[Watch] It’s Raining BS and Boos, Eric Cantor Not Popular Among the “Little People”

Posted on 13 May, 2014 by Rick Wells

Eric Cantor (R-VA) seems to have a problem with his popularity in his home state of Virginia. Many regard him as being aloof and detached. While he claims to be representing the people, they are clearly frustrated, which would indicate that he is failing in that area of his responsibility.

Cantor follows his Tea Party challenger, Dave Brat. The crowd was so unfriendly that at one point in his remarks, the 4:38 point of the video, Cantor taunts the audience saying, “Yeah, boo me.”

Reports indicate that Cantor was offended and livid after listening to Brat speak, and his comments support that observation.
Cantor tries to reference his resume as “leading the fight” in opposition to Obamacare. Since obamacare is now law, is he admitting his failed leadership? He references an ambiguous tax fight with the Obama administration and also attempts to ride the coattails of other members of the House on the Lois Lerner/IRS and Benghazi scandals. He even goes as far as to claim that he urged Trey Gowdy to take on the select committee role, as if Gowdy had not been championing that cause all along.

Being a career politician, Cantor knows how to parse his words. At the end of his speech, he finally addresses amnesty, which he is promoting heavily, along with Speaker Boehner, on behalf of the big money which is attempting to re-rent his House seat for him.
Cantor says, “As Majority Leader, I have said repeatedly, that Harry Reid’s amnesty bill is DOA and will never have a vote in the House of Representatives.” The implication purposely made is that he will oppose any amnesty bill. That is patently false, and Cantor is working hard pushing amnesty daily. He’s pushing a different bill, and it is not Harry Reid’s bill, but it will still be amnesty. It’s clearly an intentional deception designed to get him off the hook temporarily until he is past the primary date of June 10th.
Cantor appears to have done nothing in this event to persuade any new supporters. It seems he had the opposite effect.

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