ALIPAC Supporters:

Keep up the calls to Congress opposing Guest Worker. YOU ARE HAVING AN IMPACT!

We would like to extend our thanks to Jim Gilchrist for running such a strong campaign in California. 25% of the vote is almost unheard of for a 3rd Party candidate. Especially when you consider that the winner, Campbell, has bent over backwards to be strong on the issue of illegal immigration as well. Campbell has promised to oppose Guest Worker and he is being sworn in today to let's hold him to that promise. Special thanks to all of you that volunteered and contributed to Jim's campaign.

One out of four voters going with a 3rd party candidate (which usually are lucky to receive 1% of the vote) has caught the eye of the pundits and congress! This is more than enough to be the deciding factor in almost any campaign in America! When you consider that the intensity level of this issue is still in its infancy compared to where it will be by November 2006, this is an outstanding victory.

Please take the time read Jim Gilchrist's speech from election night.

Jim Gilchrist’s Victory Party remarks: End of Politics as Usual

OC to DC. Get the Message!


We have just launched a report / open letter titled

Why is the NC Associated Press Censoring information about illegal immigration?

We are providing you with a copy so you can see how we are tracking the Associated Press here in NC and how they are blocking information from reaching the entire state or nation. By using the Google News search engine and our citizen activist "Battle for NC Team" we monitor where the information does and does not travel.

This could not wait considering the latest death at the hands of yet another drunk driving illegal alien.

Please pass this information around in NC and your state. Let the press know we are watching, tracking, and will hold them accountable. We need your help sending this info to your local and national press contacts.

Keep the pressure on Congress today!


William Gheen
President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

We need your support before the end of 2006. Please take some time today to chip in on our efforts if you have not already by visiting... ... page&pid=9