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    Call DC Now To Oppose Lame Duck Amnesty Plans for Illegals

    Red Alert all organized activists!

    The illegal immigration supporting groups were already on the ground in DC to push for Amnesty legislation before the votes were even counted in the mid-term elections.

    The US Senate returns today where the invasion faction knows they have to have 10 GOP Senators vote YES on Cloture for an Amnesty bill to cross the 60 votes they need to destroy what was once America permanently.

    And the terrifying news is that there are more than ten sellout RINO Republicans who will vote for Amnesty unless there is a massive groundswell of activism opposing the Amnesty.

    Today we begin!

    Step 1 (Calls): Pick up the nearest phone and start calling every GOP Senate office in DC and if you complete them all, start calling their district offices to confront them with...

    "I'm calling to ask if Republican Senator _________ is one of the Senators willing to give Biden, Schumer, and Pelosi the Amnesty they want for tens of millions of illegal alien invaders during the lame duck session of 2022? Will Senator ______ vote for Cloture on the Democrat Amnesty bill?"

    US Senate Contact Numbers & Addresses

    (ALIPAC activist strategies use questions to get the point across and have been one of the critical elements in our defeat of 8 Amnesty bills since 2004. Remember, as you call, that the illegals have paid call banks working against your efforts.)

    Step 2 (Write): Our most powerful tool is phone calls, but they become more potent when followed up with a written version of your distinct but brief message. Send as many letters, faxes, emails, or web form contacts as possible to all GOP Senators to reinforce your calls with WRITTEN MESSAGES. (Senate Address Included HERE)

    Step 3 (Social Media): While social media is the least effective and most censored and biased form of activism, we still should not neglect this front.

    ALIPAC has arranged more than 18 social media options to make things easy for you to use by commenting, liking, and sharing this effort and our opposition to Amnesty messaging.

    Search out every GOP Senator you can on Facebook and Twitter and send them your message via DMs and open posts!

    ALIPAC on Facebook

    ALIPAC on Twitter

    ALIPAC on 15 other Social Media Options for your activism.

    Let's roll ALIPAC activists!

    William Gheen and the ALIPAC Team

    PS: Please help fuel our efforts to stop nation-destroying Amnesty 2022 by contributing $10 or more via...
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