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Thread: Blacklisted: Drudge, Coulter, Hannity, Carson, Breitbart, O’Reilly, Christie Make GOP

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    It looks like Amanda Carpenter from Conservative Review has jumped onboard the Erick Erickson Redstate wagon. She does it almost word for word, just like Journolist. JMO


    By: Amanda Carpenter | March 18, 2016

    Susan Walsh | AP Photo

    It’s time to make a list.

    A list of those so-called conservatives and Republicans endorsing Donald Trump, the megalomaniac who regularly threatens his opponents and the press, raves about making members of our military adopt ISIS-like tactics, has funded Obamacare and Gang of Eight Democrats, promises to forcibly relocate American companies to his liking, and has demonstrated again and again he intends to govern as a tyrannical King rather than a President.

    Call it a boycott, call it a blackball, call it a blacklist, call it whatever you want. I’m done with these folks and other conservatives should be, too. Anyone who will defend a man condoning random acts of violence at his rallies has lost his morals; he will defend anything at all.

    So, I’d like to remember who supported Trump so I never give any kind of credence to their judgment. “Never Trump” means never those who support him as well.

    Here is the list of current federal and state GOP officials, former Republican officials, and private citizens who have formally endorsed Trump if anyone else is interested in joining me. Each and every one of his endorsers should be held accountable in their future elections or political ventures.

    - See more at:

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    Yeah, she'll become a wall flower after this, the same as Erick Erickson. RedState is being replaced by TrumpWorld.

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    MontereySherry wrote:

    This is the worst primaries that I have ever seem. I am so fed up with the so called Republican Establishment as well as many Trump Supporters. I actually see no difference. I want the same thing you all want, but I do not believe or trust Trump. I read the post and I have noticed Trump automatically gets a pass while any other Republican is slammed. It really seems this has turned into a Trump website and will end up pushing anyone away that does not support him. I know I have backed away from joining any discussions and I am sure I am not the only one.
    I understand your dilemma. I do not drink the Trump punch twice a day and for the purpose of this website, Ted Cruz is the only other candidate and has been since the beginning of this primary amongst 17 republicans and 4 democrats that has had a position against illegal immigration. While I do support a Trump presidential bid, I am only tolerant of others with positions against illegal immigration. There was another frequent writer on this website (MW) that supported Cruz and did it very eloquently, but we have not heard from him lately. He has guts, speaks his mind and backs it all up with facts. As a former wall streeter, I believe in hedging your bets. God forbid anything goes wrong with Trumps bid, I would want to see to see someone in the White House who would at least acknowledge the illegal immigration problem and do something about it. The only other candidate is Ted Cruz. You have people on this site that despise Cruz and will have to do a 180 if he becomes the nominee..

    Trump is not a career politician, or a perfect candidate and if any supporter of Trump on this site thinks Trump is going to deliver on more than 25% of his promises he has made is only deluding themselves. I am not sure if some of the Trump supporters thinks he can go all the way without uniting a certain part of the republican establishment and being as Trump calls it "flexible". Flexible means exactly what it says. We don't know where the flexibility is, but if we want him in the White House, he is going to have to appeal to more voters and that can only be accomplished through softening some of his positions. If he delivers a wall, revamps the visa system, immediately deports criminal illegal aliens and develops a deportation program (logistics) and schedule (timing) we scored.

    In no way is Trump willing to spend $700M of his own money to pursue the presidential bid. This I have mentioned months ago and for those that believe he will self-fund all the way are just kidding themselves. What money he has contributed to his campaign has been done in the form of loans so he would be able to be reimbursed by the RNC if he becomes the nominee. No one is going to change this country overnight, but Trump has resonated with many smart Americans who have been politically neglected and represent a growing block of voters that are looking to improve trade deals and address the many ugly aspects of illegal immigration. Be open to his flexibility because he needs it to win.

