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    [Watch] Linguistically Challenged Pundit Donna Brazille Criticizes The Whiny Republic

    [Watch] Linguistically Challenged Pundit Donna Brazille Criticizes The Whiny Republicans Defending America

    22 Nov 2014 Rick Wells

    No one expects anything other than regime cheerleading from team Obama at MSNBC. Having said that, some do it in a more polished manner than others. Some are also more adept at disguising their racism.
    Political “expert” Donna Brazile provides her myopic insights into the Obama amnesty, voicing the standard White House talking points in a hip, more ebonically- friendly style. It’s sure to get her message across to one of their key demographics, the racists who support Obama no matter what, based simply on his only job qualification, his pigmentation.
    The network talking head bemoans the words of Speaker John Boehner as “coming down hard on the president” for acting like a king and asks if it is even possible for the legislature to consider a bipartisan bill.
    Big Momma Brazile says, “You know, Speaker Boehner, with all due respeck [respect] has offered nothing but lame excuses. There’s a bill that is sittin right there in the House. He can pick it up, with bipartisan support, just like in the Senate, and pass that bill today or whenever they come back home from the Thanksgiving recess.”
    Those “lame excuses” include the loss of American jobs, not an important issue to Democrats, as well as rewarding illegal behavior, which also means nothing to her socialist party. What does matter is importing their future base, which is why Dear Leader is trying to manipulate the Republicans through his illegal actions. She might want to note that Congress won’t be coming back home after their Thanksgiving recess. That is where they are now, afterwards, they will be returning to work.
    She repeats the claims, “This is a broken system. And what ‘president’ Obama dit [did] last night or what he will do today, cause last night he spelled it out today he will actually sign the executive order. So maybe after they read it, they might chill out [calm down] a little bit and get ready for something else or some other issue to whine about. But he is acting within the law, within the limitations of the law that prevent him from giving anyone amnesty.”
    She continues, saying, “Congress has the full authority to move this bill to pass a comprehensive immigration bill and if they decide to do dat [that] next year, I’m sure that the ‘president’ will work wit [with] them, put this issue aside, and we will finally fix something in Washington DC and stop complaining and whining.”
    First, Democrats will never stop complaining or whining, but she was in all likelihood still attacking those defending the Constitutional separation of powers.
    The system is only broken because Obama and DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson have deliberately broken it and it could easily be repaired without legislation if either or both of them decided to end their criminal conspiracy and enforce our immigration laws. This entire charade is about importing a dependent class and advancing the socialist agenda.
    Her comments raising the issue of illegality are a preemptive tactic based upon the Democrats’ knowledge that Dear Emperor Obama is violating the law and the Constitution. They are trying to direct public opinion against the Republicans by labeling their defense of America as small-minded obstructionism. Brazile feels justified in her attacks and nobody will dare challenge her, she’s a black woman, also known as a double victim of white society.
    Boehner and Republicans deserve her ridicule because they have not submitted to the political dictates of the socialist White House. If they would only end their opposition to the destruction of our nation, she would stop the name calling and everything would be wonderful, temporarily.
    Brazile can derisively label defending your nation whining. Her opinion means nothing. What matters is the survival of our representative government and our Constitution. She can deal wit dat.

    Rick Wells is a conservative writer who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit

    Illegal is illegal nothing will change tha, people who know right from wrong understand can always tell the ones that don't understand that distinction!!!!

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