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Thread: Illegals Go Home - It's The Law

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    Illegals Go Home - It's The Law

    Ten years ago I coined the phrase "Illegals Go Home!" (At Unite To Fight in Las Vegas) as my contribution to our movement's efforts to encapsulate a lot of meaning in a short statement. Since that time, I've seen our ALIPAC slogan show up on many protest signs waving on streets and overpasses. I've personally led crowds of Americans like us chanting back at pro-invasion protesters screaming "we didn't cross the borders! The borders crossed us!" with "Illegals Go Home! Illegals Go Home!"

    Today in the Spring of 2017 we are receiving reports that many illegal aliens are beginning to self-deport fearing a crackdown by the Trump administration. This is probably because the traitors in Congress are being so stealthy with their Amnesty legislation plans for 2017 (view bills) and because the Spanish language and socialist run media are overplaying the enforcement reality to scare their base into action.

    This past Memorial Day Weekend, several of us held discussions on this matter and came to the conclusion ALIPAC MAY BE ABLE TO ENGAGE IN MARKETING CAMPAIGNS AND STRATEGIES THAT COULD ESCALATE THE DEPARTURE OF ILLEGAL ALIENS IN THIS CURRENT POLITICAL CLIMATE! Will you help us do anything we legally can to get the illegals out of America?

    But first, we have funds to raise and an important federal candidate to endorse! Many thanks to those of you that have donated $431 since Friday! We must raise another $569 immediately to be matched dollar per dollar by larger donors!

    This will clear the way for us to endorse our new candidate you will want to support and then try to move on this new campaign to help "Illegals Go Home" because "It's The Law!"

    If you agree with "Illegals Go Home... It's The Law" as a message both lawmakers, candidates, and illegals should hear then...

    Please make a donation of $100, $50, $25, $10 or more right away to help us stay on course to raise the $30,000 we must raise by July 4.

    Donate to help ALIPAC fight illegal immigration & Amnesty backers via our secure online donations page by debit card, credit card, or Paypal at...

    Easy, secure donations by smartphone or mobile device at...

    William Gheen and the ALIPAC Activists

    Mail Donations Please Send To

    PO Box 30966
    Raleigh, NC 27622

    PS: We can endorse our important federal candidate tomorrow if enough of you will respond to this request for aid right away via..

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