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Thread: Info coming from inside Trump's White House meeting on DACA Amnesty

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    Info coming from inside Trump's White House meeting on DACA Amnesty

    These are reports coming from the pro-Amnesty Dream Act Portal (DAP) citing one of their people who apparantly has access to the meeting.

    Pro enforcement groups and operatives are not in the room to our knowledge.

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    I guess it makes sense to have all the news in one thread soo I'll try to keep this post updated with all the updates / news we will get during or after the meeting. Don't mind dropping news that you find in the thread as well so I don't have to search the internet all by myself. (slow day at work anyway and I am working from home today - so you are all welcome )

    PS. Please keep your opinions away from this thread. Trying to make this as clean as possible so ppl can get their news quick.

    CNN has it own Thread, you can check it here top headlines will be included here as well though.

    Meeting scheduled to start at 11:30AM ET
    Attendees: Cornyn Cotton Durbin Feinstein Flake Gardner Graham Grassley Heitkamp Lankford Menendez Perdue Tester Tillis Cuellar McCarthy Goodlatte Hoyer McCaul Thompson

    11:05AM ET: Mecedes Schlap - Assistant to the President says on CNN President Trump will solve this DACA issue and it will include a permanent solution. She says that they will need a "wall system" in place which includes physical wall itself, and tech updates as well more personnel at the boarder. President Trump is not firm that WALL is a must. Boarder wall + Chain Migration will be discussed today, mentions that this should NOT be attached to the spending bill. Wall represents security. - No Source Link as it was LIVE ON CNN

    11:07AM ET: Bipartisan/bicameral mbrs now departing for WH for immigration/DACA/border security mtg. Is key part of averting a government shutdown at the end of next week. - @ChadPergram

    11:07AM ET:House Speaker Ryan: 'We want' a deal to protect young immigrants, but need more border security. - @CNBC

    11:16AM ET: Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham, leader of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, will try to crash Tuesday’s bipartisan immigration meeting with President Donald Trump after White House officials refused to invite her. @Politico

    11:32AM ET: To Pay for Wall, Trump Would Cut Proven Border Security Measures. - @NYTimes

    11:37AM ET: White house official says Democrats will not agree to spending deal without fix for "Dreamers" - Fox News Source live on TV no link.

    11:39AM ET: The @HispanicCaucus Chair is at the @WhiteHouse demanding her seat at the table on a discussion that affects hundreds of thousands of people we represent. - @HispoanicCaucus

    11:40AM ET: Sen. John Cornyn tells CNN that the “clock is ticking” on coming to a resolution on DACA. -@CNN

    11:47AM ET: Moderate Republicans are increasingly frustrated about a possible DACA delay - @CNN

    11:50AM ET: (Opinion) - Trump's crackdown on legal immigration is hurting America. - @FoxNews

    12:03PM ET: Phil Mattingly CNN Congressional Correspondent says that the meeting is for show nothing else. - @CNN

    12:09PM ET: First words arrive from the WH, Trump says: We have something in comment we want this to be done, I hope we will be able to come to an agreement to get this done. - Live on FoxNews: Outnumbered

    12:14PM ET: Fox News building might be getting evacuated? There is some somewhere, was able to hear building announcement live on air (just a fun update). - Live on FoxNews: Outnumbered

    12:16PM ET:Why we're not expecting an official DACA deal today - @CNN

    12:29PM ET: Graham to Trump on immigration/DACA/path to citizenship: You created an opportunity here, Mr. President, and you need to close the deal. - @ChadPergram

    12:29PM ET:Trump to Graham on pathway to citizenship plan: If you want to take it that further step, I’ll take the heat..You are not that far away from comprehensive immigration reform. - @ChadPergram

    12:31PM ET: Trump says any immigration pkg must be bipartisan and should be “a bill of love." Says it must include border security, including wall, resources for ICE, end chain migration. End visa lottery. - @ChadPergram

    12:33PM ET: Hoyer at mtg w/Trump on immigration/DACA: Democrats are for security on the border. - @ChadPergram

    12:33PM ET: McCarthy at WH mtg on immigration/DACA/border security: We are all going to have to give a little. - @ChadPergram

    12:37PM ET: At WH, Grassley says he would vote for a path to citizenship for DREAMers as they are “people who did not break the law because their parents brought them here.” - @ChadPergram

    12:37PM ET: Trump at WH immigration/DACA mtg: We can do DACA first, take an hour break and then start comprehensive - @ChadPergram

    12:39PM ET: Trump says a border wall must be part of a DACA agreement. - @ChadPergram

    12:40PM ET:Trump expressed openness to a clean DACA bill, w/ comprehensive reform next. But McCarthy chimed in abt security.
    Feinstein: “What about a clean DACA bill now with a commitment to do comprehensive next?”
    Trump: “I would agree to that”
    McCarthy: but we should have security too - @abbydphillip

    12:45PM ET: Trump will sign anything that people in the room will come up with because he "TRUSTS" them. - video from the WH via CNN
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    Quote Source

    Here is the main Twitter source. Chad Pergram is tweeting these reports as a Fox News reporter at the meeting.
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    Updates And video:

    It's a big day for immigration: Follow live
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    Related: (Video)

    Trump speaks after meeting with lawmakers on immigration
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    Jeremiah 29:11 - It is written, "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

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