This is a short bio on Allen West running in Florida District 22. Allen West is an ALIPAC endorsed candidate.

Allen West: Allen West served in Operation Desert Storm, in Operation Iraqi Freedom, and in Afghanistan -- and he has the medals to prove it. He has a Bronze Star, three Meritorious Service Medals, three Army Commendation Medals (one with Valor), and a Valorous Unit Award. In other words, Kid Rock's American bad@ss should play every time he walks into a room. Moreover, believe it or not, West talks even better than he fights. West has been in a close race with Ron Klein and the Democrats have been playing dirty. In fact, it has gotten so bad that the Democrats even sent out a mailer with West's Social Security number "accidentally" included on it. West deserves our support. Let’s help put him into office so that he can be the "guy that’s gonna walk up...and say one simple thing to Nancy Pelosi, ‘Gimmie that D@mn gavel.’"
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John Hawkins
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Allen West: I’m the guy that’s gonna walk up…and say one simple thing to Nancy Pelosi, “Gimmie that Damn gavel.