more than 25 states!

    Concerned citizens are being asked to call the White House at (202-456-1414), the Department of Homeland Security at (202-282-8495, Attorney Jeff Sessions (202-353-1555) who should instruct Kelly to enforce our laws at , and their members of Congress (CONTACT LIST) to demand the resignation or firing of DHS Chief John Kelly for his violation of his oath of office to uphold the US Constitution and the laws derived by our Congress and elections.

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    Trump is stabbing his voters in the back by not taking care of amnesty for illegal aliens! Many of the people who supported him were drawn to him by his stand against illegal aliens and now he is kicking them to the curb and betraying this on this critical issue. I am very disappointed. He has stood his ground on so many issues, why not THIS one?!
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