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    Amnesty vote 2:15 Tuesday: Make these calls or be buried forevermore

    The illegal alien amnesty supporters are within 1-2 votes of having the 60 votes they need to pass the first hurdle for Amnesty, and that vote is scheduled to take place at 2:15pm Eastern Time tomorrow, Tuesday, June 11.

    If S. 744 passes into law, you can expect more than 50 million new people to enter America within the first 10 years at a cost of more than 6 Trillion, no hope of future border or immigration law enforcement, and perpetual rampant illegal immigration with heavy new concentrations coming in from China and the Middle East. You and your descendants will be literally buried in unending waves of people from around the globe as the controlled demolition of America becomes politically unstoppable.

    If you need to educate yourself or others on the nation destroying negative consequences of passage of S. 744 or you need to envision the future it will destroy, then please review the information we have for you at..

    We can still win this battle against Amnesty 2013 in the House or Senate, and we can even win in the Senate if enough of you will fight against your own destruction by PICKING UP YOUR PHONES NOW AND MAKING AS MANY CALLS AS POSSIBLE WITH THOSE OF US WHO ARE FIGHTING WITH ALL WE HAVE!

    Step 1: (5 minutes of your time) If you only make 1 Call today, Call minority leader Senator Mitch McConnell at (202) 224-2541 to tell him "Filibuster and vote no on Cloture for Obama's illegal alien amnesty bill S. 744! Legalizing illegal immigrants will make enforcement of many laws in America, including our border and immigration laws, impossible! No promises of future enforcement are acceptable; these are lies that nobody outside of Washington believes! Filibuster S. 744! No on Cloture for S. 744. American voters will remember who votes for Cloture on this bill."

    Step 2: (15 minutes of your time) If you can make more calls proceed to target the 6 GOP sellouts who are supporting Obama's illegal alien amnesty bill to tell them you will remember their treachery and you will work to remove them from office.

    Call GOP Senators supporting S. 744

    Rand Paul (202) 224-4343

    Kelly Ayotte (202) 224-3324

    Marco Rubio (202) 224-3041

    John McCain (202) 224-2235

    Lindsey Graham (202) 224-5972

    Jeff Flake (202) 224-4521

    Orrin Hatch (202) 224-5251

    Step 3 (1 hour of your time):

    Call all of the "Class 2 / Class II" Senators to complain about S. 744. These are the ones who are up for reelection in 2014! Speak with one resolute voice and tell their staff and leave voice-mails:

    "I am calling to ask Senator ______ to filibuster and vote No On Cloture on Obama's illegal alien amnesty bill S. 744 that will bring tens of millions of new people into America, give Amnesty to illegal aliens, cost over 6 trillion dollars, and destroy our ability to ever stop illegal immigration or secure our borders! Any senator who votes for Cloture on S. 744 will be thrown out of office in 2014!"

    Contact list for full Senate with Class 2 identified--

    Step 4 (More than one hour of your time to save America and yourselves):

    Call all of the US Senate to fervently oppose Amnesty bill S. 744. Call the entire list of Senators to say:

    "I want Senator ______ to filibuster and vote No on Cloture No on Amnesty bill S. 744! S. 744 will further harm American workers, students, taxpayers, and voters, and will make illegal immigration permanent and unstoppable!"

    Contact list for full senate--

    REMEMBER TO CALL, CALL, CALL as much as you can and as FAST as you can! The illegal aliens have paid workers and phone banks and many new networks calling against you to try to pass S. 744.


    Step 5: If you have made your calls as a volunteer and you want to help ALIPAC rally more people to help us with calls, please sign and circulate our online petition at

    If you want ALIPAC to be able to fight this Amnesty bill full force or do the extra things we could afford to do when we defeated the bill in 2006, 2007, and 2010, please make an immediate donation at

    WARNING: Our funds levels are currently too low for us to consider doing some of the extra activities with robotic calls and paid ads we have used before to defeat Amnesty. If you would like to restore ALIPAC's funding levels to our prior support levels we had when we killed Amnesty bills for you before, please donate to aid our efforts at

    If you have suggestions or questions, feedback, etc... our top online activists stand ready to assist you 24/7 at this link....

    Get on the phones and fight Amnesty while you still have time! Flood the US Senate with angry calls asking for No Votes on Cloture for Obama's Amnesty bill S. 744 tomorrow at 2:15pm Eastern!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
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    Urgent Action
    CALIFORNIA: Phone your Senators to vote NO on 'Motion to Proceed' on S. 744 amnesty bill Tuesday
    Senator Boxer and Senator Feinstein 888-978-3094

    Simply ask for the Senator's office. You will find specific talking points for each Senator below.
    The Senate is scheduled to vote Tuesday at 2:15 p.m. (Eastern) on a Motion to Proceed to Debate on S. 744. This is our first opportunity to kill this amnesty/immigration increase bill so it is critically important that you call your Senators now.
    If the motion passes on Tuesday, it will allow the bill to move forward to the amendment process. Unfortunately, it would be nearly impossible to amend S. 744 into a good bill so it's important you convince your Senators not to bring it to the floor.
    Calling is easy. Simply dial the numbers we have provided for your Senators and when a staffer answers say something like:
    "I'm calling about the S. 744 amnesty bill. My name is ______. I am calling from (name of your town) and I'm asking the Senator to vote NO on the Motion to Proceed."
    You can just say thank you and hang up.

    Don't reward the criminal actions of millions of illegal aliens by giving them citizenship.

    Sign in and post comments here.

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    McCain's is full.

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    The young gentleman answering phones at Rand Paul's office sounded thoughtful and understanding. When I explained our concerns I could tell that he understood we were correct in our positions.

    The young lady that answered the phones at Senator Kelly Ayotte offices sounds like a robot, spouted out some nonsense about the bill cracking down on illegal immigration. When I questioned the bill with anything logical she was completely robotic in her answers, reading from a script, and made it clear whe had no interest in thought or discussion. It was pathetic! Try it to see what I mean.

    No answer at Senator Mitch McConnells offices yet!

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    I called Sen. Durbin, the staffer was very polite but sounded like he heard my message many many times today.
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    Will continue to make calls against the amnesty bill.

    i am calling the district offices. Some mailboxes are full.
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    Matthew 19:26
    But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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    Lets keep calling and KEEP THE PRESSURE ON!!!!Stopping this is incredibly important to our country's survival!

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    Everyone please continue to call your senators today! Let's shut down the switchboard

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