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Thread: Official Statement on the Glenn Beck fiasco

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    Official Statement on the Glenn Beck fiasco

    I would like to make an official comment on the Glenn Beck implosion going down today. Glenn Beck is sending the wrong message to current and future illegals and the fact he is using his supporter's money to help the illegals means his career with real conservatives is probably over.

    However, he got a big juicy 100k donation from someone for doing this so the money from the George Soros crowd is probably on the way to help Glenn with his new friends!

    It is unfortunate that Glenn would build up such a base of true conservative in America and then betray them all in their deepest hour of need by choosing the interests of illegal immigrants over the interests of his own supporters and all Americans.

    Glenn Beck should apologize to his supporters and ask their forgiveness for his momentary lapse of judgement and return to fighting against Obama's illegal alien invasion. -- William Gheen of ALIPAC (Americans for Legal Immigration PAC)
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    Glenn rolls with his emotions WAY TOO MUCH instead of common sense at times, he goes over the cliff of ignorance every once in awhile.....this is VERY unfortunate......

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    Absolutely correct ALIPAC.

    Beck is an enabler, his misguided benevolence is softening the effects of the disaster Obama has created; thus, he is helping Obama to obscure the truth about the brutal hardships for illegal aliens that is a direct result of Obama’s amnesty, open borders policies. This helps to keep the low information voter ignorant and neutral. Illegal aliens are flooding the border because they know they will not be sent back and they will be taken care of. Beck’s misguided charity reinforces that idea. Illegal aliens do not know or care who is providing them with shelter and food all they know is that it will be there for them. He is adding to the magnet that draws foreigners to illegally breach our border; therefore, like the promise of amnesty he is contributing to making the situation worse. It is hard enough to get stingy people to contribute to good political candidates, conservatives are not a bottomless spit of wealth like Zuckerber and the Chamber of Commerce. Beck’s appeal to charity competes with good campaign contributions for good candidates and diverts the limited resources of conservatives away from them to fund his feel good toys for kids. He should be helping these candidates to raise money so they get elected and vote for laws to control the border.

    Alvin York was a rural Tennessee farmer. He was a devout Christian and pacifist. He was drafted into the Army in WWI. Soon after that he became a war hero by killing and capturing an astonishing number of German soldiers. When he was asked why he did these thing that were so contrary to his pacifism, he replied that he came to believe the best way to stop the endless killing was to work to defeat the Germans as soon aspossible, thus ending the war and the killing.

    Mr. Beck could learn a lesson from the commonsense of Alvin York. If Mr. Beck is distraught by the suffering of illegal aliens, he should devote all of his energy to having the border secured as soon as possible and putting a final end to the panic rush to cross our border. He goes to the border to hand out toys, how about he spends his time there to expose how the border is wide open and lead demonstrations demanding that National Guard troops be used to assist ICE in sealing the border.

    If Mr. Beck is so compassionate how about him going to El Salvador, Honduras etc. and set up aid stations with Doctors, medicine and food, and persuade the locals not to attempt the perilous trek across Mexico to the U.S. border? How about his stopping the mass migration at its source, before the traverse Mexico? Mr. Beck is agood example of how the open borders, amnesty lobby uses religious compassion to manipulate Christians into working against their own best interest and the best interest of the nation.
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