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    illegals take New Jersey without a fight

    Inform others of the loss of New Jersey to the illegal alien power groups by email and on (FACEBOOK HERE) .. (ALIPAC HERE) .. (TWITTER HERE) .. (GAB HERE)

    Warning ALIPAC activists!

    We just got word at that the illegals and their supporters have now taken over in New Jersey. Why is there so much apathy and inaction under the Trump term?

    Video of illegals cheering their takeover of New Jersey..

    After holding illegals at bay for 15 years in the states, illegals are now making the greatest gains we've ever seen since 2004 in the last year!

    After 15 years without motion, the illegals have taken Arkansas, Massachusettes, New York, and now New Jersey all within the last 12 months.

    They took NJ today without a fight because while we just received this report of their win at titled "NJ Passes Bill Letting Those Without Documents Get Licenses" (view) .. a search of our archives for the term "Jersey" indicates THERE WAS NO ADVANCED WARNINGS POSTED TO our home base ON THIS BILL!

    Was it a sneak play? No. A search of the Google news search engine shows (View Here) many prior articles about this bill. But since no state level, or other national group, nor activist brought this bill or those articles to our attention...

    The illegals took NJ without a fight.

    Don't let continued apathy and lack of action on our part lead to more illegal alien conquests of states. Take personal responsibility to assure that our national operations know what is happening in your local community and state on this issue.

    We need you monitoring, researching, reading and posting at

    We need all of you combing the online news, social media (which will try to keep you in the dark), your local news, and search engines for important news about illegal immigration and make sure your local news about illegal immigration is posted for our national operations at

    This is the first time in ALIPAC's history that the illegals have taken a state, and we were completely in the dark!

    We must do better! We must improve rapidly. We must get our national network working like it did before.

    The ALIPAC Team

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