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Thread: Breaking: White House makes stunning DEMAND in response to Trump’s Muslim statement

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    Breaking: White House makes stunning DEMAND in response to Trump’s Muslim statement

    Breaking: White House makes stunning DEMAND in response to Trump’s Muslim statement

    Written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor on December 8, 2015

    We knew this would happen. Along with the outrage over Donald Trump’s call for a “complete and total shutdown” on Muslims entering the United States — now here come the anticipated calls for the candidate to drop out.

    Most notably from the White House, who’s calling Trump not qualified to be president, while taking the opportunity to diss Trump’s “fake hair.” (Because nothing says “this is serious” like dissing someone’s hair.)

    Let that sink in for a moment. The White House, speaking on behalf of the current president, is calling on a candidate to drop out of the presidential race. Stunning.
    As the Washington Times reports:

    The White House said Tuesday that Donald J. Trump’s proposal to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S. shows he’s not qualified to be president, and challenged all Republicans to reject him.

    “What Donald Trump said yesterday disqualifies him from serving as president,” said White House press secretary Josh Earnest, who also ridiculed Mr. Trump for his “fake hair” and compared him to a “carnival barker.”

    If you asked me, Josh Earnest’s ridiculing of a presidential candidate for “fake hair” disqualifies him from being taken seriously as a White House spokesman. But of course, Josh not-so-Earnest stopped being taken seriously some time ago…

    “The Trump campaign for months now has had a dustbin-of-history quality to it,” Mr. Earnest said.

    He said the first thing a president does upon taking the oath of office is “to swear an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution,” and that Mr. Trump’s proposal would violate that oath.

    Anyone else find the White House’s citing of defending the Constitution laughable, considering President Obama’s own record of trampling on it? Suddenly the religious freedom the White House has felt free to stomp on when it comes to Christians is important to the White House. Next thing we know President Obama will being signing an executive order to ban Trump from the ballot — because that’s just how he rolls. (I know, some of you will remind me not to give him any ideas…)

    In the wake of the Islamic State-inspired massacre in California, the Republican frontrunner on Monday called for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.”

    President Obama, in an address to the nation Sunday night, called on Americans not to discriminate against Muslims or take other hostile actions that would alienate them.
    Mr. Earnest said other Republican presidential candidates “should say right now that they will not support Donald Trump for president.”

    “Any Republican who’s too fearful of the Republican base to say it… has no business serving as president either,” he said. “Are they going to be dragged into the dustbin of history along with Donald Trump?”

    The White House contends that Mr. Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric is harmful to U.S. national security by alienating Muslims from working with law enforcement.

    Ummm, hey Josh, maybe you missed this little bit of info we reported on yesterday. So it turns out that Muslim American institutions actually are providing just about ZERO help to U.S. counterterrorism efforts. And in fact are kinda getting in the way sometimes. But I’m betting you already knew that — though of course the facts do get in the way of an otherwise good talking point there.

    In addition to the White House, Republicans such as Paul Ryan and Rep. David Jolly (R-Fla. — and a Jeb Bush supporter) are calling for Trump to drop out. Isn’t calling on people to boycott or drop out a rather liberal thing to do? True conservatives typically let the free market take care of things, don’t they?
    And in this case, that would be letting the American PEOPLE decide who they want for the GOP nominee — and for president. Sorry, guys, it’s not up to you to decide. Even you, Emperor Obama.

    And I will say once again, while you might not agree with all of his rhetoric around the topic, what’s unreasonable about Trump’s insistence that we put a *temporary* halt on things until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on”?

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    This is actually hilarious for the White House to call someone not qualified because they voiced and wrote a press release about a proposal to stop all Muslim immigration into the US until our representatives figure out what is going on.

    Who is or is not qualified is outlined in the US Constitution. Article 1, Section 3.
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    Everyone should contact the WH @ Pres Carter's ban on Iranians and scrutiny of student visas during the crisis of the '80's and the resulting deportations.

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    I think the looming Supreme Court action is one of the most urgent issues. Obama knows he's got certain Justices on there in his pocket. They are so corrupt they will rule just anyway, just because they can. Plus, I am not overly confident in some of the major groups that will submit amicus curiae briefs. They need to be very agile in how they address this audacious action from the Pres. but when they get out of their sphere they tend to fall back on the basics of their non-profit incorporation. Gotta be more clever than that, because Obama and DHS have been fine tuning their agenda with government paid lawyers and very high level immigration lawyer groups, foundations, etc.

    I am sure that Judicial Watch, NUmnbersUSA, ACLJ, FAIR, etc. will be submitting briefs. But-----will they be strong enough to stop the Obama Executive Action?---when he knows he already has at least three Justices in the tank.

    I'm pretty sure they are flat out ignoring most of the Congressional mandates ( as I have pointed out regarding aggravated felony deportation----we are not even convicting them let alone banning them from the US). And then this action is regarding the additional category of illegal immigrants.Since Obama is not enforcing other immigration laws, his so called Deferred action is just icing on the cake. In fact I found out part of his priority enforcement program is to hand out nearly a million additional waivers.

    "7. Business programs
    Make other immigration changes sought by businesses, such as a parole-in-place program that could affect another several hundred thousand people.

    8."Loosen eligibility requirements for a waiver program for people seeking green cards. People who entered the U.S. illegally must leave the country for as much as 10 years before getting in line for a green card unless they get a waiver.

    This is what we need to take seriously. If I had the chance I would say that an Administration which is not even seriously attempting to carry out what is written policy, shouldn't be allowed to make new policy discretions of this sort. They have shown already that they are incompetent, although they claim it's because Congress won't give them enough money.
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