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Thread: Illegal alien smear group targets William Gheen of ALIPAC as top threat!

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    Illegal alien smear group targets William Gheen of ALIPAC as top threat!

    ALIPAC Supporters,

    We have great news to report! The radical far left group "People for American Way" (PFAW) has ALIPAC's President William Gheen as one of the top individual threats to their plans to continue illegal immigration by giving amnesty to millions of illegals!

    In PFAW's latest fiction release and smear campaign called "Citizenship in the Balance: How Anti-Immigrant Activists Twist the Facts, Ignore History, and Flout the Constitution," this George Soros backed illegal immigration group cited four individuals as the top threats to "immigration reform" amnesty!

    PFAW is a George Soros funded group headed up by Michael Keegan who is also the President of Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) and writes regularly for the pro illegal immigration publication Huffington Post! Of note, actor Alec Baldwin serves as a board member of this illegal immigration supporting organization!

    PFAW's social media supporters have become notorious for making death threats against many of the conservatives PFAW targets with their defamation.

    Recipients of PFAW's ire are William Gheen of, Kansas Secretary of State and author of Arizona's immigration bill SB 1070 Kris Kobach, former Congressman Tom Tancredo, and President of Center for Immigration Studies Mark Krikorian!

    In response, William Gheen is releasing the following statement...

    "I want to thank PFAW for affirming my notable role in fighting, slowing, and hindering their nationally destructive amnesty agenda! They hover and hang on every word I say online and on every talk show I do because they know our ALIPAC organization is where the messages and strategies that confound their invasion plans are found! After ten years of service to the fight against illegal immigration and amnesty, I accept the ire of Soros's PFAW and wear it as a badge of honor. I know they hate me deeply because of how often and how intensely they lie about me and what I have to say. I know they would not do that unless I was being effective against their agenda. It is also an honor for me to be listed next to Tancredo, Kobach, and Krikorian on their political hit list!" -- William Gheen, President of, November 18.

    PFAW also blamed the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI), FAIR, Center for Immigration Studies, NumbersUSA, and State Legislators for Legal Immigration run by Daryl Metcalf, for stopping amnesty from passing before now!

    As part of their latest smear campaign, PFAW posted this highly erroneous claim about William Gheen...

    William Gheen is the founder of Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee (ALI-PAC), which endorses and funds candidates for office who support a hard line stance against immigration reform. ALI-PAC even asks candidates to pledge to support “impeachment if necessary, to ensure the Executive Branch starts to enforce our existing border and immigration laws.” Gheen believes that President Obama is “committing a form of Treason against the American public” and said that “illegal aliens and their supporters are the Nazis.” He also blamed undocumented immigrants for rape, murder, and diseases like HIV and hepatitis, and claimed that “illegal aliens in this country have set up ethnic cleansing zones, ethnic cleansing zones where if you walk past the wrong sign post, the invisible line, you’re under the threat of death.” But Gheen’s conspiracy theories don’t end there: he accused immigrants of “stealing train spikes;” blamed the movie “Machete” for crime in Los Angeles; and told Religious Right leader David Barton that the Department of Homeland Security has an “agenda of replacing many core Americans and American values and our jobs and our schools and everything else.” Gheen, who thinks the Census should be used to round up and deport immigrants, has demanded that California put former gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman on trial for hiring an undocumented housekeeper.

    It is true that William Gheen and ALIPAC support candidates who oppose amnesty and illegal immigration. It is also true we ask candidates and lawmakers to consider impeaching Obama and Biden to put the Speaker of the House in charge of executing American laws to protect American jobs and lives until Constitutional governance can be restored for America.

    It is also true that William Gheen considers Obama's refusal to enforce America's existing border and immigration laws to be a form of Treason since the US Constitution requires the President to enforce the laws and protect all states from invasion. William also considers it treason because of the tens of thousands of Americans, including many children, who are being assaulted, raped, and killed by illegal aliens each year due to Presidential inaction.

    It is true that illegal aliens are creating ethnic cleansing zones in America!

    It is not William Gheen's "Conspiracy Theory" that illegal aliens and the Mexican mafia are setting up ethnic cleansing zones in America where walking across the wrong invisible line can get you killed in places like Los Angeles. This is William Gheen reporting facts as established by activists on the ground in California as well as information found in the Los Angeles Times and in court records! Just ask the grieving family of 14 year old Cheryl Green who was assassinated by a Latino gang for crossing an invisible line into an ethnic cleansing zone set up by the Mexican Mafia.

    And the halfwits over at PFAW really should do a little more research on their own because even the US Justice Department and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), both of which support PFAW's immigration agenda, agree with William Gheen and confirm that ethnic cleansing zones have been created in America by the Mexican mafia! If PFAW wants to complete their denial of the American holocaust, they should accuse the LA Times, California court system, US Department Justice, and the SPLC of spreading the same "conspiracy theory" as William Gheen!

    PFAW should be ashamed of themselves for supporting the racist mass murder of American citizens by illegal alien and drug importing Mexican gangs! By attacking Americans trying to stop these injustices and by denying these injustices exist, PFAW becomes an accessory to the crimes and the criminal syndicates conducting these racist terror campaigns on US soil! <<----

    It is true Illegal Aliens have been caught stealing iron railway spikes from passenger train rail systems!

    While PFAW would like Americans to falsely believe that William Gheen's reports of the news about illegal aliens being caught stealing railway spikes and other strategic metals are just paranoid delusions and "conspiracy theories." The actual news articles from across America confirm that this is happening.

    Thanks to the massive archives of information at we can provide you with links to articles like these that expose PFAW as being an unreliable source of information... and plain liars.

    It is true that William Gheen fully believes that the Obama administration and Department of Homeland Security are part of a well financed plan to displace and replace as many Americans as possible in our jobs, homes, and elections with illegal immigrants.

    It is true that William Gheen agrees with the majority of Congress that voted to make it a crime to hire illegal aliens and made that crime punishable by fines and imprisonment. William Gheen believes those laws should apply to Meg Whitman, her illegal alien housekeeper, and all others in America as William Gheen believes in equal application of the law for all.

    It is true that William Gheen is concerned that movies glorifying ethnic violence against Americans like "Machete" and "Django," as well as other media biases, could be responsible for the increasing number of minority mob attacks on white American citizens that are demonized and defamed in such propagandized depictions.

    ALIPAC is adding PFAW, Michael Keegan, and Alec Baldwin to the master list of illegal immigration and amnesty supporters that should be held accountable by the American public for all of the thefts, assaults, and deaths that occur due to the illegal immigration invasion they support!

    See whole list at...

    If you share any of William Gheen's concerns or would like more information please visit and sign up for free email alerts from those that are listed as the top activists fighting against illegal immigration in America!

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