    I don't think anyone knows for sure how this very important time in our countries history is going to resolve itself. If a democrat wins, we are really screwed with respect to the illegal immigration issue!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Judy View Post
    I totally support the primary election process for both parties and all parties. The people need to choose the candidates and then face off with the winners in the general election. What is wrong with the primary system in both parties is the control by the elitists who like Romney and his gang of thugs who want to exploit the primary election process for their own personal agenda, whatever in the hell that is. This must be changed in both parties and all parties. Otherwise the parties become puppets of the donors who buy all these stupid and incompetent people they want to win the elections so they can control our government.
    "The people" have no business whatsoever in who a political party nominates for its candidate. Only party members should have anything to say about it. This is the basic problem, that political parties confuse themselves with government. The Soviet Union was a party dictatorship run by the Communist Party, the party secretary was the dictatorship of the Soviet Union. Stalin's position in the actual Soviet government was of no consequence.

    The primary election system is essential in taking control of the party out of the hands of the party members. Real control of the parties is in the hands of the government who keeps track of party membership through the voter registration process which asks for party affiliation when you register. If you wish to change your political party, you must register your change with the government by submitting a new registration form with your new political party indicated.

    This is Trump's problem with the Republican Party. Republicans want Trump, but the Republicans in government pull the strings on the Republican Party. Trump is an outsider because he is not in government and he has never been in government. He is a private citizen, the most natural candidate for public office.

    By removing the records of party affiliation kept by the government, this returns the authority of the affairs of the party back to those who administer the party.

    Quote Originally Posted by Judy View Post
    Trump and Trump Supporters are going to bust this wide open and good change will result in the primary process which will improve our whole election system for President of the United States.

    At least, I hope so. I'm still an eternal optimist as hard as our government makes that to be. When I listen to a Trump Rally speech, I always feel better listening to someone who gets it and has the ability to fix it.
    Trump has already busted this wide open. Events have overtaken politics. Whatever happens now, nothing will ever be the same. But the "primary process" is doomed. We see it breaking down even now. If it was working, there would be no Republican conspiracy to repudiate Trumps victory in the primary election.

    Can nobody see this? Trump agreed to submit to the primary election as a Republican and they are trying to rob him of his victory. And how do they intend to do it? By ignoring the primary election in a "brokered" Republican caucus. But the party caucus is where these decisions should have been made in the first place, free from party members already in government.
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    It's like something I've never seen or heard before. Romney coming out with a Never Trump, Stop Trump, Anyone But Trump campaign against Trump??!! What he did is unthinkable. A man whom Trump supported in 2012 and helped raise money for him? Romney wants to treat voters like we're stupid and tell us how to vote? I could care less if he wants to vote for someone else, that is his choice, the same as I don't care if he wants to endorse a candidate and do what others have done to promote a candidate, but to organize or attempt to organize some STOP TRUMP movement against the front-runner of the Republican race for President is incomprehensible.

    Romney is not only a failed candidate, he's a failed person.
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    Sarah Palin: ‘A Badge of Honor’ To Be on Smart Set’s Blacklist of Donald Trump Suppor

    Sarah Palin: ‘A Badge of Honor’ To Be on Smart Set’s Blacklist of Donald Trump Supporters

    21 Mar 2016

    Former Gov. Sarah Palin says it’s a “badge of honor” to be placed on the GOP Smart Set’s blacklist of Donald Trump supporters.

    Palin is using Facebook to call out the back-stabbing, double-dealing ways of conservative-movement professionals who are more concerned with lining their own wallets than in putting up a serious challenger to Hillary Clinton. She called out commentator Erick Erickson, and also Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, in her epic Facebook post.

    Palin linked to the Breitbart News report “Blacklisted: Drudge, Coulter, Hannity, Carson, Breitbart, O’Reilly, Christie Make GOP Smart Set’s List of ‘Ideological Hustlers.'”

    Palin made it onto multiple “Blacklists” of pro-Trump conservatives.

    The blacklists so far have been compiled by CNN’s Amanda Carpenter, a former Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) aide, and also The Blaze blogger Matt Walsh. Red State contributing editor Ben Howe said that he could hook up money and technology to create a high-tech blacklist. The conservative-movement professionals want to ban Trump supporters from the movement and prevent them from ever being able to return.

    Rather than folding under the Beltway pressure, Palin took aim at the Blacklisters in an epic essay that called out hypocrisy and back-stabbing on the part of conservative-movement professionals.

