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Thread: ALIPAC's Plan To Stop Destructive Immigration Bills in DC for 2019

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    ALIPAC's Plan To Stop Destructive Immigration Bills in DC for 2019

    Please (Contribute Here) then share this request by email and on (FACEBOOK HERE) .. (ALIPAC HERE) .. (TWITTER HERE) .. (GAB HERE)

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    Together we have pushed back on DC politicians hard enough and loud enough to delay their plans to have a minority of GOP lawmakers join the terrible Democrats to pass Amnesty for illegal aliens and more green cards for India and China!

    It was a very hard-fought battle, but now the 2020 election cycle is starting to dominate the thoughts and strategies of the GOP incumbents who fear angering their base voters more and more each day.

    But we are not out of the woods yet! We have six weeks for America's only Political Action Committee (PAC) fighting for the American public on immigration issues to make sure these issues saturate the campaign cycle and districts!

    ALIPAC needs to come out strong early next week with our 2020 campaign and elections operations which will specifically aim to wreck the Democrat, and RINO Republican-backed Amnesty and green card legislation that has passed the US House!

    Please remember that Trump has signaled a willingness to sign some of these laws through his comments on Telemundo (View) and his deployment of life-long Democrat Jared Kushner on this legislation and the Democrats have more than enough RINO sellouts in the US Senate to pass all of these bills!

    ALIPAC needs your help right away to fund our operations through August and to come out strong next week the launch of our campaign endorsements efforts. Please help us fund this new phase of our efforts to stop Amnesty 2019 with a gift of $10, $25, $50, $100 or more via mail or our secure online portal at...

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    Push back on TPS too!

    No more is not "temporary", they never leave! This is back door amnesty for hundreds of thousands of people.

    We want these programs terminated.

    Trump needs to also keep his promise to put these "refugees" in Safe Zones back home on their soil. Let the Saudi's fund them building new villages and reunite them all there. They cannot stay here forever.

    There is violence, murder, gangs, drugs, overbreeding, crime and turmoil all over this planet! We now have it all over this country in our own backyards. We are not the solution to the worlds problems, we are not the dumping ground for the worlds people, and we are not their ATM machine.

    This massive foreign invasion of both legal and illegal migration needs to stop. Put a pause on all of it. We cannot support millions upon millions of people coming here under hundreds of programs and the ones flooding across our border.

    We have a Nation that needs healing, we have our own cities falling apart and rife with crime. We need a break!

    We are 22 trillion in debt and growing.
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