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    Congress should remove Mayorkas, Harris, & Biden to restore borders & Constituion

    Congress should remove Mayorkas, Harris, & Biden to restore borders & Constitution

    Activists call on Congress to Take Control of Agencies

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    For National Release | April 3, 2023

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC ( supporters from all 50 states are calling on members of Congress to impeach and remove DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Vice President Kamala Harris, and President Joe Biden from their positions of power to restore Constitutional governance to federal agencies and the American public.

    In response to the Biden-Harris-Mayorkas border invasion crisis, where Democrats have ordered US Border patrol to assist the importation of invader criminals, ALIPAC is asking Congress to exercise its Constitutional duty to protect American elections, property, and lives.

    Numerous federal agencies, such as DHS, FBI, DOJ, IRS, etc... are being documented acting against the American citizenry and Constitution, and Congress could restore the American Republic by placing the Speaker of the House in charge of renegade Executive agencies.

    "We call on our elected officials to go beyond hearings and investigations and take immediate direct action to shut down the federal government's importation of illegal alien Democrat voters and the felons among them," said William Gheen, spokesman for ALIPAC. "The time for talking is over. It is time for Congress to act or admit that it is a vestigial body as useless and impotent as our borders. Congress should assume control of all failing and politicized federal agencies immediately."

    ALIPAC activists are calling and writing Congress (Contact Info Here) with this demand in response to the clash between ALIPAC-endorsed US Senator Ted Cruz and disgraceful Biden-appointed DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas (VIEW VIDEO HERE)

    The unprecedented numbers of illegal aliens being enticed and escorted into America with US tax dollars, resources, and employees are expected to illegally register and vote in US elections for Democrats due to a lack of safeguards and faltering elections integrity. (View Documentation Here)

    After Mayorkas lied to Congress, claiming his DHS has maintained control of the border, 1000+ illegal alien invaders rushed the port-of-entry at the Paso Del Norte Bridge. (CBP) officers rapidly closed the bridge with Jersey barriers and razor wire. However, the news footage of the event doesn't scream "an administration in control of the border." It looks more like General Santa Ana's army storming the Alamo, reports Matt O'Brien of American Thinker. (Source)

    ALIPAC activists are asked to step up the pressure on Congress this week in response to concerns that the GOP lawmakers are not going to do anything of note to give any actual relief to American citizens from the flooding of America with illegal immigrants and the gangsters and terrorists among them.

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