    “Yippee! We’re blacklisted! Patriots who’ve had enough of Washington DC hypocrisy and ‘aint gonna take it anymore are now officially ‘blacklisted’ and ‘targeted,'” Palin wrote.

    The so-called “conservative” Professional Political Class has united against me and others for supporting our party’s frontrunner and refusing to join their ‪#‎NeverTrump‬ campaign that will ultimately elect Hillary Clinton. The self-appointed kingmakers don’t even hide the fact their efforts to destroy our winning candidate, while disrespecting the will of the people, ultimately bolsters the liberal left and fuels the insider’s shared gravy train that they all suck from. Many have actually promised to stop at nothing to thwart the electorate’s choice for a successful commonsense conservative who’s in perfect position to bust up the Washington cabal and return our government back to We the People.

    “Want to join me on their blacklist? Sign here! Want a bumpersticker proclaiming it loud and proud? Make one, then send me one for my truck, eh?” Palin added.

    Palin also went after idiotic attempts by the Professional Right to invoke the memory of William F. Buckley and other conservative icons to justify their Trump opposition. It is unclear just exactly how many Buckley pieces the millenial Republicans in Washington have actually read. But Palin isn’t having any of it.

    "The political establishment collecting names to brand us blacklisted are exactly this – as spoken by William F. Buckley: “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.” Obviously the same is true with our own party’s elitist political bullies who claim to be the only keepers of the conservative flame ignited by Buckley, Goldwater and Reagan,” Palin wrote. She went on, possibly taking a jab at Ted Cruz:

    This Primary election has sifted out the self-appointed movers and shakers in the GOP who are up to no good, thanks to Donald Trump’s campaign exposing unprincipled politicos’ true agenda. For as much as these politicians, pundits, consultants, and “conservative” media types rant, rave and pontificate, there’s no denying they really don’t care who wins elections as long as they keep their perks, titles, ratings, and invites to their pal’s preachin’-to-the-choir venues.

    Palin also courageously called out all of her fair-weather friends, who used to suck up to her only to stab her in the back during this primary:

    I know personally that when it benefited their elections, their fundraisers, their poll numbers, careers and connections, they sure agreed with my conservative politics. For nearly a decade they’ve requested my endorsement, my social media shout-outs, my pro bono consulting and advice, and as much in-person support as my time allowed me to give them. They were either lying then, or they’re lying now about my judgment creds. I’ve never asked any of them for anything in return (they can all testify to that) except their integrity to shine. You’d think that at least in my respecting their right to endorse whichever Presidential candidate they choose, they’d reciprocate and simply respect my right to endorse a commonsense conservative Republican who just happens to not be top of their list.

    Palin bashed Erick Erickson, without naming him, as a “’conservative commentator’ who thought I was a ‘really terrific lady’ when we jointly supported gubernatorial candidates… not so much anymore” and linked to an old Erickson Red State post, and also fingered Dannenfelser as “the leader of a DC pro-life advocacy group who has raised money with my name, likeness and personal efforts for years – so far as having my portrait in their lobby – now condemns me for supporting a candidate who saw the light…”

    “#WeThePeople will be in Cleveland this summer for the GOP Convention to make sure your haughtiness doesn’t drive you to follow through on your asinine threats to do something untoward and silence the voice of #WeThePeople,” Palin said.

    “If nothing else, remember the words of the prophetic Andrew Breitbart as I shout a hearty “AMEN” and encourage others to join me on the blacklist, for it is a badge of honor,” Palin wrote, before quoting and linking to the late Breitbart’s 2012 CPAC speech, in which he called for party unity in order to defeat the Left together that November. Breitbart died shortly after making that speech.
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    Americans are waking up to the fact that all these Anti-Trumpers are the pond scum that's dragged our country into useless fruitless wars, $21 trillion in national debt, and 94 million working age adults without a job. None of these Anti-Trumpers are part of the solution, because they are in a word ..... the problem.


    And if you're not on the Trump Train yet, please consider jumping aboard. It's going to be a wild fun ride to take our country back and I'd hate for any good decent American to miss it!
    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
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