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Thread: Ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio Says 'Tent City' Needed at the Border After Sessions Memo

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    Ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio Says 'Tent City' Needed at the Border After Sessions Memo

    By Jade Scipioni Published May 12, 2017

    Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said Friday that Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ tough memo ordering federal prosecutors to “charge and pursue the most serious, readily provable offense” is needed to combat crime — especially with illegally immigrants. And the move, he says, may lead to a “tent city” near the border.

    “It’s about time. I agree with it because people will now be more reluctant to come over the border with the attorney general cracking down on crime,” Arpaio tells FOX Business.

    Arpaio, who infamously created an outdoor jail called Tent City in Arizona in 1993 as a symbol of his “tough on crime” stance, says even though the prison is being shut down by the new sheriff this year, the concept worked.

    “It saved a lot of money and I think we should set up tents at the border now too. We need to look at different ways to make prison space now because we shouldn’t worry about that when cracking down on criminals,” he says.

    Sessions sent a memorandum late Thursday to all 94 federal prosecutors with new department charging and sentencing polices, urging them to lay down the toughest laws possible for offenders.

    "This policy affirms our responsibility to enforce the law, is moral and just, and produces consistency. This policy fully utilizes the tools Congress has given us," Sessions said in the memo. "By definition, the most serious offenses are those that carry the most substantial guidelines sentence, including mandatory minimum sentences."

    These new polices are a direct rollback of the lenient stance established by former Attorney General Eric Holder under President Barack Obama, which Arpaio says helped create the drug epidemic that is currently happening in the U.S.

    “The majority of people that we’ve arrested have been illegal immigrants bringing drugs across the border. And, they just keep coming over, bringing more drugs,” Arpaio adds.

    Holder had previously asked prosecutors to avoid slapping nonviolent drug offenders with crimes that carried mandatory minimum sentences. His recommendation has been aimed partly at helping reduce burgeoning prison populations in the U.S.
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    Federal Tent City on Federal Land with a panel of Federal Judges.

    Fast track them ALL out of here...including the Visa overstays.

    All unaccompanied minor's should be handed over into the care and custody of THEIR President...let them set up daycare on their soil.

    Do not detain...turn them right back around and deport within 24 hours.
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    The reason Arpaio (contrary to what the horribly leftist slanted Phoenix New Times will tell you) was defeated last election was because of interference on our local politics here by an outsider funded PAC called Maricopa Strong. One of the chief contributors to this non-local PAC that wishes to alter the course of our local politics against our will here in AZ is none other than (yeah, that guy again!) George Soros. Check out this article in Politco:
    Soros spends $2 million to defeat Arpaio

    The spending is part of the billionaire’s nationwide push on criminal justice and immigration reform.
    George Soros has contributed $2 million to a group working to defeat Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona, the latest target of Soros’ big spending in local law enforcement campaigns over the past year.
    The Soros-funded PAC, Maricopa Strong, will file campaign finance documents Friday showing Soros’ multimillion dollar investment against Arpaio, along with $500,000 from Texas energy billionaires Laura and John Arnold and $250,000 from Laurene Powell Jobs (widow of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs). The group had previously reported a $300,000 donation from Soros, one of the Democratic Party’s biggest donors.

    Back in the day when I was a young kid I registered Democrat. And when I got older I never formally changed that even as I got wiser and gravitated towards a very conservative political leaning. But last year, right before the Presidential election, I had a knock on my door. And I was shocked to find that it was a Democrat 'community organizer' type that just wanted to remind me to remember to vote. So I did vote (for Trump of course) and a few days after the election I got a letter from Maricopa Strong thanking me for voting! (I still have that letter actually. I'm thinking about scanning/uploading it soon)
    The Democrats poured oceans of PAC cash into the election here in AZ to elect Hillary and defeat Arpaio. They really, really mobilized very hard to push their agenda; even going as far as canvassing local neighborhoods.
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    ALIPAC Calls on Trump To Hire Joe Arpaio To Help Secure America's Borders
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