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    Urgent: Dems & RINOs plan new Amnesty votes in DC

    Warning all ALIPAC organized activists!

    Share, comment, and link in (HERE)

    We need to get our organization out of Emergency Mode immediately to be able to engage those seeking America's destruction through immigration vectored weapons of mass demographic destruction! We have one of our strongest supporters offering a $1,000 match to encourage you to chip in $10 or more to have your gift doubled and help us come out swinging tomorrow morning. ACT NOW AT...

    We have two types of Amnesty on the move in DC! The elites know they will likely lose ground to patriots this November, so they are pushing their Democrat and RINO Republican assets to vote these Amnesties in now!

    Amnesty 1: Lawmakers added a sneaky Amnesty provision into the NDAA (Defense Spending Bill) that does not belong there, but it has passed and is now headed to the Senate with a citizenship provision for the adult children of H1b visa holders! More from NumbersUSA at...

    Amnesty 2: Two house Democrats are preparing to unveil new mass Amnesty legislation and push for passage!

    HELP ALIPAC raise the funds we need to return to our campaign support and activism campaigns to fight against illegal immigration and Amnesty!

    Have your donations doubled ($25 to $50) via our secure donations platform today at...

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
    PO Box 30966
    Raleigh, NC 27622
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