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Thread: Illegals go home

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    Illegals go home

    For many years now, ALIPAC has crafted slogans and talking points to help express our positions against illegal immigration. "Illegals go home" is language we added to the debate more than 7 years ago in our writings, releases, public speeches, and we have even led crowds chanting this slogan at protests.

    Today, something amazing has happened that has never happened before in the 11 year history of the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC organization. We are encouraged to hear a candidate for President make a statement so similar to our slogan.

    Donald Trump just said illegal immigrants "have to go." According to NBC News, Trump also stated, “ ‘we have to’ rescind Obama’s executive order offering those brought to the U.S. illegally as children — known as DREAMers — protection from deportation, as well as Obama’s unilateral move to delay deportation for their families as well.” (read sources in more detail click here) WOW!

    Now, before anyone that does not like Donald Trump or is supporting another candidate throws anything at us or quits our list, please realize we are not endorsing or supporting the Trump campaign. We are reporting on what is happening regarding illegal immigration with all federal campaigns which is our job. Our priority right now is to channel the energy behind the illegal immigration issue into the very important Congressional campaigns where ALIPAC has an exceptional new plan in motion. It has been ALIPAC's policy since 2004 not to endorse Presidential campaigns in the interest of maintaining maximum unity in the fight against illegal immigration. If you want us to send out an email blast about your favorite candidate, then contact them and encourage them to say that illegals in America must go too! After all, that is what the existing immigration laws of America say is to happen and we support those laws!

    To view our current standing endorsements for Congress, click here.

    From our knowledge of the true polling data on these issues, if Trump sticks to this pledge and enough Americans hear it, then he will most likely win the Presidency of the United States. The illegal aliens will hear about his comments due to the Spanish language media, and the more they hear Trump say this while leading the race, the more illegal aliens will begin to leave America on their own!

    Let's hope that includes illegals like Francisco Javier Chavez whom authorities just let out of jail on bond after being charged with breaking the arms and legs of his girlfriend's two year old daughter!

    We need all of you ready to roll this week as we deploy a second part of our Cantor List (now viewed over 3,000 times) targeting efforts that is unlike anything we have ever done before. We are very excited about this new strategy but our power is based on your participation in the plan.

    Also, next weekend we are launching ALIPAC's 3rd and final funds drive of 2015, which is a necessary part of any effective national organization's efforts. Since we have many supporters who have set up monthly or yearly automatic donations via, we are now going to start counting all the donations we receive a few weeks before the start of our funds drives in our funds drive count total up to $30,000. This will allow those of you who donate monthly to make sure your donations are counted in the goal count. So any donations coming in this week ahead of the funds drive launch will be counted in the initial count to hopefully give us a head start!

    In addition, we are going to set 2 deadlines instead of one to reach both the $15,000 and then the $30,000 mark. This is because during our last funds drives, half of our donations have come in during the final 7 days on the deadline and the slow start to our funds drive forced us into emergency mode where most of our time was spent trying to attract the funds needed to pay the bills instead of fighting against illegal immigration!

    So please take our request to heart by making an early donation now at or joining those who have set up automated monthly or yearly donations that help our efforts so very much. And please be ready to respond to the announcement of the funds drive quickly next week.


    Let's share this good news and reinvigorate our slogan, "Illegals go home"! Let's all work hard together this coming week on the exciting next strategy involving our Cantor List, and let's all be ready to chip in to fuel our organization and keep it in the air when the call goes out next week!

    Yours in the cause,

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

    PS: Please consider making an early donation to help us get the best head start possible on our next funds drive by using our secure online donations link at

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    Oh, to hear all the candidates echoing, "ILLEGALS GO HOME"!!!
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    Yes William this is GREAT news! This is what many of us have been waiting DECADES to hear! NO presidential candidate has been as tough on illegals as Trump! So don't you think we should all get behind Trump now?

    I posted an article in the General Discussion section that Walker is finished because he is boring and has only gone down since the debates. All analysts say Iowa is a must win for him and he's dropped to 3rd which is his worst showing ever. He is just not interesting or stimulating like Trump is! You know Santorum is nothing but a joke so that ONLY leaves us with Trump for being tough on immigration!
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    A big Thank You to Donald Trump! His boldness & truthfulness are a God send; amazing turn around for the amnesty movement and long overdue. If not for Trump we would be listening to all amnesty candidates afraid to buck the system in place and "political correctness" talk, refugees, humanitarian - paleeze. The south of the border people are here to take advantage, conquer the USA w/o a rifle or sword raised - of course they had to have our gov't approval to accomplish that and they have had that. Trumps slogan..."Make America Great Again"!
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    There is so much dirt in Trumps past that I hope he is a quick learner. He blurts things out on an emotional basis, and thinks that his audacious ideas are going to work. It's tempting to think so........
    "Men of low degree are vanity, Men of high degree are a lie. " David
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