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    CNN to Republicans: Drop Dead - A.K.A. the Communist News Network "CNN"

    CNN to Republicans: Drop Dead

    by Tony Lee 11 Jan 2014, 1:22 PM PDT 1319 post a comment
    CNN Chief Jeff Zucker might not be very good at getting ratings for his Nielsens-challenged network, but he’s great at hurling insults. On Friday, Zucker tried to diminish both the Republican Party and Fox News by alleging that the GOP is being run out of Fox.

    RNC Chairman Reince Priebus was having none of it, firing back at Zucker to let him know that Fox News is not the GOP's mouthpiece. "Hey Jeff Zucker, we're the Republican Party and we speak for ourselves, pal," Priebus tweeted. "Have a great weekend."
    At a Television Critics Association event on Friday, Zucker alleged that "the Republican Party is being run out of News Corp. headquarters masquerading as a cable news channel" without acknowledging that he runs a network that accused former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin of being responsible for the attempted murder of Gabby Giffords without any evidence whatsoever. CNN has been repeatedly called out for its left-leaning biases that masquerade as "objective" news, which is why the network's primetime ratings hit a 20-year low last year.
    It’s an interesting strategy Zucker has: trash the Republican Party and, by extension, all Republicans.
    Though Zucker tried to paint Fox as a network that shills for Republicans, Americans do not think so, as more Democrats and independents watch Fox News than CNN and MSNBC. In addition, though Americans once went en masse to CNN to get information about breaking news, that is not the case anymore. Fox News regularly outpaced CNN in ratings when breaking news or tragedies--like the Boston Marathon Bombing--consumed the news cycle last year.
    Indeed, it’s little wonder that CNN is no longer the go-to place for breaking news, now that celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain has proven to be the hottest show on the channel. If you want big news on the local cuisine of Bolivia, CNN is on it. But if you want news about, well, news, try Fox. Meanwhile, as we know, MSNBC is now All About Rachel Maddow; no news there, either.
    These factors led The Hollywood Reporter to declare that Roger Ailes and Fox News had won the cable news wars.
    That’s why CNN has been rocked with reports that though the network wants a primetime shakeup due to its moribund ratings, it cannot even find effective hosts from within, as hosts like Piers Morgan have doubled-down on their liberal causes like increased gun control. Yet, Zucker maintained that CNN was the most objective news outlet.
    "There is no network covering American news as seriously and substantially as CNN," Zucker said.
    Despite Zucker's claims of seriousness, CNN's reporters have asked President Barack Obama "essential" things like what his New Year's resolution was at a White House press briefing. Critics have described the network as stale, without a voice, and catering to the media and D.C. elite that most of the country dislikes.
    In fact, nearly every commentator on CNN—from Republicans like Ana Navarro to Democrats like Paul Begala, all speaking for the "No Labels" or "St. Albans” crowd in Washington—are hardly distinguishable anymore. They all represent the same, smug “Boomtown” mindset. The sort of Navarro Republicans—yes, you, too, Lindsey Graham!—who don’t care if Zucker trashes the GOP; indeed, in swanky Georgetown salons, they might well be agreeing with the “enlightened” criticisms of the GOP.
    In many ways, CNN and its hosts are facing the same criticism that Meet the Press and its host, David Gregory, are dealing with as Meet the Press's ratings have precipitously tanked since the show has acted a mouthpiece for those in the permanent political class like Republican Mike Murphy and Democrat Bob Shrum.
    "MSNBC has [already] announced they're out of the news business," Ailes told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview that was published this week. "They have several different hosts, but it's always the same show: Republicans are no good.”
    Ailes said that "[Zucker] had a big hit with a whale one night [the documentary Blackfish]. I guess he's going to do whales a lot." The Fox News chief was merely responding to Zucker's own admission from an interview in November in which he said that the network would be moving away from news and to "a variety of unscripted formats, including other travel shows, and 'immersive' nonfiction programs."
    But Zucker started to walk back those remarks on Friday, saying CNN wanted to be "essential" in its news coverage.
    Perhaps Zucker changed his tune because CNN's non-news programming has tanked as well when the shows have not been about whales. CNN's sports show, Unguarded, has achieved dismal ratings. CNN's New Year's Eve programming with the raunchy Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper also hit a five-year low in ratings and dropped 40% from the year before. That’s a steep drop. If Zucker were smart, he would accept his fate and go with the food safaris and whale documentaries. Yes, he would go down in history as the man who made CNN “The most powerful name in-non news,” but at least he’d pull a rating.
    In the meantime, however, any Republican who tunes into CNN ought to know that he or she is gazing into the face of an avowed enemy.
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    Why they call it 'Communist News Network'

