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    Invasion legislation on the move in the states: Protests across the US this weekend

    Big thanks to each of you who is leading or attending a protest this weekend. Here is the list of the smaller wave of national protests starting this weekend...

    The folks at Overpasses for America do not have the 1 protest happening in NC on the list yet and there may be others so keep an eye on that page for updates. Here is the NC protest against illegal immigration happening this Saturday in Greenville, NC.

    While ALIPAC cannot focus on the state battles as much as we used to due to budget cuts and due to the intensity of the national level battles, we need all of you to keep watch on your state lawmakers! While California is now so overrun with illegal aliens and their socialist supporters we are considering calling for American patriots to evacuate the Southern part of the state, we must do all we can to slow the invasion in other states.

    While ALIPAC just helped ballot Measure 88 shut down licenses for illegals in Oregon (with 66% of the vote), here in North Carolina, state Rep. Harry Warren (919-733-5784) just filed his Licenses for Illegal Aliens bill (HB 328 )! He already has two other sponsors on his dastardly bill:

    Rep. Brian Brown (R) – Pitt County (919-733-5757),
    Rep. Jonathan Jordan (R) – Ashe, Watauga County (919-733-7727)
    Rep. Jeff Collins (R) Franklin and Nash (919-733-5802)

    Let these illegal alien supporters have an ear full from you, then go to this link to contact as many lawmakers as possible to oppose Harry Warren's HB 328!


    And in Illinois, we just got word that Senate President John Cullerton as well as Democrat state senators Antonio Munoz, Kwame Raoul and Heather Steans are pushing legislation SB 22 Illinois TRUST Act to make the entire state a sanctuary state for illegal aliens! If you are in Illinois, please get on the phones to your state lawmakers lists right away to oppose SB 22.


    If anyone on this list would like to volunteer to take up and maintain ALIPAC's state legislation tracking section once again, we can get that operation back in service. Otherwise, if you folks will make sure that any info about illegal immigration related legislation in your state makes it to our Discussion Boards at this link, we will try to circulate it.

    We need all of you taking initiative on your own to detect and publicize pro illegal alien legislation in your state. We will do all we can to help you, but you need to move on your own while helping the national focus efforts.

    Here is our list of your state groups you can also connect with to focus in on state legislation and protests.

    Let's rally as many Americans as possible to resist the illegal alien invasion supporters on the state level!

    William Gheen and the ALIPAC Team

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    I hope we have a good turn out at these places. My fingers are crossed. I'll even cross my eyes if it will help!

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