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Thread: Keep them all out & send them all back

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    Keep them all out & send them all back

    "Keep them all out & send them all back!"

    This is my new motto and the new message ALIPAC has for voters and candidates for 2024. It is the solution we need and the only thing that can save America from illegal immigration. Hope you like it and will support it!

    Boom (look at these new numbers)! We are hitting it out of the park thanks to your volunteerism and contributions!

    Our latest video release showing how illegal alien invaders are receiving more money than US retirees who have paid into the system all their lives is reaching massive audiences who are enraged by the news. Each person exposed to this info becomes a permanent foe of illegal immigration. Just check out those comments under the videos and look how fearful the Democrats are on Twitter in response.

    Here are our current numbers: FACEBOOK Copy (HERE) 111,000 views, Twitter Copy (HERE) 3,538 views, Youtube Copy (HERE) 2,200 views, ALIPAC Copy (HERE) 551 views. (Total as of 8/25 116,289)

    Our new Paypal and non-Paypal backed contributions links have been tested and they work well! We need to raise enough to get them integrated on our sites.

    If you support our new motto/slogan for the 2024 elections and are pleased with the success of our release this week, PLEASE SEND your support of $10 or more at using our new, easier to use, secure donation links below...

    Non-Paypal based Donations Option (All cards accepted, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Link, and Cash App)

    Paypal based Donations Option (All cards accepted & Paypal)

    We need a strong level of support at this time. Donations by mail to...

    PO Box 30966
    Raleigh, NC 27622
    (919) 787-6009

    Thank you for your hard work and dedication this week!

    William Gheen and the Team
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    50 million illegal aliens, TPS, asylum liars, anchor babies, and refugees.
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