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    ALIPAC Calls on Trump To Hire Joe Arpaio To Help Secure America's Borders

    ALIPAC Calls on Trump To Hire Joe Arpaio To Help Secure America's Borders

    May 24, 2017

    Contact: | | (919) 787-6009

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is calling on President Trump to appoint legendary Sheriff Joe Arpaio to aid in securing the southern border areas since Arpaio has been left out in the cold after wounding his own campaign by endorsing Trump early in the GOP primary.

    The New York Times has just gleefully reported about how Sheriff Joe Arpaio has plenty of free time now he has been deposed from office last November. (Read Article) Once considered America's "Toughest Sheriff," Joe Arpaio helped lead the local and national fight against illegal immigration for more than a decade before Trump's arrival on the issue.

    Americans that agree Trump should hire Arpaio to help secure the border are being asked to bombard the White House with calls at (202-456-1414) and saturate Trump's social media pages on Twitter @realDonaldTrump and Facebook (Here)

    Social media comments in support of this idea are being labeled with the hashtag #HireJoe

    "Joe Arpaio lost his race in 2016 because the Obama administration's judge hit him with contempt charges just a few weeks before election day and Sheriff Arpaio fractured his own base endorsing Trump early in the GOP primary," said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "We know from our experience endorsing Trump in February of 2016 that Arpaio alienated his GOP voters that supported other campaigns and those sympathetic to the 'Never Trump' faction. ALIPAC experienced lost supporters when we endorsed Trump, and so did Arpaio. His endorsement of Trump may well have cost him his race, and it is outlandish that Trump would leave such a tried and true illegal immigration fighter like Arpaio out in the cold like this!"

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio recently suggested that his ability to create affordable inmate housing using tents would serve the nation in response to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ tough memo ordering federal prosecutors to apprehend illegal immigrants and “charge and pursue the most serious, readily provable offense.” (View Article)

    ALIPAC believes that Sheriff Joe Arpaio serving on the Trump administration would add immigration enforcement credibility to Trump's image with immigration hardliners in the US and illegal aliens seeking to enter America through the drug cartel pipelines.

    "By placing Arpaio on the border Trump could send a signal to the world that attempting to illegally immigrate to the US will not be tolerated," said Gheen. "It would also go a long way to assure American voters he means to keep his tough promises on illegal immigration considering the fact he has kept Obama's DACA Amnesty in place and hired so many illegal alien Amnesty backers on his staff instead of tried and true illegal immigration fighters like Arpaio."

    ALIPAC applauded the Trump administration for the hiring of Kris Kobach to be Vice Chair of the new Elections Integrity Commission (View Release) seven days after ALIPAC made headlines dropped the national organization's endorsement of Trump citing his decision to continue supporting Obama's unConstittiona and dictatorial DACA Amnesty, hiring of numerous Amnesty supporters.

    Trump losing ALIPAC's endorsement made national headlines including the Drudge Report and specifically cited Trump snubbing true blue illegal immigration fighters and "anti-Amnesty figures such as Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, and author Ann Coulter have all been left in the cold." (View Release)

    ALIPAC still supports Trump supporters and Trump's promised agenda against illegal immigration, but the endorsement had to be dropped because ALIPAC has fought hard for many years to end Amnesty for illegals. ALIPAC is also glad to see the organization's efforts result in both the hiring of Kobach and the establishment of an elections integrity commission both of which ALIPAC has advocated for since 2016. ALIPAC is preparing a collection of evidence showing non-citizen voters are a problem to be presented to Kobach's committee. (View List)

    ALIPAC hopes this new public pressure and lobbying campaign by tens of thousands of activists the group has organized since 9/11 of 2004 will encourage President Donald Trump to do the right thing and hire retired Sheriff Joe Arpaio to help secure America's borders as he has fought to do for much of his career that was cut short after endorsing Trump.

    For more information about Sheriff Joe Arpaio, illegal immigration, problems caused by illegal immigrants, illegal alien and non-citizen voters, or to schedule interviews, please visit

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    Yes! But first, I would urge the US Justice Department and Attorney General Sessions to review the federal case against Sheriff Joe and drop the damn charges. It is outrageous that a patriot like Joe Arpaio who was doing his job to protect his county from the travesty of illegal immigration would have to spend money defending himself against an illegal Obama Legacy in federal court.



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