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    Brooks: Paul Ryan has the ‘absolute worst record’ on border security

    Brooks: Paul Ryan has the ‘absolute worst record’ on border security

    • ON OCTOBER 23, 2015 AT 10:08 AM CDT

    Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL5)

    MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Freedom Caucus member and Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL) says that he still has reservations when it comes to Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) being Speaker of the House.

    Rep. Brooks’ most prominent concern about Ryan is his stance on border security, he said when interviewed on the “The Laura Ingraham Show” on Thursday.
    “My biggest reservation about Paul Ryan is that he has the absolutely worst record on border security of any Republican in the House of Representatives,” Brooks said.

    On October 21, the supermajority of the House Freedom Caucus announced their decision to back Rep. Paul Ryan for Speaker of the House, despite the list of demands that Ryan proposed in order to accept the job.

    However, some members of the Freedom Caucus have publicly acknowledged their hesitancies, including Brooks. Brooks says that he requires a promise from Ryan that he won’t support certain immigration policies “that the vast number of Americans oppose and that people in my Congressional district strongly oppose.”

    “The majority of Republicans, since we are the majority, have to agree to immigration coming to the House floor before it can receive the House floor vote,” said Brooks. “That’s where the check would be on Paul Ryan’s open borders, amnesty type views.”
    Ryan assured the GOP that no immigration bill will come to the House floor unless it has the support of the majority of the majority. However, with the official vote approaching, not all members of the Freedom Caucus are assured that Ryan will keep his word.
    “We’ll see if he does that,” said Brooks.

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    What a disaster. Peril brews.
    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
    Save America, Deport Congress! - Judy

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    "Paul Ryan has the ‘absolute worst record’ on border security"

    So why has 70% of the "freedom caucus" given him thumbs up? His love affair with the unconstitutional Fast Track power being delegated to the President is another reason why the "freedom caucus" ought to be looking to primary him rather than elevate him to the powerful position of Speaker of the House.

    Seems to me the "freedom caucus" is infested with stealth Washington Establishment loyalists who will now fall on the sword to get their man in this position of power so they can complete their fundamental transformation of America into a corporatist/Chamber of Commerce controlled state.

    Let us remember as Speaker of the House, Ryan will determine what legislation moves forward!


    To support Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House is to support our Global Governance Crowd and their FAST TRACK,WTO, NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, all used to circumvent America First trade policies, while fattening the fortunes of international corporate giants who have no allegiance to America or any nation.
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