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Thread: Clinton: 'I won't give up' if Congress refuses to pass immigration plan

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    Clinton: 'I won't give up' if Congress refuses to pass immigration plan

    May 26, 2016, 02:57 pm
    By Tim Devaney

    Hillary Clinton warned Republicans on Thursday that if she becomes president, she 'won't give up' if Congress refuses to pass her immigration reforms.

    "I’ll build on President Obama’s executive actions and keep going,” the Democratic front-runner said.

    “In my first 100 days as president, I will introduce comprehensive immigration reform,” Clinton said during a speech to the United Food & Commercial Workers International Union, "and if Congress refuses to pass it, I won’t give up.”

    It is unclear what steps Clinton would take to expand on President Obama’s immigration orders; in her comments, she contrasted herself and presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.

    "When Donald Trump talks about deporting 11 million immigrants, he’s talking about ripping apart families," Clinton said.

    The Supreme Court is weighing the legality of Obama’s immigration order.

    In November 2014, the president signed an executive order protecting nearly 5 million illegal immigrants from deportation. The move did not grant them citizenship, but it instructed federal agencies to defer deportations of lower priority immigrants in favor of higher priority illegal immigrants.

    Republicans criticized the immigration plan as executive overreach. They accuse Obama of going around Congress to accomplish his policy goals.

    But Democrats say it is within the president’s authority to defer deportations.

    Clinton has made a big union push this week, speaking to the UCFW on Thursday and the Service Employees International Union on Monday. Additionally, the United Auto Workers announced on Wednesday it, like the other two unions, is endorsing her.
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    what part don't you understand your not fit for our wh . not after what you did
    to our guy's & all of the other thing you did .& our gov let you do this your just like obama
    he should be in jail & you by his side
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    Now, all Trump has to do is methodically lay out the destructive path that this paves for the citizens of this country day after day. Regardless of political persuasion if our country was being compromised by a natural act, an act of war by another country or just something as simple as terrorism, we should all stand together as Americans against it. Clearly stating we are not against anyone, but if you are here illegally you must pack up and go or be deported.

    How can any American vote for her with the understanding of the effects to our country of illegal immigration and the granting of citizenship or amnesty for breaking the law? We need to start our own movement #NEVERHILLARY.
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    The Clinton's pander.... that's all they know how to do outside of
    taken dollars for favors!
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