[Watch] Protesters At Mexican Embassy Demand Tahmooressi Release – Lectured by Self-Righteous Loco

June 24, 2014News, Opinion, Politics, Video, World News

The behavior of this little Chihuahua in the red tie reveals more of the reasons why America has a real problem with its southern neighbor, and why we need to have a president who doesn’t bow to his counterparts, but knows how to stand and make the demands of a sovereign nation which is threatened and being violated.
The most pressing issue of this exchange is the failure of the Mexican government to release Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi. It seems clear from the conduct of its representative, Ariel Moutsatos-Morales, their Minister for Public Affairs, that from a Mexican perspective, Sgt Tahmooressi won’t be leaving any time soon.
A group of Americans has gathered to protest outside the embassy, in an effort to draw attention to the plight of Sgt Tahmooressi. Moutsatos-Morales goes beyond addressing the particulars of Sgt Tahmooressi’s case, equating his accidental situation with convicted murderers and others executed in Texas.
He also offers (at the 1:30 mark) what we can presume to be a commonly shared belief among those in the Mexican government ranks that the border-crashing Mexicans have not committed a crime. He says, “They are doing it illegally, but they are not committing a crime.” Faced with logic like that, it’s obvious a different strategy needs to be adopted in order to get this man released.

Among the options floated are boycotts of travel to Mexico and the purchase of Mexican fruits and other products.
The girly-man “American president” is complicit in this situation. If he’s afraid he’ll break a nail by acting to bring back one of the “our own” he supposedly cares so much about, the it’s up to the people to use our considerable economic might. And we might want to consider shutting the open door that used to be our border.
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