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Thread: Revolt against Paul Ryan Melts Down Speakers Pages

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    Revolt against Paul Ryan Melts Down Speakers Pages

    Revolt against Paul Ryan Melts Down Speaker's Social Media Pages

    August 3, 2016

    Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC | | (866) 703-0864

    Paul Ryan's Facebook pages are being completely dominated by negative comments against the incumbent regarding his amnesty plans and financial support for Obama's importation of dangerous illegal immigrants and Muslim refugees!

    While ALiPAC's recent automated call (view), volunteer callers, online ad (view), and talk radio station commercials target Paul Ryan in his district, the social media backlash is both notable and intense. The steady stream of comments that are more than 90% negative against Paul Ryan could accurately be described as a "melt down." This momentum against Ryan comes 48 hours after a WND article about ALiPAC's efforts to unseat Ryan (view) made headlines on

    "The negative reaction we are seeing against Paul Ryan nationally is stronger than what we saw brewing against Eric Cantor the week before his political demise in 2014," said William Gheen, President of ALiPAC. "It is our hope we can turn more of these folks blasting Paul Ryan's social media pages into volunteers calling GOP voters in Ryan's district and into Paul Nehlen supporters while there is still time for their participation to influence the race!"

    ALiPAC has endorsed Paul Ryan's GOP primary challenger Paul Nehlen who faces off with the incumbent this coming Tuesday August 9, 2016.

    Paul Ryan posted a new campaign commercial on his Facebook page 15 hours ago (click to view).

    The commercial falsely claims that Paul Ryan wants to secure America's borders and protect us from terrorism while in fact he has opposed border security measures and advocated amnesty for illegals instead. Here is a small sample (Last 10 comments) of the powerful backlash against Paul Ryan on his own pages and posts:

    Sandra Mason I used to like you.
    Rochelle Sollish You keeping America strong? How? Shipping all our jobs overseas? Insourcing our jobs by admitting illegals and refugees? Taking our social security fund that we paid into for over 50 years and giving it to those who contributed nothing? Allowing trade deals that provide not a single benefit to us. Oh please, you don't give a damn about America or Americans. You only care about your growing nest egg. That's why the American people want you, McConnell and the rest of the make-believe "representatives" out of office.
    William Gheen Yea too bad you gave Obama all the money he wanted to import dangerous illegal aliens and Muslim refugees and terrorists! You are a lyin traitor Paul Ryan !
    Jerry Bons You betrayed We The People!!! Why in the hell would We stand with you??? We The People are fed up with corrupt, lying, Obama loving Politicians like you.
    Lynn Foskey Sharpe You are only committed to maintaining your power! You care nothing about the American people.
    Jude Rose The Hell with you Mr. Ryan. The American people chose Trump and because you and your cronies want to maintain your power you are willing to allow Hillary to win for your own personal reasons. You sir, are not true American. You're no better than Boehner.
    Jimmy Henderson You won't even stand up to Obama. Don't feed us that trash.
    Gary J. King Vote for "Paul Nehlen" for Congress, this guy, Ryan, will sell you down the river. He like the bankers of wall street and open borders so illegals can take your jobs.
    Howard H. Wemple Paul, you have become one of the Entrenched elite RINO's, no different from the democrat entrenched elites, just want to protect your scam.

    To read more of the thousands of comments like these melting down Paul Ryan's Facebook pages, please visit

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