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    Our time is running out Americans!

    If American citizens will not stand up and fight back with us against illegal immigration and Amnesty after Biden Harris dumped over two million more illegals into our nation and elections in only two years, then this war will be lost!

    The mounting atrocities and degradations against innocent US Citizens will only increase with time and become unmitigable and irreversible if too few ANSWER OUR CALL at this critical and decisive time. Many of you have already suffered terrible consequences from this invasion, and we are doing our best to warn others of what is coming.

    At this time, thanks to the sacrifices and brave actions of Americans like you... we still have a chance... our final chance to turn things around through the 2022 mid-terms... BUT OUR TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

    At the time of this email, we have only raised $7,526 of the minimum of $20,000 we must raise by the hard deadline of Aug. 31.

    We only have 24 days left to rally enough of you to our donations portal at...

    We only have 86 days to change the fate of America by organizing a massive defeat for both the socialist Democrats who are benefiting from Non-citizen and illegal alien voters and the RINO Amnesty backing Republicans who stop Americans from having a choice on matters like immigration!

    The time to put your support in motion through is now via...

    We are doing our best to show Americans who the traitors are in the Democrat and Republican parties and who the good guys and gals are fighting for secure borders.

    We are doing our best to field many donors, volunteers, and voters behind pro-America campaigns.

    But our results will fail to reach the mark if we cannot raise the funds we must have to operate effectively as the only national Political Action Committee trying to represent you and your opposition to illegal immigration and the permanent demographic submersion of America through a process of invasion.

    We do not even have the funds to launch letters to our supporters at this time.


    or by mail to

    PO Box 30966
    Raleigh, NC 27622

    William Gheen and the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC Volunteer Team
    (919) 787-6009
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