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Thread: Surprise Censure Resolution & Platform Violation Notice

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    Surprise Censure Resolution & Platform Violation Notice

    We want to thank the ALIPAC volunteers that helped us conduct the polite political commando raid on the NCGOP convention yesterday when we handed our 2,000 copies of our surprise Resolution to Censure 11 Republican Representatives for Voting in Opposition to the NC GOP Platform

    We hope you will visit our homepage, read the resolution, circulate it, and support it by sending copies of it to the Republican state house lawmakers found at this link (CLICK HERE) to say "I support the resolution to censure GOP lawmakers support licenses for illegals in HB 328 because that is a direct violation of the GOP Party Platform!"

    Let it be resolved to censure Republican Representatives Harry Warren, Brian Brown, Jeff Collins, Jonathan Jordan, Nelson Dollar, Larry Yarborough, Paul Stam, Charles Jeter, Bob Steinberg, Susan Martin, and Jay Adams for violating the NC GOP platform by voting for drivers licenses/permits for immigrants here unlawfully.

    By letting all GOP lawmakers in North Carolina know that you know HB 328 violates the GOP Party platform, and letting them know you support the move to censure 11 GOP lawmakers supporting HB 328 you can shut this license for illegals bill down! PLEASE MAKE THE CALLS AND SEND THOSE EMAILS USING THIS LINK

    The discovery that HB 328 violates the 2014 NC GOP Party Platform was made by an ALIPAC research team member. The 2014 NC GOP Platform as stated in Article V, Section 7, “We support the issuance of a driver’s license or state identification card only to those who are lawfully present;”

    The list of 11 lawmakers that have been documented supporting licenses for illegals has been created by research conducted by ALIPAC's officers and we are the ones that crafted this resolution that will send a very clear message to lawmakers whether it is passed or not today.

    If you approve of our new and innovative techniques being developed in North Carolina to help stop licenses for illegals, in-state tuition bills, and illegal immigration amnesty bills in all states, then please make a donation today via...

    Thank you for standing with us in the national fight against the illegal alien invasion of America!

    William Gheen and the ALIPAC Team

    PS: As of today only 7 days remain until our funds drive deadline on June 14. We have only raised $12,368 of the $30,000 minimum we must raise to sustain Americans for Legal Immigration PAC as a national organization. Please help us raise our progress totals fast with your support at...
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    Wow! Great work everyone! Wonderful. Thank you so much to everyone who went to the convention and participated in this important activity!
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