Warning all ALIPAC supporters.

Our response was too low to today's call for the final hours of the funds drive.

We are sitting here with an unresolved $2,728 hole in our budget with word coming in that Biden and Pelosi plan to hold a vote THIS WEEK on the Amnesty budget that would give parole Amnesty to "7.9 million illegal aliens"

We hope the thousands of you not responding to our calls for help will reconsider and fund us so we can come out fighting. Do you want us fighting to stop the Amnesty legislation or sitting on the sideline trying to raise funds to keep our operations together?

Fund our fight now please with $10 or more at...


Do you want ALIPAC to appear supported and strong fighting to stop Amnesty this week? Then please respond now at...


PS: It was not free to find you. Our supporters have sacrificed a lot of money and time to find you and reach you past the attacks and bias we face. Please help us be able to continue to find and organize Americans like you in defense of our nation with your support at...