    Exclusive: Joseph Farah is flabbergasted at latest example of media apparatchik

    Joseph Farah
    Published: 1 day ago

    I’ll bet you think people are kidding, or employing hyperbole, when they refer to CNN as “the Communist News Network.”
    Even I formerly thought this moniker was, perhaps, a little over the top.
    After all, my political roots are in the hard left. My professional roots are in “the mainstream media.”‘
    But I want to give you a case study of establishment journalism that actively and unambiguously promotes state control of the American health-care establishment. I know you’ve seen other examples of this on a daily basis for months – even years. However, there is a new level of desperation out there in the press because they see the way their utopian dream is failing, again.
    In November, just about the time Obamacare was reaching critical mass on its way toward implosion, CNN religion writer John Blake, wrote a piece called “The Obamacare ‘scandal’ you haven’t heard about.”
    It was that headline that attracted me to the story.
    Had CNN actually discovered a chink in the armor of its beloved state-run, top-down, command-and-control national health-care monstrosity?
    Yes, indeed, it had.
    What was it? It was a combination of 25 states refusing to participate in Obamacare and Christian pastors, mostly in the South, refusing to direct their flocks to lobby state officials to do so.
    I’m not joking.
    Here’s the opening scene in this horror: “The Rev. Timothy McDonald gripped the pulpit with both hands, locked eyes with the shouting worshippers, and decided to speak the unspeakable.
    “The bespectacled Baptist minister was not confessing to a scandalous love affair or the theft of church funds. He brought up another taboo: the millions of poor Americans who won’t get health insurance beginning in January because their states refused to accept Obamacare.
    “McDonald cited a New Testament passage in which Jesus gathered the 5,000 and fed them with five loaves and two fishes. Members of his congregation bolted to their feet and yelled, ‘C’mon preacher’ and ‘Yessir’ as his voice rose in righteous anger.
    “‘What I like about our God is that he doesn’t throw people away,’ McDonald told First Iconium Baptist Church in Atlanta during a recent Sunday service. ‘There will be health care for every American. Don’t you worry when they try to cast you aside. Just say I’m a leftover for God and leftovers just taste better the next day!’
    “McDonald’s congregation cheered, but his is a voice crying in the wilderness. He’s willing to condemn state leaders whose refusal to accept Obamacare has left nearly 5 million poor Americans without health coverage. But few of the most famous pastors in the Bible Belt will join him.
    “Joel Osteen? Bishop T.D. Jakes and other prominent pastors throughout the South?
    “Like McDonald, they preach in states where crosses and church steeples dot the skyline, yet the poor can’t get the health insurance they would receive if they lived elsewhere. All declined to comment.”
    This is a story?
    This is watchdogging government’s grab for power and an attempt to force people into a redistributionist, collectivist nightmare that has dropped millions from health-care insurance and endangered lives?
    Experience more of Joseph Farah’s no-nonsense truth-telling in his books, audio and video products, featured in the WND Superstore
    The whole story is worth reading for its shocking entertainment value and for the way it illustrates how the Big Media are now complicit apparatchiks of the Nanny State. It’s, indeed, a textbook example of the way journalism has been perverted – if only such textbooks were part of the education process.
    As a 40-year veteran of journalism, I have often explained how the modern U.S. press operates in way that would make Saul Alinsky proud: Create a phony crisis, then provide a state solution to it. It’s a formula you will see on display every day in the New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, etc. This is one of the best examples I’ve ever seen.
    Blake, too, is a trailblazer in attacks on the church and promotion of the state as the new god.
    You won’t want to miss his obit of the beloved Christian apologist, headlined “The C.S. Lewis you never knew,” which would be better titled “The dark side of C.S. Lewis.”
    Also, be sure to read Blake’s argument with the “Duck Dynasty” patriarch in “Does Phil Robertson get the Bible wrong?”
    At CNN, just as in “The Communist Manifesto” and “Das Kapital,” the most important targets for elimination from the consciousness of the people are religion and free enterprise.
    Amazing. Stunning. Welcome to the world of the Communist News Network.
    It’s an all-too-accurate moniker indeed.

    Media wishing to interview Joseph Farah, please contact
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